The Wire, Ep 11: “A New Day”

“You play in the dirt, you get dirty.” – McNulty

04.11  “A New Day” After flexing his muscles around the city, Carcetti faces his first dilemma when a group of ministers protests Herc’s mistreatment of one of their own.  Randy gets the cold shoulder at school.  Omar and Reynaldo pay a menacing visit to Proposition Joe, with their own proposition.  Freamon has a revelation at a crime scene that promises to blow the lid off an unsolved mystery.

Complete episode recap is here.

Slim Charles and Proposition Joe

Slim Charles and Proposition Joe

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30 Responses to The Wire, Ep 11: “A New Day”

  1. trubino says:

    One thing I have learned from this movie is that you can’t really trust the police. They say they’re there for you but really all the care about is whats best for themselves or what will benefeit the police’s investigation in getting criminals. Randy trusted Mr. Prez and the police, but now he has none because the word on the street is Randys a snitch. Randy snitching, causing a fight to break out infront of school and no one wanting to be around him, even including the lower classman don’t want to buy his candy.

  2. juliangarcia21 says:

    Everything is getting corrupted and brought to the light. Now randy finally is confronted for the whole snitch ordeal and he is engaged in a fight beside michaeal who is becoming more hardened by the way he has been doing things.Prez is trying to protect randy but he has to help a little so that the murders can be sloved. Also Freamon discovers the dead bodies in the vacants and will lead it to chris And snoop hopefully.

  3. janajohnson says:

    Poor little Randy- he’s just trying to get by. Also Mr.Prezbo once again proves his dedication to his students when he is asked for information about the “incedent” from his ex-co-workers. While one of them shows him respect, the other is selfish and demands information for “comming all this way.” I also think Prezbo did a good job of breaking up the fight at school- Randy seemd hurt (for other reasons than bleeding from the face) and confused. I think some of these kids have such potential to be good people and give back to humanitiy because,like Randy, they just want to be accepted by their peers and treated fairly. Also, I think it sucks that they got rid of the school’s special program for the “bad kids”- i think that was developing nicely. Plus, now who will care about them?

  4. murph10 says:

    I learned a couple of things this episode and the main one again is about snitching. You can never snitch on people because it will come back to get you. Randy snitched and people found out so Randy was beaten up in front of school. The other thing I learned was that the police in this show are not very realistic because of the one black cop who is really mean. He picks on the kids and takes their stuff and he deserved the paint that was thrown on him. haha

  5. tylercurrence says:

    I learned that Namond really could be a good kid and the good side of him just needs to be brought out. It is encouraging how he acts around Colvin and I think we can expect good things in the future from Namond. Also, I am amazed at the relationship between Namond and his mom. It is incredible how greedy she is and how she only wants to use her son as a drug dealer to make money for herself. Meanwhile, Mr. Prezbylusky continues to fight for what he believes in the public school system.

  6. pabloserna says:

    On this episode I learned that this kids can be really kind and polite as well. When Namond was in Mr. Colvin’s house he showed really good manners. Something I do not understand is the way that school works, why the teacher teaches something if the students do not really get it. I think Mr. P is a good teacher but it is not his fault that the students do not learn.

    Randy gets beaten up in front of the school because he was snitching.

  7. georginasellyn says:

    i am a bit worried for Michael now because he had made friends with Chris and now he stood up for his friend Randy who at the moment Chris and Marlo don’t like, so i am a bit nervous to see what Chris will do to Michael, because when he found out he did not look happy.

    i agree with tylercurrence because Namond is actually a good kid. He just wants to be cool and do what everyone else does. He respects Mr Colvin and now listens to him. His attitude towards the special class he is in has changed and now he doesn’t want to leave and go back to his old class.

  8. bbss23 says:

    One thing I really liked about this episode was the growth and maturity in Michael. He is back in control of his family with his stepdad now out of the way and he will do all he can to see to it that bug has a good life. Michael stands up for Randy and nearly takes out 4 dudes by himself when they weren’t even after him. Michael has “let the mask off” and I am truly excited to see it happen. Michael is very smart on the corners and in the streets and he is finally starting to let himself be known. He is the first to take on the officer as well. Michael will do well with Marlo and the rest of them.

    I agree with Jana’s comment as to “poor little Randy.” I feel bad for Randy because of the harsh treatment he is receiving at school and the hatred others are showing to him. He did “snitch” to a certain extent and agreed to speak to the cops when no one else would dare to do so. Although he said little, it is strongly known as a rule among the streets that “snitching” will get you no were and end up dead or bruised eventually. Best of luck to Randy as the episodes continue.

    I believe that Omar is more dangerous than Marlo and any other man on the streets. Although he is working by himself, or with his boyfriend, he has been around since season 1 and it seems he always gets what he wants. I am a huge fan of Marlo and his crew and I can only hope that Omar does not get to them first and finish them off. Omar is the one man I think is more dangerous than anyone else.

