The Wire, Ep 9: “Know Your Place”

04.09  “Know Your Place” Poot returns to the corner after a stint in prison – and is welcomed back by Herc and Dozerman.  Bubbles fingers a witness for Herc, but the detective is slow to return the favor.  Colvin motivates his class by offering a dinner incentive to his student groups.  Randy puts the math skills he’s learned in class to work on the street.  Andre turns to Proposition Joe for protection.

Complete episode recap is here.


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  1. pabloserna says:

    I think Michael Lee is a very rude person, the way he acts with his family is totally wrong. The way he talks to his mom shows how bad are his manners, this really surprised me. The other thing that surprised me was when he went home and he saw his father, he was not even a little happy, he even looked a little angry.

    Randy does not do something special on this episode.

  2. xeniya says:

    Every single episode Wire becomes more and more addictive and attention grasping. I learned something new about my character – Kima, the detective, I found out that she is responsible and she proves it by paying the share to her old girlfriend and their child. I really enjoy watching kids in school, because they are my age and I can relate to them in that way. I liked one of the methods that teachers introduce to “difficult” kids in order to make them work together. Even though they took out the instructions, kids somehow managed to complete the task and build the Eiffel Tower. Another point that the movie brings is how violent the life on the streets is. It is truly shocking how much the money worth and how far are people ready to go in order to get it.

  3. michaeljorge says:

    I found it shocking that the school teaches the kids the test instead of the material. In other words the students are not learniong much. The mayority of the teacher excluding Mr. Prezbo all are trying to survive and not trying to hard teaching. Prezbo continues to find a way to make these students learn.
    In class, while Duquan surfs the internet randy tells him to type in “candy.” While doing so he discovered that he can make profit by buying it at a better price in the internet. This meant profit, but the only thing standing in his way was a credit card. Threw the episode randy persuades Prezbo to use his in the mean time, and pay him back. That he did.

    Bubbles calls Herc when he finds the “asshole.” Once he saw a police car approch he confronted the man. while doing so he got his ass whooped. I felt sorry for him because he did the right thing. He seeked help in the right place but didnt get the attention he needed.

  4. shaaz says:

    Detective Herc uses Bubbles to find Little Kevin but is not true to his word as he doesn’t help Bubbles out with his situation.
    Randy uses his knowledge of probability to win money so he can buy candy through Mr. Prez. It is interesting to see how he directly applies something he learned at school to earn some money.
    Namond and the other kids who need special attention are out of place at the expensive dinner they attend with their teacher. This scene shows the great disparity that exists in the city of Baltimore between the haves and have nots.
    Tommy Carcetti finds that he has some opposition in the form of the President of the Council who wanted to become mayor.

    • bmriakey93 says:

      Shaaz makes good points here. Hurc’s action pretty much sum up the police department in Baltimore. It is very unorganized and clicky with a lot of people out for their own good and not for the good of the department and city.
      Mr. Prez is prooving to be an excellent fit as a teacher for these kids. He was a cop on the streets of Baltimore so he knows how these kids are and is using that to energize them as students.

  5. sarahofmann says:

    I really thought this episode was interesting. I like the part where the kids work together in school, to built the eifel tower for example. We could actually see that they handled it well, and they are processing. I think it is wrong that they make them teach the kids for this one test, and something that does not interest them, because they were on their way to get better but after the new learning material was brought in. Also what I thought was kind of sad, how the kids that went to the restaurant were so terrified, and did not know how to act at the first place.
    In that episode Marlo did not come up much, except of that one of his people told him they might be able to get in trouble soon, and he wanted to help this one boy with his brother, but not more was shown about Marlo in that episode

  6. caseymulholland37 says:

    I liked this episode alot! I think it really shows Bubbles (my charictor)about to give up and clean up. He is mad at the police mad at drug dealers and mad at a child he has tried to help. I think Bubbles will be a great example of someone finally getting out of the ghetto. Marlo is still making moves but it seems he is getting in over his head. I noticed Michels reason for boxing is to protect him self from his brothers dad and I think it is a way for him to blow off some steam. This episode is bringing the shows to a climax it seems like something big is about to happen and because the row houses were not visited in this episode I think the bodies will be found very soon.

    • bmriakey93 says:

      Casey made some good points. Bubbles is someone who is trying to turn himself around. We see he is intelligent when he attempts to set up the junkie who is steeping from him. However, Hurc does not come through for him so Bubble then call Herc abd tells him that a Pastor is one of Marlo’s people and gets him in trouble. The problem is that Bubble is severely addicted to heroin.

