The Wire, Ep 12 “That’s Got His Own”

“That’s all there is to it?” – Bubbles

04.12  “That’s Got His Own” On the trail of missing bodies, Freamon turns to a higher authority after being rebuked by Landsman.  Colvin approaches a pair of familiar faces – the Deacon and Watkins – to keep hs experimental class funded.  Bubbles considers taking extreme measures to rid himself of his nemesis.  Namond and Cutty get a firsthand taste of the “new” Michael.  Omar strikes again.

Complete episode recap is here.

Det Carver, Namond & Cutty

Det Carver, Namond & Cutty

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30 Responses to The Wire, Ep 12 “That’s Got His Own”

  1. pabloserna says:

    My character does not do anything important.

    I was shocked by the way Namonds mother was screaming at him and how she slapped him, I think that is not a propper way to talk to her son. Michael beats up this little kid really bad because he lost a package and because he was being rude to them, I think he deserved a punch but not that many.

  2. shaaz says:

    Michael is training to kill and he is beginning to show ruthlessness even while interacting with his friends. Randy is staying away from school after everyone finds out about his habit(snitching).
    Tommy Carcetti shows that he is completely committed to his job as mayor as he refuses to look any further than his current job. He is willing to take any measure possible to improve the city’s condition on issues such as crime and education. He emerges as an extremely strong character in a city that is marred by gangsters and power hungry politicians- a true leader.

  3. tylercurrence says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I was amazed at how getting ino the “drug circle” can change a person so drastically. Michael changed into a completely different person. I couldn’t believe what I was watching when he beat the little kid up. There is absolutely no sympathy when it comes to drug dealing. I was also encouraged to learn that Namond has ethics and refuses to listen to his mom. I was glad to see that he didn’t approve of the way Michael was acting. My character, Mr. Prezbo, did not do anything of significance. He just continued teaching at the school and checked up on Randy.

  4. juliangarcia21 says:

    my charceter Detective Carver is shocked and told off by Randy who wasnt taken care of like carver promised. now his mother is in the hospital. Carver can no longer promise anything anymore because he proves to not keep his promises. he turns out the be the median of everyones problems. he has his table full trying to please everyone. Now Michael is turned hard to the streets. he is beating on it seems like everyone he cannot stand. Also namond is trying to get away from the streets and is shunned by his mom and hit by michael. The wire is getting more drama every second.

  5. alexdrecksel says:

    Omar has established a presence as one of the toughest thugs in the sreets. Nobody wants anything to do with him, and they do what he says. With this string of bodies being found, I believe the police are close to closing the case. They found the gun and now have solid suspects. It’s sad that Michael has got cought up in the street violence, after starting out as one of the most innocent characters. I really enjoyed this show.

  6. walker123 says:

    it was unfortunate what happened to randy and his stepmother and his house. I didnt like when cutty got shot in the leg. Omar is starting to show everyone his muscles. He is now a tough thug.

  7. caseymulholland37 says:

    This episode made me realize how harsh the hood of Baltimore is. It shows how the cops have no control of the streets. It made me think of how much it is going to take for Mayor Carcetti to turn the town around. It is a joke to see how hard the cops try and how little they make an impact.

  8. trubino says:

    Bubbles idea of poisoning the cocaine was risky. He planned to poison the drug so when the one guy that always robs him, comes by and steals his goods and takes the cocaine causing him to die. Sherrod dies by taking the drug on the desk in Bubbles house, not knowing Bubbles posioned it. Bubbles should have never left any drugs around a teenager, let alone even have drugs on him.

  9. sallywatson says:

    I can’t believe the change that has come over Michael. He is an intelligent and seemed to be a caring boy and now he has just completely changed to the other side. I also was horrified that Marlo ordered Randy’s house to be burned. I just can’t get over the evil inside of someone to do that. It is truly shocking.

  10. gonzaloasis says:

    In this episode we see another case of a policeman not keeping his word. Detective Carver promises Randy he will take care of him, but falls into a simple prank call and leaves the house alone, moment when the kids that had already beat up Randy after school burn the house.
    I agree with most of the people that previously commented here in that Michael’s change was totally unexpected and sad. He seemed very laid back and intelligent, but is going to end up becoming just another “corner kid”.

  11. imgandrew99 says:

    My thoughts on this episode are, curious and concerned. What I mean is, for example, how things are turning out for Mayor Carcetti and his administration. Also, how life in the streets/school is doing. What I think, the cops should be keeping their words for the ones who need protection, also the incidents with the boys at school and out on the streets need to be handled with.

    I do agree with the words about bubbles, randy/marlo, and michael.

