The Wire, Ep 10: “Misgivings”

“The world goin’ one way, people another” – Poot

04.10  “Misgivings” Acting on Clay Davis’s advice, Burrell seeks to burnish his reputation by ordering the department to double the number of street arrests.  As the weather turns cold, school officials turn up the heat in Prez’s classroom.  After being apprehended, interrogated and released, Kevin is advised by Bodie to come clean about the incident to Marlo.  Bubbles gets payback.  Chris takes care of a problem for Michael.

Complete episode recap is here.

Donut and Kenard

Donut and Kenard

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  1. juliangarcia21 says:

    Detective Carver is getting alot harsher along with all the other cops. He arrests namond and threaten to process him but he has compassion when he finds out namond has fears of being book in juvenile detention. Herc is setup by bubble and is already in hot water with the force.Everything is getting worse or everyone.

  2. tylercurrence says:

    I thought it was great how Colvin took in Namond and helped him out rather than letting him go to prison. Colvin is a great guy and really has the kids’ best interest in mind. I did’t realize how much he cared for them. Also, I think that Randy is in for a tough time in the next couple episode. Marlo has word on the street that Randy’s a snitch and things are tough now for Randy. Even Randy’s previous friends don’t want to be associated with him. Mr. Prezbo is still being forced to teach to the test; however, when he is not monitored he reverts back to his previous, more effective teaching strategies.

  3. blazetart says:

    What the cop did to Randy was really messed up. Herc screwed over Bubbles, and I like how Bubbles got payback on him because Herc needed a wake up call. Its just not fair when one guy is doing a favor for you, and you never return that favor, or your not good on your word. Chris took care of a big problem that Michael was having, which is good because now he is worry free.

    • bmriakey93 says:

      Blaze Tarts comments about Officer Walker and Herc are excellent and both show what is a major problem with the police department in Baltimore. By not being there for Bubble (Hurc) and stealing from Randy (Officer Walker) they are creating enemy’s through the people they are trying to help witch will simply cause more tension and make it herder to improve the city.

  4. michaelx says:

    I thought it was awful how the cop broke the kids fingers in the begining of the movie. He is a corrupt cop and does not do any good. Word is out that Randy is a snitch and this is probably going to damage his reputation. Bubbles gets stiffed by the cops again and is jumped but then he gets them back by calling in a false report of a drug deal going down.

  5. walker123 says:

    There were a couple of frighting scenes in this episode where the cop broke donots finger and chris took care of micheals dad. We found out that chris was maybe abused as a child. I like how Bubbles got the cops back by telling about a fake drug deal going down. Now they are even.

  6. caseymulholland37 says:

    This episode was crazy.

  7. caseymulholland37 says:

    Sorry lol ^ ummm….this episode was crazy Marlo is still running the streets and the Cops are in an internal fight because of the reasent election. I think that Bubbles did the right thing by calling in the cops like he did. He had it coming. I think naymond shows us a side here that we will continue to see more and more as the movie goes on and his mother goes away. I cant wait for the next episode!

  8. sarahofmann says:

    This episode was pretty intense, I liked it alot. The fact that Namond got busted, and that his teacher took care of him. I thought that was very nice of him. Marlo though, the character that I have, did not have a big role in that episode except of that he tells Snoop to kill the big guy, and Marlo also helps, the guy with the bad stepfather, through making Snoop and her partner to kill him. Also what was terrible was that the cop broke the kids fingers, and that Randy was called a snitch, that could end bad for him.

  9. aozabel says:

    Little Kevin played tne role of the snitch which broke open new possibilities in what will happen next. Marlos paranoia clicks when Little Kevin returns as he sends him away in an suv. Marlo’s reign on the street will be sustained if he keeps this paranoid type of security but he must soon slip up because no one can control anything forever.

  10. xeniya says:

    This episode was captivating, and while I was watching it time flew by really fast. Something that I learned is how many obstacles “difficult” kids have in order to get education and how much teachers struggle with them. I think the job they are doing is incredible, because those kids really had changed in a better way. Also it was really strange for me to realize that the only way to make students sit in the classrooms for 90 minutes straight and learn about the test would be making the rooms hot, so the kids would get drowsy. Another thing that attracted my attention in a negative way took place when Officer Eddie Walker broke fingers of little kid Donut who constantly steals cars. I realize that it is a crime, however Officer violates his human rules, and I didn’t think it was necessary at all to humiliate little boy so much.

  11. carlossomoza says:

    During this episode I witnnessed what is happenning to Randy being alienated from most of his school after Marlo’s people spread around the word that he was a snitch. Also it was kind of hard to watch the actions that Officer Walker took during his arrest of Donut. This violates the rights of the young man. I have a feeling that Officer Walker will not be around too much longer.

