The Wire, Ep 8: “Corner Boys”

04.08  “Corner Boys” –  To monitor the pulse on the street, Carcetti makes the rounds with members of the police force.  While Proposition Joe shows off his vocal range, Chris shows Snoop how to expose, and dispose of, New York infiltrators.  Colvin uses corner logic in class.  A newly sober McNulty attends an Irish cop wake – with a not-so-sober Bunk.  Michael is dismayed by the unexpected return of a missing family member.

Complete episode recap is here.


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  1. pabloserna says:

    For me it was very shocking when Namond was at school and he started screeming f*** y** to this adult. I cant believe how rude is that, and how somebody can have such a bad education.

    It is very sad that these guys are selling drugs now. Even though they could totally avoid it, they just do it.

    • alsonkeeler says:

      In my opinion to pabloserna I think the same thing, Namond is a crazy teen who doesn’t care about other people and he calls them whatever he wants. It is unbelievable how he has a bad education and bad manners towards teachers, classmates and friends. The only person Namond talks good to is his Mom.

      Its also sad that they are selling drugs, they can avoid it but they just do it to make money out of it, they don’t see the consequences.

  2. connormccarthy says:

    Most of the Corner Boys have grown up to become a corner boy. Namond is a perfect example his father “bey”was very important on the corners before he went to jail. Many of the other Corner Boys have other family members that influence these young kids. The Corner boys are very smart on the streets, but in the classroom they just want to get out of school work the corners and make money for them and there families no matter how much of a risk it is to them.

  3. aozabel says:

    One thing that i saw that was quite impressive was when Taye was telling a joke while Mr. Prez was explaining another word problem. Mr. Prez immediately called on him and asked him what the answer was and he answered correctly but not because he solved the problem, it was because he used is wit to notice Mr. Prez pointed at the answer much more than any other on the board. Another thing i found astounding was that the girl that was charging Randy for rape just dropped the charges showing how things go away if you keep you mouth shut.

  4. carlossomoza says:

    I saw and learned how to be a good corner boy. This episode was mainly focused on the children in the “special class” and it showed that once they knew that they would not be suspended they started acting mature and their own age. My charchter Bunk made an apperance and showed his fellow detectives what was truth and what was not. He proved that Omar did not shot the woman tax payer and he did it with some sort of swagger.

  5. trubino says:

    The corner boys are the young kids that distribute and collect money for “pandemic”. As they grow up they get higher up in level in the drug selling business. The students that were picked to report to the classroom everyday for special help, all act up and do not coperate with the teachers. My character, Carcetti, meets up with Colonel Cedric Daniels for lunch to discuss the Eastern drug squads. It sounds to me that Carcetti really wants to clean up the streets and get the drugs off the them.

  6. murph10 says:

    The Corner Boys have clearly grown up in this episode because we hear them talking about what makes a good corner boy and what the dangers are of working on the streets. Snoop in this episode played a big part. We see her learning how to “step up” to a New York guy and just shoot him point blank. Then we also see her training the new guys to be in their gang working for Marlo.

    • dillonmoyer says:

      I agree Snoop does take a bigger part in this episode and you can tell that things are about to get interesting between Marlo and Omar. They are training some new guys for their gang because they need more backup.

  7. toryhenderson says:

    I found this episode veyr interesting, I didn’t know that kids were allowed to talk about being corner boys on the street during school. I would of thought that they would have been punished immediately, but the fact that the counselors were willing to listen was very suprising. I think that these corner boys aren’t uneducated, they just have their values mixed up.

    In this episode Chris showed intelligence to me. I think that he was very smart in getting rid of his guns and the nail gun. Lastly his approach to find people that were from New York was pretty smart, I like that he thought it out and actually had a plan.