  12. Bubbles has cocaine with him. He never put it in a safe place and Sherrod took it. Sherrod took it without knowing how to do it and he died. The next day Bubbles was talking to him and he didn´t answer, he was dead.

    I agree with trubino Bubbles should have the cocain in a safe place, where no one can take it. It´s too dangerous.

  13. lazygirjl says:

    Namond continues to show that he is really a good person, he does not do what his mom says because he knows that going down his father’s road will get him in prison. It is sad to see how much Michael has changed since being recruited by Chris and Snoop, it is clear that he has gotten a lot colder towards people and has completely lost the fun and playful side of him. Randy loses his foster-mom because their house was burned. It is truly depressing to see what these children face daily.

    I agree with caseymulholland37 because no matter how much the police try, people will still be murdered, drugs will still exist. Basically, everything will stay the way it is because the big guys like Marlo will always rule the city.

  14. caroldipaula says:

    I remember when everything started, when mr P was only a teacher and all the students hated him, and didnt respect him at all, now looking to the class we can see how far things can go, and mr P is now a friend to most of the students, not only a teacher but a friend that can show them the right way to go in life.

    Michael’s change was really sad and unexpected.

  15. socalgolfer says:

    In this episode, I see the evident change that has become of Michael. He has become a somebody in the streets and his confidence and demeanor are more bold and daring. He protects his crew at all times and if anyone gets in the way he resorts to immediate violence and punishment for them. The way he completely beat down 8 year old Kenard was very shocking for me as well as Namond within the episode.

    I agree with walker123 on the molotov cocktail issue that burned randy and his foster mother. The gansters were cunning in making a fake police call to a street nearby so the undercover cops stationed near Randy’s house had to go check it out. They utilized the short unwatched period to carry out their attack.

  16. bbss23 says:

    I agree with Casey’s comment that it is going to be very hard to turn around the crime and violence in Baltimore as the cops have little control over the people. Carcetti is agreeing to help stop crime and violence and has made many promises to the people, but Casey’s point is a good one, how will he go about doing this? Being a white mayor doesn’t help his cause very much and out of all the places to be mayor, Baltimore has to be one of the toughest.

    We once again are introduced to the new side of Michael and I am becoming a fan of him. He is not being taken advantage of anyone and he finally is starting to create a spotlight for himself. I myself have an attitude similar to Michael and although it gets me in trouble at times it is who I am and I wouldn’t have the safe strong beliefs without it. Michael needs to be careful who he talks to at times as I believe Cuddy just wanted to help him but I see Michael is starting to grow up and take a name for himself which, is very useful and important out in the streets.

    I believe that Colvin will eventually take Namond in. He can’t go home with his mother and it doesn’t appear that baby booking is an option.Colvin and Namond have the most respect for one another and they have helped one another grow as a person throughout the series. Look for them to work more closely after Namond broke down in this past episode and Colvin to be there for him as a father.

  17. georginasellyn says:

    In this episode I felt very sorry for Randy because he is being now he can’t even leave his house without fear of being hassled. Detective Caver made a promise and broke it, he said he would protect Randy and his family but they fell for a prank and left the house unprotected and someone set the house on fire. Now Randy’s foster mum is in a critical condition with severe burns.

    I agree with most of the people who said that Michael has completely changed. He has become an angry kid who just wants to fight. He was a clever kid and had potential to become something more but now he has changed and is on the path to become just another kid who hangs on the corner.

  18. dosikseo says:

    I’m really shocked that Michael has changed a lot because he is angry kid who just love to fight. He used to be smart kid and had a lot of passion with him, but he has changed too much and he is tool these days.

    I also can’t believe Michael was really mean to Cutty because Cutty is great guy and he just wants to help Michael life. Moreover, i was really shocked when Cutty got shot in the leg. This episode is getting interesting and cruel at the same time.

  19. sambo9 says:

    I thought it was crazy how much Michael has changed in this episode. He has developed such a short fuze and just goes off on people.

    I think shaaz brings up a good point with how Mr. Carcetti is completely devoted to his job.

  20. nataliebea says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I was amazed at how getting ino the “drug circle” can change a person so drastically. Michael changed into a completely different person. I couldn’t believe what I was watching when he beat the little kid up. There is absolutely no sympathy when it comes to drug dealing. I was also encouraged to learn that Namond has ethics and refuses to listen to his mom. I was glad to see that he didn’t approve of the way Michael was acting.- tylercurrence

    I agree with the comment made by Tyler Currence. He says that Michael has changed a lot which I agree with. He also says that Namond has ethics which is a good thing.