  12. jnguonly says:

    What Officer Walker did to Donut was a bad thing but I still don’t have much sympathy for the kid. The kid has been warned about stealing cars and is still out there doing what he’s not suppost to do. A little corporal punishment might teach the kid something. It was good to see Bubbles get pay back on Herc. The guy promised to help him twice and didn’t show up (although the second time Herc was held up by his boss) but he still should have done more. Dukie doesn’t make very many appearences in this episode. I have a feeling he’s going to play a major role in the episodes to come.

  13. toryhenderson says:

    It was interesting to see that buibbles played herc. I thought that was pretty cool that bubbles got herc back, it shows that he isn’t doing this work for herc for nothing. Also I thought it was cool that Marlo was looking out for the people of his city, listening to their problems if they come to him and doing what he can to help.

    Chris showed me in this episode that he truly is a cold blooded killer. It seemed that maybe he got beaten when he was a kid, so he let it out on Micheal’s father. Chris also showed me that he does slip up, by killing the guy in an allie instead of in a vacant building.

  14. janajohnson says:

    To be honest I was so hurt, upset, and confused by the intense level of violence in this episode that it was hard to observe it from an objective perspective. I thought it was nice that the police have dinner with each other and their children- it’s good for them to bond so they can work better together. I cannot express how much I hate Omar. I just don’t understand how people can be so angry at the world to that extend. It’s so overwhelmingly depressing to watch the lives of miserable, violent drug dealers.

  15. murph10 says:

    This epsiode had a lot of different things in it. Bubbles shows us that he has a side to him that doesn’t like being messed around with. He calls the cops on the wrong car and I thought it was good that he did this. The other thing I liked was that Naymond knows how to handle himself in situations with fancy restaurants or staying at someone’s house. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  16. trubino says:

    Towards the beggining of season four, Kevin a.k.a. “Little Kevin” told Randy to tell Marlo to meet at this certain spot. Kevin was originally suppose to tell Marlo but he told Randy to report this to Marlo because Kevin knew something was going down and didn’t want to be apart of anything. During this episode, Kevin was taken down to the interrogation room because the word around the street was Kevin talked to Marlo last. Everyone on the street is also hearing that Randy is a snitch because he was threatened by the principle to call his foster mom so he blurted out everything he knew.

  17. trubino says:

    **Lex not Marlo

  18. rachelwilliams says:

    I thought it was really shocking how the police man broke the little boys fingers and did not take him to jail. I also thought it was shocking that the little boy did not report what the police man had done to him to the police station. My character Snoop was in this episode. As usual, she was going to murder a man, though the guy with her murdered him instead.

  19. pabloserna says:

    It was funny how somebody like Namond is all scared because he was going to be booked, he was really scared even though he is always trying to show how tough he is. It was very nice from Mr. Colvin to take Namond to his house after he insulted him so bad.

    Randy is being avoided by his old friends and he is feeling a little lonely.

  20. alexdrecksel says:

    It was kind of messed up how the cops went and set up a bunch of people to try to get them to sell drugs. Like that one man they arrested who was riding his bike to work, at least he had a job and wasnt just standing on the corner selling the dope. I guess its whatever it takes to stop drug crimes.

  21. lazygirjl says:

    Namond’s mother’s response to the whole situation was shocking. She didn’t worry about his son nor did she thank Mr. Colvin, instead, she scolded Namond for fearing to get into juvenile and told Mr. Colvin to leave them alone. The disconnection among people shown in this episode is astonishing. People are so cold-blooded and mistrustful of others because they want to protect themselves, but deep inside, with all the violence and callousness, they are weak and are looking to be loved. I agree with pabloserna, a guy like Namond, who is always acting like he isn’t scared of anything, was scared of booking into juvenile. He shows people that he is a tough kid but he has many fears.

  22. hoopin3 says:

    I am kind of scared for randy because, word out on the streets is that he is snitch. And in the hood to be a snitch is not good, People kill snitches so he has to be very careful!!

  23. sambo9 says:

    I thought it was crazy how mad officer walker got when he hit the woman in his car. Then how he couldn’t control his anger and he broke donuts fingers. That to me was pretty intense. I agree with pabloserna and how it was funny how Naymond was so freaked out when he was being booked. He always tries to act so tough but when push came to shove he acted like a little kid.