      What Casey says about Marlo, I disagree with. Marlo is intellgent, has enforcers and respect of everyone in Baltimore. For example, he uses the video camera to set up the police. The only problem who come from a snitch or the bodies being found.

  7. dirkr says:

    I think it is sad how the material taught in school is based on taking the test rather than learning. School is primarily about learning. Test taking is marely a part of that.
    I think it is appalling that these kids do not have even basic table manners because it was never taught to them. This is shown when things were so akward at the restaurant.
    Namond works well in school in this episode which is why he went to the restaurant. However, he also got himself into trouble for dealing as well.

  8. tylercurrence says:

    I thought this episode was great. I found the connection between proposition Joe and Marlo interesting. Those two do favors for each other to keep each other happy. How Joe betrayed Andre was wrong, but that’s just part of life in the inner city I suppose. You can’t trust someone you don’t know well. Also the school curriculum Mr. Prezbo is required to teach is appalling. These students need to be learning rather than learnng the answers for a test. I completely understant Prezbo’s frusteration. Also, Prezbo has become more influential in each of the kids lives as I predicted. He even helped Randy out by helping him buy candy online with his credit card. Mr. Prezbo will continue to have a good influence in each of these kids’ lves.

  9. filippopoma says:

    This episode was great and showed a lot of things going on. All the actions shocked me. From the cops having to get involved with the “locals” in order to find more evidence. Shocking how even kids want to call social services on their parents. How completely out of place they felt at the formal restaurant. How the school just worries about the test when if the kept teaching in a smart and interesting way like Mr. Prezbo does then everything would be way better.

  10. connormccarthy says:

    The two things I have learned through this episode is never to snitch because if you snitch you will be killed by local gang members. The special classroom is progressing very well. The kids are progressing well in the class and will end up making good choices and follow there dreams.

  11. sallywatson says:

    I really hope Randy does not die. He helped the police out by telling them about a murder and that one stupid policeman became so obsessed with getting his videocamera back that he made it quite obvious that Randy had opened his mouth to them. Now, Little Kevin is most likely going to be really mad at Randy and in this neighbourhood, having someone mad at you is a very dangerous thing. I also couldn’t get over how that same white policeman didn’t stick to his promise with Bubbles resulting in Bubbles getting severly hurt.

  12. rachelwilliams says:

    One thing that i thought was shocking was how the police man did not return the favor to bubbles. I think that bubbles will not help the police man in the future. Another thing i thought was shocking was how the school only was going to teach the test material rather then teach the kids material that will help them in the future. My character Snoop appeared at the end of the episode. She is still a hitman and was trying to get information out of a girl.

  13. toryhenderson says:

    I thought it was interesting that Lil Kevin was in fact the fat guy, I thought it was pretty smart to flip his name around like that. It was suprising to me as well, that Micheal came to Marlo to try to get his father out of his life, I can’t believe he can hate his dad enough to have him killed.

    Chris was smart enough in this episode to throw away his cell phone after finding out that it could be tapped. Also I found it impressive that he got rid of all the New York guys on the corner. Also, I found it impressive taht Chris is well known enough to have kids ask for his help to get rid of people.

  14. jnguonly says:

    It was good to see that Randy took something away from Mr. Prezbo’s math class and won some money playing craps. Another thing that stood out to me was how the kids who won that dinner trip did not really like it but when the next morning came by they acted like they were all into it. I guess it shows that people like to showoff even if the something they’re showing off wasn’t all that great. I think that Dukie is starting to come out of his shell a little bit. He’s not longer hanging by himself and is starting to speak up about issues.

  15. trubino says:

    Mr. Prez’s math lessons are coming to handy for some of his students. Randy has been working his own little business by buying candy and then selling the candy for more. Randy could get a good deal for candy online but you have to pay with a credit card and he doesnt have one. So Randy asks Mr. Prez if he could pay with his card and Randy would pay him back. Mr. Prez was worried that Randy would work a corner to earn this money but instead he used Mr. Prez’s math skills that he learned to find the proportion of winning in the dice game. Carcetti meets and talks about the options and possibilites he can do once he takes office.

  16. thanks for your comments everyone. Although Pablo, I’m not sure which episode you were watching.

  17. murph10 says:

    I think this episode shows a lot of different personalities. This episode shows Bubbles and how he wants to try and stop his bad ways and find help within the police. The police screwed him over so it will be interesting to see what will happen in the next episode. The other thing I learned is that it is never good in this show to snitch on somebody. If you do then it will come back to bite you. I think it will come back and get Randy in trouble.