    In this episode, I was shocked that Michael beat up the little kid. Michael has changed a lot since we started watching this seires. Sadly it is not a change for the good. It is sad to see a boy like Michael change into something that isn’t too positive. I really wish that he would have stayed the same.

  21. nici says:

    In this eppisode I can see that the programm in school for bad kids is working and Naimond has become a better person. Although he is telling that he is nothing as his father who is a criminal. He has made a good progress in his class. However Michel is becoming the opposite of Naimond he even fought with him.
    I am commenting on caseymulholland37, on April 24, 2009 at 1:19 pm, and I am agree with this student about how harsh the streets of baltimore is… The cops are nothing on a streets it looks like they do notm even exist. Although they have failed to protect Randy twice, and he lost his good mother because of that!

  22. jhill2010 says:

    i agree with casey on this episode the cops have no control over the streets and they need to get control of them fast. i hate how randy is getting screwed in this situation because the cops told people that he snitched on the death of lex.

    i do not like how michael is turning into the next chris, i think he wants to do good but he doesnt realize how much bad he is doing. also i would like to see him stick up for randy more than he does even though he is in good with marlo.

  23. barbors says:

    I think Namond does not belong to the group of people that live on the corner . He is very senstive and you need to be very tough to keep bein alive on the corner. He even crys which we havent seen before in these episodes ,i think its very rare for a blac guy to cry ,he does not belong there i hope they will put him somewhere else in another family or out of Baltimore somewhere better he can get very good education and be a good boy i think non of those black guys which stays at the corner will ever be anything.
    i agree with Pabloserna from las year that the little kid deserves some kinda of punishment but not that much . little boy is like *8 years old its very sad. and michael is turning into a bad guy.

  24. julialistennis says:

    Namond really seems to be coming out of his shell and hes starting to speak up for himself. The boy does have a soft side. He knows the differences between right and wrong its hard to watch cause you know hes a good kid just not one being given the right opportunities in life. hes stuck with his mom who wants him to stick to the drug trade and stay by the corner just like his daddy use to do. I agree with Tylers post about Michael he really has turned to the dark side. Hes changed a lot and hes not the same kid he use to be. hes been consumed by the drug trade and its sad to see a good kid go bad.

  25. hoopin3 says:

    Namond is showing his true colors i think its a good thing that he is doing this. He is not all tough and rough like is father was when he was on the coner. His mother seems a little of and she is not a good mother at all she is making her kid do the worng things. Namond needs to come out so his father and mother know how he really is. He should’nt try to be something that he’s not.

  26. aosborne01 says:

    I was very surprised when Namond cried after Michael hit him. But I think he was more shocked that Michael hit him that crying because it hurt. I think this is Namond truly coming out and realizing he can’t handle the pressure his mom is putting on him and that he just doesn’t have the toughness to work on the corners. bubbles situation shows how little of a police presence there is and how ineffective they are, bubbles has tried to call the police on the guy robbing him but it has god to far and he has to revert back to dealing with it himself.

  27. dillonmoyer says:

    This episode was very revealing and showed us a different side of Michael and Namond. Michael hass become much more gangster and namond has become a softer nicer person. I feel like Mr. Colvin is going to try to help Namond out because he cannot go home to his mom. I agree with Casey because the cops are really just there to herd the cattle on the streets but they never do anything.

  28. bmriakey93 says:

    Several very significant events take place in this episode. First, Freamon finds the way to uncover all of the missing bodies. While looking through vacant houses, he finds a pattern of nails with fairly recent courpses in them. Could this be the end of Marlo,s “dynasty?”

    We see Bubble put poison in the heroin he plan on the junkie who robs him to inject and die. However, the boy who stays with him takes it.

    Finally, Michael’s behavior is escalating under the guidence of Chris and Snoop. It looks like their may be no turning back and that he is going to follow directly in the footsteps of Marlo. With that, one interresting point is that he is very concentrated on Bug’s behavior and education perhaps trying to keep him from following in his, his mother’s, and his father’s footsteps.

  29. joanna200 says:

    This is a good episode because I used to think that Namond was going to be a bigger gangster than Michael , but its crazy to see how bad Michael is changing and its crazy to see how Namond looked like a bigger gangster because of his personality but at the end his personality was strong enough to not become what Michael is becoming.

  30. tjserrao says:

    In this episode i liked the way it is shown that a kid can be amazing but when he/her starts dealing with drugs, everything falls and all that talent can go down the toilet in a second. The way Michael keeps changing through episodes amazes me because he used to be a calmed, smart kid and now he loves to fight and he is changing for the worse and it will not stop until something bad happens to him which he will regret for the rest of his life

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