  8. tylercurrence says:

    I thought it was interesting how the police would go around arresting people who were not their main targets to just to say that the number of arrests in the city had gone up. Like one of the police members said in this episode,”its like putting a band aid over cancer.” They try to make things look better, but things really are no better. Also, I thought the mentality of the kids in the special class was interesting. These are the average “corner kids”. It was interesting to hear how they grew up and how they have been taught to survive on the street. Also it was interesting how they were completely willing to talk to the teachers about things that interested them such as drug dealing, but they wouldn’t begin to accept being taught something school related. Mr. Prezbo has done exactly what I predicted. He is becoming more influential in the lives of these kids for the better. He is a great influence in their lives.

  9. sarahofmann says:

    When we watched the last episode, I was pretty impressed, how some kids in school are actually smart, but smart in their own way. Street smart. And if the teacher gives them something that interests them, then they learn. Just like Mr. P the math teacher when he starts teaching them how to play dice, and that they are into that, or the very poor guy into the computer. Also what I thought was shocking that this one kid kept cursing out the police officer, I cannot believe that someone could have no respect to adults in that way. Also what I thought was good that the police has started progressing with Marlo and his crew. I think they will maybe get him soon and Marlo will probably die.

  10. rachelwilliams says:

    One thing that I saw that was shocking was how the kids start drug dealing on the streets so young. I also thought it was shocking how the parents encourage drug dealing. My character, Snoop was in this episode. She was asking around to find New York dealers to kill.

  11. sallywatson says:

    I was shocked at how Chris and Snoop just shot that guy purely because he was from New York. I just don’t understand how some people can be so violent and they don’t even think twice about doing it, they have no conscience what so ever. I also thought it was interesting how alive the “corner kids” became in the classroom when talking about dealing. It showed that these kids are very intelligent when it comes to drugs and they know exactly what they are doing and at such a young age. I also thought it was interesting how these kids know they are going to die by the time they are in their mid twenties-or they are expecting to at least – they don’t want to do anything about it. They have no intentions of even trying to find a way out of the society they were born into.

  12. blazetart says:

    MArlo is in jail, even though you dont see it much in this episode, but I guess if you have a good name on the streets then you can get almost anything you want in jail. Like when Marlo got a knife, and some books to use as a vest.

    Another thing I have learned is that corner boys will have rules on the streets. Not everyone goes around selling drugs wildly. They have street rules and they use them, because if you dont then you might get killed.

    • bmriakey93 says:

      Blaze Tart makes a good point here (should be Omar not Marlo). We see just how prominent of a person Omar is in the city of Baltimore. As soon as he enters the prison, he is connected. He is given a knife and informed about who might want put a hit on him then kills him. Also, he is given a cell phone so he could continue running things from the inside of the prison.

  13. dirkr says:

    I believe that teachers should take severely stringent actions on students who talk about illegal activities such as drug dealing while they are in school. It is shocking that teachers just sit there and listen to these conversations that are going on.
    These kids are obviously very intelligent. You can see this from listening to them talking about dealing. If they would put this intelligence towards better use, they could be able to do something productive with their lives.
    Namond was featured in this episode as a delinquent as usual. He continues to swear at teachers and other authority figures at school and also continues to deal drugs as well.

  14. jnguonly says:

    The first thing that caught my attention was how the “experimental” students reacted when the subject of drug dealing came up. They quit acting up and actually began to discuss and listen to each other. I guess it goes to show that these kids are actually smart but in their own way. The word “smart” can be very subjective. I also thought the cops cornering that one guy into selling drugs was pretty pointless. I agree with Carcetti when he says that arresting those minor drug dealers would only waste time and money.

  15. svanaken says:

    In this episode Carcetti realizes the pointlessness in arresting the low key guys on the street that really are not doing a whole lot wrong compared to others. The drug dealers are the ones that need to be targeted. Also Dukie is becoming less of an outcast in class because he longer smells, and he has also been given computer priveledges in class.

  16. laurengolino says:

    I was shocked that the schools actually took the “problem” children out of the classrooms. While I can understand the reasoning for separating them from the students that were trying, I do not in any way agree with the way they did it. The fact that they stopped teaching these “corner kids” is wrong. I also did not agree with the way that the teachers sat back and let the children behave the way they did. The whole time I was watching this scene I was just thinking, “why don’t they stop them?”