  18. juliangarcia21 says:

    Randy is in trouble now for snitching. It will come back to haunt him. Also Herc is going in circles beause every case he tries to get on he somehow get in trouble or makes a big mistake. i think it will only get worse with him.Chris and snoop will take care of micheales problem with bugs dad.Nothing good is going to come with any one.

  19. pabloserna says:

    Randy realizes that he can make some money buying candy from the internet. He also shows that he has learned something from Mr. P with all the probabilities. At least this time is with candies and not with drugs.

  20. blazetart says:

    I learned a couple of things from this episode is one: never snitch on someone that is much more powerful than you. Two: you cant always trust cops because they wont always be there.

  21. michaelx says:

    Randy realizes he can buy the candy for a cheaper price online by using a credit card. He decides to use mr. P credit card by paying him up front with cash nd then having mr.P buy it online. I thought it was interesting how the police screwed over bubbles. Bubbles is a really good guy it seems like and he wants to do well and I feel bad for him.

  22. walker123 says:

    Randy finds a cheap place to buy candy so he gambles and uses his stat facts and gets the money to give to prez so they could use his credit card to get the candy. Bubbles got screwed over again and got beat up.

  23. janajohnson says:

    My favorite part about “The Wire” is watching Mr. Prezbo trying to encourage his students. I think he has good intentions to reach out to his students where as most of the other teachers are just looking forward to their monthly paycheck and try not to get shot. I think it’s good that “bubbles” and the Corner boys are facing a little more danger and learning how to deal with it. I mean, everyone is presented with a different lifestyle and even though theirs is not the most highly honored- it’s what they’ve been served so they have to eat it and not spill everywhere or complain because they wish they’d ordered something else. I do not believe Greggs was in this episode.

  24. alexdrecksel says:

    I liked this episode a lot. When the officer took the group of kids out to dinner, it was funny to see the way the kids reacted to the upscale Baltimore resturant. My favorite part of the episode is when randy makes enough money to buy his candy by gambling, using math tricks his teacher tought him.

  25. I like how Mr. Prezbo is trying to teach something and that the students really learned. I like how he really cares about his students and his encouragment to them. He is a great model for teachers. Teachers should have that actitud toward students. For a students is more easy and pleasant to have a teacher like him and not a teacher that is always trying and looking to see you suffer.

    I agree with pretty much everyone of last year, they all say that ” The Wire” is getting more and more interested, you see good and bad things, things that you can learn of or things that you have been through.

  26. gonzaloasis says:

    The fact that Herc doesn’t keep his promise of giving Bubbles a hand is a proof of the selfishness of the Police. Even though Bubbles had put himself into some risk by telling them who Little Kevin was, Herc then lets him down when he needs it the most.

    I agree with alexdrecksel’s comment about how funny the reactions of the corner kids were when taken to a good restaurant. I was surprised they didn’t start laughing when the asian waiter started telling them about the specials!

  27. imgandrew99 says:

    What I think about this episode is that Detective Herc needs to help a brother out and get to it. I thought that Chris and Snoop had thrown away that nailgun & gun, but I guess they do whatever they want. Also, I will say that the school has changed within a few episodes. I have no idea how the detectives are going to get any answers about some simple murder case.

    In my opinion, I can come in agreement with the other writers. They all seem to make valid points, and get a sense of interest in these episodes.

  28. nataliebea says:

    I think this episode shows a lot of different personalities. This episode shows Bubbles and how he wants to try and stop his bad ways and find help within the police. The police screwed him over so it will be interesting to see what will happen in the next episode. The other thing I learned is that it is never good in this show to snitch on somebody. If you do then it will come back to bite you. I think it will come back and get Randy in trouble.— murph10

    I agree with what murph10 says. They say that Bubbles is trying to correct his was by going to the police and when he needs them most they let him down. This shows the difficulties that the people of Baltimore face, they will find it difficult to trust the police because they are also corrupt. I also don’t agree with the comment about Randy though. He did the right thing by telling the police about the murders. I don’t think that he will get into trouble because of that.

    I found it interesting how Randy and Dukie used their skills learned in math about dice on the streets to gamble. They won a lot of money because they were playing against people that didn’t actually know the odds like they did so it made it a lot easier. I also found it interesting how Mr. Prez is using his card to help Randy buy candies online. Mr. Prez seems to like Dukie and Randy.