  9. imgandrew99 says:

    My thoughts on this episode are that, things are getting a bit out of hand at school. Also, the episode has taken a swift approach towards the victims. That way, the detectives have a wire to follow. What I think, if I were Randy, I would get some boys to have my back in these situations. I am pulling for the detectives in finding the bodies, any leads to the suspects, maybe find a shorter route to Marlo.

    I have to support what previous writers say, all of their responses are logical.

  10. alsonkeeler says:

    I felt bad for the kid randy because he is trying to help the police officers to solve a case and he is beaten up by this kids that knew that he was the one snitching. Also when sherrod is coming back to work with bubbles he is all happy about it, the addict guy comes and robs bubbles again.

    I agree with marph10 in saying that in this neighborhoods you have to be careful who you snitch and say things too, because it will get back to you sooner or later, is a thing that you really have to watch out because then you can get really hurt and knowing this people is a very dangerous thing to do.

  11. allie11610 says:

    This episode show a lot of different thing, and it also predict that everything is going to change. The Michael is become more and more violence. The randy is in a serious situation, which cause by the sergeant hack. The dukie is going to become the ninth grader. And I think he will change because there is no such good teacher as Mr. prez. Namond is become better and better. Now he will follow what the teacher say. The last one is Omar; he really shows he got the power. He is starting his revenge now.
    I agree to the JanaJohnson’s idea. In the wire series the police is not doing what that suppose to do. Every police is just trying to reach his or her target. The sergeant hack just tries to avoid trouble. He almost get the randy in the life threaten. Mr. prz is a really good teacher. He really cares about all his student. also, I think the special class shouldn’t be cancel, cause it is really making progresss.

  12. dosikseo says:

    In this episode, things are improving a lot, and they had a lot of conflict between Chris and another gangs. Moreover, the special class is getting worst because the little guy used bad word, and whole class was just laughing instead of showing the respect. Also it’s not teachers fault it’s students family background fault.

  13. sambo9 says:

    I thought the most interesting part of this episode was when Michael and his friends got Officer Walker back. That was pretty awesome. I agree with trubino in that you cant really trust the cops at all. Walker is a jerk and is a perfect example with how he broke donuts fingers last episode.

  14. gonzaloasis says:

    It seems like the mistery of where Marlo’s bodies go is about to be solved. A department that had been closed before election, Major Crimes, leaded by Freamon, starts to take care of solving that mistery and ends up realizing how Snoop and Chris hide their victims in abandoned houses.

    I agree with tylercurrence in that we can expect good things from Namond; he is actually a nice kid, and hopefully his mother’s attitude will not influence him too much.

  15. I was surprised when the teacher asked for someone to do something i the classs and Namond was the first to step up. I think he is doing better each day especially after talking with Colvin. Namond is a great leader of the group so I think that after this, everyone will start doing good things.

    I agree with tylercurrence we can expect good things from NAmons. HE is a good kid.

  16. socalgolfer says:

    The part I really enjoyed in this episode was the payback the boys gave back to Officer Walker. He is a very cruel person and doesn’t deserve to be in the position of police officer. The act the boys pulled was very risky but worth it in the end. I also enjoyed how Walker exaggerated to all his colleagues that three large men with shotguns had him down and threw yellow paint on him as a declaration of war.

    I agree with tylercurrence on his statement about Namond having a good side deep within him. He just has been very closed off and needs to be pried open.

  17. nataliebea says:

    I learned that Namond really could be a good kid and the good side of him just needs to be brought out. It is encouraging how he acts around Colvin and I think we can expect good things in the future from Namond. Also, I am amazed at the relationship between Namond and his mom. It is incredible how greedy she is and how she only wants to use her son as a drug dealer to make money for herself. Meanwhile, Mr. Prezbylusky continues to fight for what he believes in the public school system.- tylercurrence

    I agree with tylercurrence’s comment. This episode really did show just how good of a kid Namond really is. It shows that he does have the ability to change, he just needs a little help. I also agree that his mother is greedy because she wants her son to be a drug dealer so that she can have more money.

    In this episode, I was shocked that Randy was beat up. He didn’t really tell the police much and everyone called him a snitch. That is why it is so difficult for kids in that area to trust the police and adults. They get into too much trouble wich makes life really hard for them.

  18. jhill2010 says:

    Is omar really going to get his chance to get marlo back? this battle just got more interesting because he went to the “fat man” and asked him to give him marlo. Also i am excited to see what the police do about them finding the vacants that were filled with bodies.

    Also i agree with julian in the way that randy was thrown under the bus by the police. now that his name is out on the street as a snitch it will be very hard for him to go places with out tthe threat of getting jumped.