  24. allie11610 says:

    This episode is really interesting to watch that’s so many things happen. The little Kevin got kill by the Christ and the whole street know. Nammaond stat to change he become more polite. He learns how to give respect to others. Also the Michael is kind of changing. Before I thought is opposite away, Michael will get away from street and nammond will get deeper. But from know I can tell that Michael is totally going to become second Christ. I know maybe his stepdad do something bad to him. However, tell other s to murder him is too over. The police in the film are so bad. The office Eddie is really bad police. Before he steals others stuff and know he even hurt the kid physically. And the last part that I was so excited to see is when Heck got fool by bubble. Because I already can predict he will got fired.

    I like the murph’s comment. Bubble is showing other that he has his own pride and I really enjoy to watch when he fool the hack. The officer needs to learn his own lesson. And the Naymond part is really touched. Because we can see naymond’s changing. But his mom is a really big problem. I think his mom will be the biggest problem for naymaond’s future.

  25. gonzaloasis says:

    I don’t quite understand why Chris assaults MIchael’s brother’s dad which such violence.. He could have simply shot him like he does with all the others, but instead had an outburst of rage and hits himmore than 10 times in the face. Either he got really affected by thinking that the man had sexually abused Michael or he had had problems with him before.
    I agree with murph10 in that Bubbles doesn’t like to be fooled, which is proved when he calls Herc with a wrong car.

  26. georginasellyn says:

    I felt sorry for Bubbles when Herc kept letting him down and how Herc kept promising to be there and protect him but never came, and ignored all Bubbles’ calls. I thought i was smart of Bubbles to set Herc up and shows that he does not like to be taken as a fool.

    I agree with tylercurrence when it says about Mr Colvin looking after Namond. He does care about his students a lot more than i thought and it was extremely nice of him to let Namond stay in his house.

  27. bbss23 says:

    I knew it was only a matter of time before Namond and Mr. Colvin began to help one another and gain a certain respect for each other. Namond jumped at the idea to stay with Colvin for the night and although reluctant at first, Colvin who sees a great deal of potential in Namond, accepted. Namond’s mother was very upset with both Colvin and Namond but I think it will only be a matter of time before Namond is out of her house.

    Now that Chris has taken care of Bug’s dad for Michael, I believe that now Michael is the gang. It was a return for services type of deal. Michael has now been put in the gang with Marlo.

    I agree with “hoopin 3” and his worry for Randy. Many know of Randy’s encounter with the cops and his “snitch” or telling of what he saw or heard from the murder with Lex. Many kids have been making sly comments or not wanting to work with Randy and I just hope it doesn’t hurt him in the future. “Snitching” from what we gathered can lead to no good, especially if the wrong people are on the other side of it. Look for some possibly threats against Randy in the upcoming episodes.

  28. I was shocked when Chris hits the man too many times and with such hate that the face of the man was all covered with blood.You couldn´t see his face it was horrible. I didn´t understand why the man didn´t do anything at all, he just let Chris hit him and do whatever to him.

    I agree with sarahofmann I like how Namond got busted, and that the teacher took care of him. I think its a very nice think to do for some else that is having problems.

  29. joanna200 says:

    well i wasnt in class to see this episode but from reading all these cpomments and what cassy muholand has to say it sounded really crazy. Also, it looks like the cops are starting to do a better job with trying to get to the bottom of things.

  30. nici says:

    At the beginning of this eppisode little guy stole a car and got in trouble, because a policman saw him, and then policman got in trouble because he had a car crash because of him. However cop fyinds that guy and breaks his fingers! That was really bad from the policman’s side, and that should be not talorated!! And before there was some simmular storyes with this policman, like he stole a ring from omar. I think this polycman not one of the good guys in this movie serial.

    I am commenting on” walker123, on April 1, 2009 at 7:37 pm”. I agree with this student that this eppisode was kind of frightening. And I agree that Chris was may be upset when he was a little boy, that’s why he may be understood Michael.

  31. dosikseo says:

    I wasn’t in class on friday because i had field trips, but from reading it seems be like all these cops are doing great jobs and taking care of community. Moreover chris is taking care of Mario.

  32. caroldipaula says:

    I wasn’t able to watch the episode but, I think that the fact that Namond got busted and Mr. Prez helped him was a really nice act from him. I think after this Namond will start to think about everything before he do something.

  33. jhill2010 says:

    Chris beating Michaels step father or bugs dad litterally to death. I didnt see this coming at all when he told Michael he would make him disapear. i would really like to know why he did that to him instead of just shotting the guy. also i think that someone will find that body and chris and snoop will finally be caught.

    i agree with julian i really dont see why detective carver is becoming so harsh on the kids. i mean i can see putting kids in juvy but not in really jail. this whole city is getting more and more harsh each episode.