  29. lrogersimg says:

    In this episode i think that the kids in Mr. Prez class, such as randy, dukie, and michael are starting to get something out of their class. Randy was using the math skills that he learned in class to help me win money on the streets in dice by using the odds of the roll on the dice. Randy had won enough money in the dice games to give the money to Mr. Prez so that he can order them so candy online so that Randy can sell it for more.

    I agree with blazetart that you can never trust a cop because he will new be reliable or on time when you need him their. Like when Bubbles was in trouble and he needed help but nobody was coming to help him.

  30. lazygirjl says:

    I think it was funny when the kids were brought to a restaurant. They felt uncomfortable of how nice the waitresses treated them and asked the teacher to go to McDonald’s with them instead. The kids were actually learning in Mr. Prez’s class before the principle announced to all teachers that they were to teach the state test so that their school’s reputation would go up. I was shocked that Herc has become like this because he always seemed timid and frightened before. Connormccarthy made a good point, in the hood or maybe even in the real world, snitching will get you killed.

  31. bbss23 says:

    The most interesting part of this episode I thought was the meeting at the end between Marlo and Michael. I am a huge fan of Marlo, Snoop and Chris as I said in an earlier post, I think Michael would benefit greatly from joining their group. I predict that in return for Michael’s services on the corner, Marlo will get rid of Bug’s dad. Michael for some reason we haven’t quite figured out yet, can’t stand and doesn’t want Bug around his father. This is the beginning of a relationship between Marlo and Michael and it will only be a matter of time before Bug’s father is out of the picture.

    Also, Mr. Prez clearly knows that the reading material being taught is not getting through to the student and they are not as motivated or excited about school when he was teaching math and numbers. Although the system now requires Prez to teach Literature, look for him to take a stand and go against the system. It will work in the end.

    I agree with Tyler Rubino and Sarah Hoffman’s posts that the math Mr. Prez is teaching is really coming in handy outside of the classroom. Randy for example, won the dice game but guessing the percentages, all of which he learned in class. That was the most excited I’ve seen Randy in a while.

  32. hoopin3 says:

    The poor guy is a really a good guy to me. He seems like he means well but I think he needs to stand up for hiself poor and stop getting punk!!

  33. dosikseo says:

    In this episode it was interesting story. Moreover, when the conflict class started and did building making they were team and helped each other, but some groups were not. Furthermore, Randy found out he can buy candy in online for cheap price, and Mr. Prez students are getting better and improving a lot and I’m really happy that Randy is liking Mr. Prez class.

  34. sambo9 says:

    Detective Herc uses Bubbles to find Little Kevin but is not true to his word as he doesn’t help Bubbles out with his situation. Also I thought it was interesting how the teachers were teaching the students the test, not the material. Basically they aren’t learning much.

  35. dillonmoyer says:

    I feel bad for bubbles because he is always getting taken advantage of. He seems like a good guy and nobody will help him out. It will be interesting to see what happens with Michael and Marlo. I think it will turn out bad for Bugs dad but we will see. Also Marlo still has the camera and who knows what the cops will do to get it back.

  36. dillonmoyer says:

    I agree with Casey that Marlo is getting in over his head. He is getting himself in too deep into things that are distracting him from his main goals. It will be interesting to see what Omar does. He saw Michael talking to Marlo in the park.

  37. jhill2010 says:

    Marlo is just starting to learn that he can not keep everything in check like he thought he could but he still thinks he runs things. Just like Casey said last year he is getting in the game way to deep than he can handle.

    Michael is about to go off on his little brothers dad and i cant wait till it happens. that man has alot coming for him and Michael knows hes not big enough to do anything and i thought he mad a interesting move by going to marlo to ask him to kill his little brothers dad.

  38. allie11610 says:

    I really enjoy the wire series. This chapter the herc is making me really mad. He lost his camera but he keep trying to use his authority to bother Marlo. When he promise to help bubble, but actually when bubble call him, he just ignore. Mr., prez is fighting with the school system, he know that the student is here to learn. And he the only teacher thinks the school was wrong. And I think nammond is really showing his talent. When the special class make them build the puzzle. He is like a good leader that gives everyone works to do. Also, their group is not like other that messing around. They are the first group to finish the job. I think nammond will have chance to get away from the street.