  17. laurengolino says:

    Michael Lee lost his brother during this part of the series and had to go to his father’s house to eventually find him.

  18. xeniya says:

    One of the things that had caught my attention in this episode was the way the teacher approached school. I thought it was the correct approach, however according to the principal the first year is about survival of the teacher and not about the kids.
    Another scene that impressed me in the negative way, was the way drug dealers treat each other. The fact that they were from New York and represented competition for Snoop and Chris. But I did not expect that their origin would be enough to be the reason for the murder.

  19. mfabry says:

    My character Proposition Joe kept his drug cartel going, which is unfortunate. I think that it is really sad that Michael’s father is back, he has obviously been through some really harsh and horrible times with him and I cannot not believe that his mother let him come back. I also think that it is sad how the “corner kids” are able to become so alive when discussing the topic of dealing drugs.

  20. michaelx says:

    I found it suprising that Namond was scream F&%k you at the adult. I have never seen this before and it really took me back to how different people are raised. But at the same time I found it interesting how Namond started to want to learn in class. He started to participate and talk out with everyone else in the class. Randy was not really shown in this episode.

  21. juliangarcia21 says:

    It was shocking when they were in the class room and the lady at the all the corner kids to wite down where they see theirselves in ten years. when she started to ask them some had obvious repiles and some said they’d be dead. i found it horrible for a young eigth grader to say and know they would be dead in ten years. Some of them ave already experienced the worst. They are clear of mind when they say and mean it and that mean their is only more bad things to come in their future.

  22. walker123 says:

    i found it shocking when they were in class and swearing at the teachers. I found it amazing how a young kid can deal with knowing that someone is dead. They have lived through a lot of hard times in their life.

  23. shaaz says:

    Tommy Carcetti is doing a good job getting accustomed to the climate on the streets of Baltimore before his mayoral stint. Michael’s family seems to be extremely disgruntled and he has a big role to play regarding how his mother and brother live their lives. It is unfortunate that Namond’s mother is encouraging him to sell drugs on the street corners. Colvin showed that these kids are street smart by figuring out the answer to Mr. Prez’s problem. They have the smarts to help them get around.

  24. filippopoma says:

    Carcetti has what I found to be a great program. I think what he is doing is good job I think specially because they are doing a lot of talking and not really punishing the kids considering how the kids flip out!

  25. michaeljorge says:

    I think what Carcetti is doing is right. Getting a feel on the streets is exactly what he needs. Threw this experience Carcetti learns that the mayor problem is drugs. These drug-dealers result in violence. Being mayor elect he knows what awaits him. On the other hand, the schools are busy getting the students ready for the “big” test. This test evaluates the students on how they are learning, and reflect on their teachers. Students score low, teachers get scolded, thats the way it goes.

  26. caseymulholland37 says:

    I liked this episode though it was kind of plain. I like how it shows chris and snoop in work trying to weed out the New York boys. It was interesting to see how they were open to just killing people if they thought they were even close to New York boys. It was also aweful to see how the police system works. It is bad to see them just jacking the stats.

  27. janajohnson says:

    I really enjoyed this episode because the teachers and the “problem children” were starting to understand eachother better. Namond began to feel comfortable sharing his acquired “street smarts” and instead of reprimanding him the faculty encouraged him to open up. I can’t stand Carcetti- I think he’s a withdrawn pessimist who approaches situations in with a snide, sort of nonchalant attitude. But my favorite part of this episode was when he visited the police force and my character (Greggs) and her co-workers were pretending to work, and as soon as Carcetti said “im just here to get a sense of what goes on around here im not evaluating you” they immediatley dropped their papers and put their feet on the desk.

  28. alexdrecksel says:

    It was really amazing how much the kids in the special classroom cursed so much at the adults. They have been tought no manners nor have any respect for there elders. What also amazed me is how many of these kids actually sold drugs. It’s a way of life in this city.