  19. dillonmoyer says:

    I knew it was just a matter of time before the police would find the dead bodies in the vacant row houses. I wonder if they will figure out who did the murders. I think they have an idea it is chris and snoop because they found the nail gun in their car. I agree with tyler that the police are hard to trust in this show because they are selfish and only care about themselves.

  20. caroldipaula says:

    I felt really bad when Albert was crying because of his mom death, i think kids like those need a support because they live in a way that seems to be really hard to handle it alone..
    I really belive that Namond is a really good kid, the thing is that he wants to show to everyone that he is “cool” .He just need “good” people around him to encourage him to do it.

  21. aosborne01 says:

    There were some good parts in this episode. When the kids get back at officer walker, this was a pretty dangerous thing to do because they could have got into serious trouble but in the end it was worth it. But I was surprised that Michael took his ring. In the end of the episode when they think they have found where the bodies are this is setting up the next episode to be really good and have some unanswered questions answer. Also the new mayor is starting to make some major changes in the police area but we find out now that he may not be able to do what he wants because of the schools 55 million deficit.

  22. lazygirjl says:

    The most exciting part on this episode was towards the end when the policemen find out about the place Snoop and Chris puts the dead bodies. Hopefully in the next episode, they will find out who the murderers are. It is amazing how Mr. Prez is so persistent in helping his students. He cares about them even though they can be troublesome.
    I agree with pabloserna, Namond does have a good side in him especially when he is around adults who he secretly looks up to. Colvin, for example, influences him to be a better and more polite kid to be around. He shows that he can be an easygoing person and can trust people who respect him.

  23. lrogersimg says:

    the good about this episode is when the group of kids get back at officer walker and they fell better because he was a dirty cop and he hated kids. but the bad thing about that was that micheal had pulled his mask down and namond is scared that he saw who he was. i think the mayor will find a way to make everybody happy and pay off the huge deft that the school has and he will find a way to do that.

  24. joanna200 says:

    This just proved my right the thoughts that ive always had about the police and the government. I think that they are here to proctect us but at the same time they are going to do everything that is in their hands to be succesfull on their own. Like it is shown in this episode the police is corrupt and they will do anything to get and have what they nned!

  25. nici says:

    When boys came up with a plan how to make pay officer Walker. I thought they were going to kill him, but instead they just “gave” some ellow paint. Although Mickel took this ring that has been on Marlos hand, and probably he will get in trouble because of that.
    I am commenting on juliangarcia21, on April 3, 2009 at 10:18 am, I desagree with this student because probably it will not lead straight to Snoop and Chris, it will solve the Marlo’s case. I see that that student has noticed that Michel has beckome harder and he started doing things other way…not right. I think it happened when he “killed” his brother’s father. Than he felt power…

  26. barbors says:

    they found that the bodies are in vacant houses it was only matter of time because noone lives there im pretty sure they know Marlo is all behind this and that chris and snoop are doing it because they have them on target for a long time already. Now they have only one body but i think there is lot more im curios how many murders chris and snoop has on them probably soo many.
    i agree with trubino you cant trust the police and that they can bevery selfish and u have to be very careful arund them and also about Mr Prez he is very good teacher in school and in real life also.

  27. julialistennis says:

    I really feel bad for little Randy. He wasnt trying to get anyone in trouble or “snitch” he was just trying to cover his back and i understand why he did what he did. He seems like a good kid and i fell bad, he didnt deserve to get beaten the way he did. I agree with Tylers post and what he was saying about the police. They really cant be trusted. A majority of the guys are just looking out for themselves. Its hard to see the good that any of them are doing for the city, It still just seems to be a number game for them.

  28. bmriakey93 says:

    Omar continues to go around Baltimore starting problems and essentialy tying the major drug dealers in West Baltimore in a knot. In this episode, we see Omar make a special “visit” to Proposition Joe. He goes to his store an me threatens him. He says that Proposition Joe must call him and set up the re-up to be stollen or he will kill him. Then, Omar tries to sell the re-up drugs back to Proposition Joe who must then sell them back to Marlo.

  29. tjserrao says:

    What i liked about this episode is how Mr. Prez broke the fight and helped Randy out. This showed how committed he is to his students and how he sees that there is a potential in these kids to be something in life. I feel bad for Randy because now everyone hates him and no one wants to be around him just because it is said that he is a snitch. I hope someone steps for Randy because it is dangerous for him to be at the streets and no one on his side.

  30. antpile15 says:

    Namond is becoming a role model for his classmates. He is a good kid, and I think they all are good kids with a thick outer shell of violence from an abusive past.

    Herc is in a lot of trouble but its his own fault. being too anxious for field work maybe he should be a p[olice escort again.

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