  34. nataliebea says:

    I thought it was great how Colvin took in Namond and helped him out rather than letting him go to prison. Colvin is a great guy and really has the kids’ best interest in mind. I did’t realize how much he cared for them. – tylercurrence

    I agree with the comment that tylercurrence made. I think that is was really nice of Colvin to take in Namond so that he didn’t have to go to Juvie. He does seem to have the kids best interest in mind which is a relief to see because not many people do have the best kids interest in mind there.

    It was interesting to find out why Michael was so upset about Bug’s father coming back. I know that asking someone to kill Bug’s father is wrong, but he was only looking out for his brother and mother. He was really looking out for his family and wasn’t going to let Bug’s father hurt them. I think that what he did was really brave.

  35. aosborne01 says:

    This was the best episode so far in my opinion. It was good that bubbles got back at Herc because he kept letting him down. I agree with Blaze on the point he made about if you are doing some one a favor you have to return it and stick to your word. Also the ending was pretty crazy when Chris killed the guy, this brought up some issues because Chris might have had the same problem when he was a kid and was waiting all these years to get back at someone for what happened to him.

  36. dillonmoyer says:

    I thought the ending was very shocking. I thought Chris and snoop would do something to Bug’s dad or maybe even kill him and put him into one of the row houses but not beat him to death like that. I also found it very surprising how Mr. Colvin and Namond ended up becoming friends. I agree with JR that bubbles did a good thing for himself and made it clear he will not be messed with.

  37. imgandrew99 says:

    My thoughts on this episode are that, I see the intensity of the police and seriousness of their arrests. Another serious officer is Officer Walker, he has been a rough cop out on the streets. Also, Chris had a hell of a scene with bug’s dad. What I think, is how things are connecting with each other, and how everybody handles each situation.

  38. barbors says:

    Namond got caught by police and he got lucky and didnt go to baby juvenile where he has to work comunity hours his mother was mad because he wasnt brave and hit him in the head she did not respect the police officer or the guy from school who took him over night she wasnt thankful at all. All the mother of namonds wants is for her son to make money so she can buy anything she want.
    Police did not care about Bubbles not even after they made a deal and they almost got him killed twice so i think it was very mean of him to put the reverends car to police but the police was just takin from him it wasnt givin anything back how it promised to. I also think the police that catched reverend he was very violent with him he will have big problems after this he might even get kicked out.

  39. julialistennis says:

    I couldn’t believe what the police officer had done to Donut. What he did was completely uncalled for. I felt really bad for Donut though he does cause alot of trouble. I couldnt imagine how much having your fingers being broken like that would feel. I agreed with Blaze’s post and what he said about bubbles getting revenge on herk. I agree that Herk needed a wake up call. I feel bad for bubbles and everything he has to go through and the multiple times hes been let down.

  40. alsonkeeler says:

    I thought it was awful how the cop broke the kids fingers in the begining of the movie. He is a corrupt cop and does not do any good. Word is out that Randy is a snitch and this is probably going to damage his reputation.

    I agree with rachelwilliams I think that the cop should really get punished for what he did, and he deserves to go to jail because it’s not fair that for being just a cop he can go anywhere and hit any person he wants.

  41. socalgolfer says:

    I found it quite amusing to see Namond stray away from his usual tough guy attitude when he was arrested for drug dealing on the corner by Officer Carver. He had become completely frightened and frantically looked for a potential guardian. His outer shell is hiding his inner fears and self. However, I thought it was very kind of Colvin to take in Namond.

    I agree with carlossomoza on the issue of Randy’s supposed “snitching”. Randy has been completely alienated and detached from all his classmates after Marlo’s crew put the word out on the street about him. It is very unfortunate that Herc made a mistake in saying he had a witness to Lil Kevin.

  42. bmriakey93 says:

    In this episode, we see Chris and Snoop “take care” of Michael problem. The stake out on Michael’s house and follow Bug’s father to the store. The follow him as they walk out of the store. When they get him near one of the vacant buildings, Chris goes off and kills him before they get him in the vacants. This makes it seems like Chris had something personally against him for what he did. The way Michael talks to Chris about him, it seems like he was abused by him as a child. Now, because he owes Marlo something, Michael will likely begin selling drugs for him.

    Another interresting development is what happens with Namond. He is picked for selling drugs. When he gets to the police station, he quickly becomes frightened. When asked if he had anyone to pick him up, he says his mother is in New York. The next day, even more visibly frightened, he has the cops call Mr. Colvin who takes him in until his mother returns. When Colvin drops him off, Namond’s mother gets mad at the fact that he was affraid to got to “baby booking.”

  43. tjserrao says:

    From what i read from the chapter summery i liked how Calvin took care of Namond. It shows how there are people out there that really want to help kids who are forced to do bad things without consciousness. Calvin has shown throughout the season that he is a great man that wants to help the kids succeed. I hope he keeps helping them since he is a great man

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