  29. dosikseo says:

    I was really shocked when the teacher asked kids what are you going to do in 10 years and some people said Nba, and few kids said dead. When I heard this I was little bit shocked. Moreover, special classroom kids has no respect for adults. Also I was shocked when all the kids sold drugs. It’s crazy environment and atmosphere background.

  30. gonzaloasis says:

    Finally, Namond and the rest of “corner boys” are liking the new class they are in, which is a very important step in order to get them to learn. The teachers are using the streets as a way of making the kids pay attention and want to talk about things, and not just say “f*** you”. Prez had done something similar before in his class with dize and card games.

    I agree with svanaken’s comment in that Carcetti is realizing how badly the police system works,and also with the observation that Dukie is becoming less of an outcast in class.

  31. lrogersimg says:

    In the class room Namond and the rest of the corner boys are enjoying their new class and they are teaching the teachers something about the streets. The teachers of the special class are getting through to the kids and they think that they are getting the kids to behave and focus in the class room.

    I agree with Connor’s comment about how most of all corner boys have to sell drugs to help out their families because most of the people who do it dont care at all about the risk that they are taking for their families.

  32. nataliebea says:

    When we watched the last episode, I was pretty impressed, how some kids in school are actually smart, but smart in their own way. Street smart. And if the teacher gives them something that interests them, then they learn. Just like Mr. P the math teacher when he starts teaching them how to play dice, and that they are into that, or the very poor guy into the computer. Also what I thought was shocking that this one kid kept cursing out the police officer, I cannot believe that someone could have no respect to adults in that way. Also what I thought was good that the police has started progressing with Marlo and his crew. I think they will maybe get him soon and Marlo will probably die.

    I agree with Sara Hofmann and her comment on how some of the kids were actually smart. Like she said the kids were not necessarily book smart but were street smart, which can sometimes be more important (especially for them). For example when Taye was telling the joke and Mr. Prez asked him for the answer and he knew it all because there were lots of chalk dots on the board. I also agree with her comment about the police progressing with Marlo and his crew. I think that she is right that he may die soon.

  33. lazygirjl says:

    It’s nice to see Carcetti trying to make some changes. As a new mayor, he is communicating with everybody so that he could govern the city effectively. It is surprising that the police officers didn’t stop the violence and drug-selling in the hood before Carcetti was elected mayor.

    connormccarthy makes a good point about the children raised in the hood. The environment can influence children easily and this is why most of the corner boys have no goals in life but to just survive.

  34. sambo9 says:

    I thought the corner boys thing was really cool. It helped the students learn how to work together and finally got them active in the class because they were interested. I know its about drug dealing but its one topic that they are all familiar with.

    I agree with pabloserna and thought it was pretty shocking when Naymond started yelling “f*** you” to the teachers. Its pretty crazy how disrespectful most of the kids at the school are.

  35. allie11610 says:

    I think the special class is getting really well, because the student start to open up their heart to the teacher. All the thing that show to teacher, prove there are not stupid at all. I think the special class will really help those students. Also, the Carcetti is really doing his job. He actually doing what the mayor suppose to do. He really going to all the department to see what are they doing. I think he will become a really good mayor.

    I totally agree with svanaken’s opinion. I think svanaken make a really good command. The city is lack of responsibility due to the past mayor. All they are doing is to make sure they have enough record. They are not even care about the dangerous drug dealer. They focus on the weak and safe one. They just want o make sure the take enough people. Also, Mr. prez really make dukie become one of student. He is getting better and better with all the classmate.

  36. bbss23 says:

    I believe that Michael will end up joining Marlo and his group. It seems since this new adult figure (Bug’s father) came home, Michael is worried about the safety or well being of his brother and I think he will try to spend much less time at home or even have this man killed at some point or another. I believe he is afraid that Bug’s father will mold him into a different way than Michael has all these years or will corrupt Bug. By joining up with Marlo’s group, it keeps Michael occupied, brings in more money for himself and if he ever needs this man to be hurt, Chris and Snoop will carry out the act for him. If I was in Michael’s position, I see very little wrong with joining with Marlo, it can only benefit him.