    I agree to the michaeljorge’s point. The school is not really doing the job. The school just tries to teach the test, so they can get money. Although, Mr. priz is really trying to fight with the school, but from every teacher’s reaction, I think that is really hard to fight. Bubble’s situation is making me really upset too. He really tries to find help from the justice. But actually the justice let him down. First time he try to find a police to help, but it end up get rob from the police too. The last time the herc promise to help, but he didn’t show up. It almost get bubble get kill again. This two thing make me wonder where is justice.

  39. caroldipaula says:

    I think the part where they were at the restaurant was vaery funny, bacause for them that was a new thing, they’ve never gone o a place like that and they didn’t know what to do.

    Mr P. given his credit card to the student was a very nice thing to do.

  40. julialistennis says:

    I enjoyed this episode a lot however i felt really bad for Bubbles. He seems like a guy who wants to better himself and just wants to try and make the best of what he has. He opens up to the police and asks them for help and i couldnt believe that they didnt pull through for him. He didnt deserve that. In this episode i agree with dirks post and what he said about how its kind of surprising that the kids dont really have basic table manners. They are so set on the lives they live around the corner that i dont think they venture away from home very much. It must have been slightly uncomfortable for them to go to such a nice restaurant.

  41. alsonkeeler says:

    I think it was very interesting in this episode watching the first council meeting that Carcetti had. It was a battle between counselors and elect mayors, it was a back and forth battle. It was funny at times how the lady attacked Carcetti over important things about the city and he answered them correctly but you could see that there was some hate in each other, after the meeting he came up to her and they talked if they where here to argue about things over the first meeting or they will get down to business.

  42. alsonkeeler says:

    I agree with shaaz over Tommy Carcetti finds that he has some opposition in the form of the President of the Council who wanted to become mayor.

  43. joanna200 says:

    I think that its not fair the way that bubbles is treated because he is a good person and he just always gets ran pover by everyone so its interesting to see how it goes on from now.

  44. nici says:

    In the beginning of this episode police came to the corner and asked about “Little Kevin” , abviously no one answered, so police took some of their people and said that they would be their “Little Kevins” and what shocked me was that they are not going to resque thous people who a re going to be inprisoned because of “little Kevin”!! Although when Mr. Colvin motivates his class by offering a dinner incentive to his student groups they really started woring as a group!

    I am commenting on post ” pabloserna, on April 1, 2009 at 4:00 pm” I am totally agree with this atudent that it is better for him to use his statistics skils to gamble and npt spend time doing drugs!

  45. aosborne01 says:

    I think a funny part was when the police came to take little Kevin and they took all the skinny guys that they thought could have the name little Kevin. I disagree with Pablo because Michael obviously has issues with bug’s dad.

  46. barbors says:

    In the begining the police was so wrong when they wanted to catch little Kevin and they did not think further just assumed that little kevin would be someone skiny and small so they took all the small guys and they left little kevin on the corner which was very stupid from police they should have been more wise.
    I agree with blazetart you should no trust the police at least for first u shoudl find out if they are truthworth and then make deal wiht him but the same is for the homeless guy.

  47. socalgolfer says:

    I feel pretty bad for Bubbles in this entire series. He is constantly being taken advantage of and being beaten on. After aiding Herc greatly in the investigation and being promised help on the fiend who always attacks him for drugs and money, Bubbles is left alone in the dust to fend for himself. As Bubbles calls Herc for help and leaves a message, Herc tells his assistant halfheartedly that he will deal with the issue the next day. Bubbles proceeds to get beaten badly with a metal pipe and robbed yet again.

    I agree with toryhenderson’s comment about Kevin’s name. His ironic nickname of Lil Kevin threw off investigators to a very large extent since he is such a large person.

  48. bmriakey93 says:

    In this episode, we see for the first time, the effectiveness of school and the “special class.” First, Colvin proposes to the “special class” that whoever completely finishes their building will be taming out for dinner at a nice restaurant in downtown Baltimore. With that, we see that there are some kids who do have the ability to diciine themselves and strive for something if they are given a reason to. Next, we see Randy take the math skills he learn from Mr. Prez to the streets. In Prez’s class, Randy learned probabilities and on his way home from school, he wins money playing a dice game.

  49. tjserrao says:

    What i liked about this episode was when namond and his family went to the restaurant… i didn’t get to watch the episode but i read the chapter summary and it seems that when they go to a modern place or somewhere they are forced to behave, we can see the change in the kids and how they have to learn to be sophisticated and not just “corner” kids.

    After they leave the restaurant we see how he blasts hip hop music in the car and chaos starts again because they go back to the bad environment they live in.

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