    The scenes with McNulty and Bunk I find the most comical in the series. I have been watching season 1 and they are together all the time often getting drunk and using humor with one another. It was interesting to see McNulty and Bunk back at it in this episode. There are very limited shows of McNulty but I often enjoy the scenes that he are. Bunk and McNulty bring a friendship to the show that I believe is very rare. It seems that they know what the other is thinking and they make a dynamic duo.

    I agree with Blaze Tart’s would that these corner boys, although it may not seem like it, they do have rules on the streets that they follow at all times. They understand that the game out there is dangerous and full of surprises. Rules are put in place for a reason and they are followed. Following rules in school is a different story but at-least they understand the rules on the streets to prevent them from in time losing their life. Therefore, I agree that these boys know to follow the rules to in the end save themselves.

  37. I read about the episode and I was amazaed about how Carcetti is working so hard to get involve with the townpeople. He really wants everything to be better and that the people could have a better future. He is the type of people that goes and really learns about his people, and really sees what they need , and not what he thinks they need.

    I agree with sarahofmann, I think every student has their own type of being intelligent. Everyone can do it, but some will learn easily than others. Everyone is very smart they just need to care about their homework and what they do during class.

  38. caroldipaula says:

    I think that is time to the teachers and principal of the school be more strict with the kids “ön the corner class” because it seems that they’re loosing control of everything. For example when Namond started to screem with all the teachers f*** you, that, everything.

    I totally agree with svanaken’s opinion. I think he’s the right one to be encharged of the city, because that city is a “mess” people don’t care about anything, drug dealers all aroud it and everything happening at once. I think he’ll help the city.

  39. julialistennis says:

    I liked this episode because it really seemed to show how the kids were connecting to the supervisors in the “special class” i think things are going to start getting better for the kids at school. I think a lot of the kids are going to start feeling comfortable and start opening up to the teachers.
    I agree with connors post and what he wrote about the corner boys and how they are very focussed on there job on the corners. They put their jobs on the corner before everything. The kids really just dont want much to do with school those kids who are in the “special class”.

  40. nici says:

    In a new classroom for “special class”, children started teaching teacher and a cop about street corners and how you should behave, and all kinds of staff what is going on the streets. They were really connecting with teachers, I hope this class is going to get better, and teachers will make them feel comfortable in class.

    I am agree with this use about the kids “murph10, on March 26, 2009 at 10:02 am”, they are working now kind of as a team, and teachers make them work as a team not individual, that is to say they want them to become a society. It understandiable if some one doesn’t agree with me when they saw first fiew minutes from this classroom, but now they are getting better!

  41. aosborne01 says:

    I was surprised how the troubled class opened up when they started talking about things they know. And they were freely talking about dealing on the streets and how they do it with adults that have the authority to do something with this information. I agree with dirk’s point about how this episode shows how intelligent the corners kids are and how well they can fallow rules of the streets. If they can put this type of intelligents into normal school work they would be smart kids.

  42. georginasellyn says:

    I thought it was quite impressive the teacher for the small class managed to get their attention and manage to get them to cooperate with one another while explaining the ‘laws of the street’. He managed to get them to take turns in speaking and get them interesting in a topic. They are actually quite smart kids but they are very closed-minded when it comes to what they want to learn.

    I agree with svanaken when it comments on how Carcetti has started to realize that the police are very unorganized and don’t really know what to do. And he has realized that the police system is quite poor.

  43. socalgolfer says:

    I really like how hands on and involved newly crowned mayor Carcetti was in the drug bust situations. He is showing how true he is to his words during his campaign and that he wasn’t bluffing for show like most politicians do. However, he has a tough road ahead of him in terms of lowering crime rates.

    I concur with justin’s statement of how the corner kids can all of a sudden change their attitudes when the subject matter turns to drug dealing on the streets. They have their own street smarts rather than school smarts in this instance.

  44. alsonkeeler says:

    I think that it was nice for Carcetti to visit the Homicide Department and goes on the car with the police man to chase drug dealers in the streets. In my opinion it shows that he is really interested in the changes to his city, and in the other hand he can actually see that in the Homicide Department they don’t work as he would like them to work, they are just sitting around waiting for a call for the next case to pop up.

  45. dillonmoyer says:

    I think it will be interesting to see if Marlo gives back the video camera. It seems like he has a plan but Chris and his partner had to get rid of their guns and nail gun which are there two main weapons to do their work. If they cannot keep the streets like they want them then their power could start to decline. Also Michael is in a pickle because he has some choices to make in the near future to form the rest of his life.

  46. joanna200 says:

    For me it is crzy to see and think about how smart these kids are because if they survive in a place like this where they live, the can probably do many other things. I think these kids have huge potential to study and become succesfull people or even become an athlete, but they need the inspiration and nobody gives it to them so thats why they get thrown off.It would be amazing if these kids got inspired and someone really helped them to be succesfull becuase they are really smart and talented.

  47. imgandrew99 says:

    Episode(8) My thoughts on this episode are, somebody needs to take charge in the murder cases. Also, it is a safe move by Chris and Snoop of throwin away their guns, which is a promising source of evidence, so that they don’t get arrested. Aside from the streets, inside the school, things seem to progress with the “corner boys” and others. I saw how responsive those people get into, when they talk about what they know on the streets. However, I remember a piece of info about a murder involving Lex goin to some park, with a girl waitin. Then Lex never came back, that’s some word from “Little Kevin” is an important part to Major Crimes. What I think, things keep on movin through the streets, and in interrogation on people. I can feel something brewin in Baltimore, but things will not be stable. What is stable, is the process that the police, homicide unit, and major crimes are patroling through.

  48. lazzara says:

    my response to this part, i think its just wild, how the kids in the class are so rude. I mean its one thing to let a cuss word or two slip from time to time but this is unacceptable. The kids just want attention and the more the rest of the class laughs at them the more violent they become or more verbally violent.

    It was smart for them to steal the camera, knowing that if its the police that they are going to obviously get their attention and be able to see who is watching them and what not. they know what they are doing and you can see that they have been raised to know how to play the game and they do it well.

  49. hoopin3 says:

    This part of the movie is very wild. The kids are crazy and non controling . The are disrespecful to the teachers but at the same time this show, shows how the kids really are in the hood or low low class. Its the truth

  50. jhill2010 says:

    Even though Michael does not want to join Marlo i think that he will join marlo and his gang just because he wants to help his little brother. Michael loves bug and he will do anything for him so i think that he will ask marlo for some help with his situation.

    Omar is really getting the shaft in this case because he honestly did not kill the woman. even though he has killed his fair share of people he reallt needs help in this situation. Omar will get his revenge on marlo and his gang and it willl be awesome when it happens.

  51. barbors says:

    i really think the teachers are doing very good job and that kids are learning more how to socialize in the special class. They are startign to trust the teachers and at least a little open up to them .They are all smart in their own way. They understand some thigns differently or know more about other things , for example drugs because they have experiance wiit it.
    I agree with conor that the boys are selling drugs at the streets because they need to help their families with money and even because their family forced them to go out there to earn some money.

  52. bmriakey93 says:

    Michael’s situation has quickly become and interresting development. Since Bug’s father has come home, he has become very tense and emotional. He asks Marlo if he could have Chris and Snoop “take care” of Bugs father for him. It also seems as though Michael will join Marlos and his crew in selling drugs because of the situation at home. His mother is a serious heroin addict, they have nothing and Bug’s father has begun to pose a serious problem.

  53. tjserrao says:

    What i enjoyed from this episode was when chris and snoop were teaching the kids how to shoot and kill people because we see how adults start brain washing the kids about drugs and murder making it look normal when its bad.

    In every episode we see the element of corruption because this stuff happens in some places everyday and we are learning about it with the wire which is good for us to see outside of our bubble

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