The Wire, Ep 7

Bunk and Omar

04.07  “Unto Others”  – Royce and Carcetti make their peace and comtemplate their respective futures.  At school, Prez “tricks” his students into learning Math and Namond find that the old rules no longer apply.  Following more high-profile appearances, Daniels’s star seems to be on the rise.  Bubbles find his rolling business, and relationship with Sherrod, sabotaged by both sides of the law.  Greggs uses ‘soft eyes’ at the crime scene to solve the Braddock case.

The episode summary is here.

Themes:   the attempt on Omar’s life in jail  /  Bubbles attempts to get Sherrod to come “home”  /  Prez uses cards & dice to each math  /   Omar tries to convince Bunk that he’s being set up by Old Face Andre  /  Namond gets forced off his corner  /  Prop Joe advises Marlo to steal the police camera  /  Bubbles continues to robbed by a crackhead (and Officer Walker)  /   Cuddy realizes his relations some of the boys’ mothers has hurt this boxing club  /  the first day in the new “corner kids” classroom  /  the subjective nature of polygraph tests  /  Greggs investigates and realizes the Braddock murder (state’s witness) was an accidental shooting  /   Detective Norris finds it ironic that Carcetti used the Braddock murder to get elected  /   Carcetti notices Cedric Daniels as a competent police leader  /

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  1. gonzaloasis says:

    I like how they’re dealing with the corner kids at school. it is probably the first time that Namond does something bad to get out of school and they don’t react as he expects. I think it will be a very positive experience for the kids and a good source of research for the Maryland professor.

    I feel bad for Bubbles, the guy with the trolley. He keeps being robbed by a man, and when he tells the Police about it, Officer Walker robs him too. Also, when he finally finds Sherrod, the boy tells him he’ll go back home, but he never does. Bubbles is probably the character that has the worst life in the series.

  2. Prez uses cards & dice to each math: I think is the best way someone can learn about any subject. The best way of learning is by having fun, students learn more when teachers make some games than when they just talk in the class. I think this will really help the kids to improve in math and to be more interested in learning.

    the first day in the new “corner kids” classroom : This kids are very special, they really need more help than the others. I like how the teacher and the school director are handling this kids. They are nos giving them what they want, instead they are acting the way students will never expect it. Hopefully this will work for all, they really need to see what to do with this students.

  3. bbss23 says:

    Namond–Namond is better of financially then many of his other friends. He has nicer clothes, an X-box at his house and is just overall more wealthy. However, Namond, who many would think has the best life of the kids on the corner, is going through some trubbling times and feels as though the rules don’t apply to him. I believe Namond is more strong willed than the other characters and has the most potential to do well with his life, however, until he begins to trust the others around him and control his anger, he is going no were. I believe Namond feels a lot of pressure from his mom and his dad being in jail. His mom makes him feel as though he needs to be the man of the house opposed to just living a normal teenage life. Namond growing up appears he has always had to do everything himself being that his dad was locked away and his mother wasn’t helpful. He must come to realize that there are people he can rely on and no one can do everything by themself. Namond I believe has the most potential and after a few more bumps in the road will be well on his way.

    Cuddy–I believe this was a big episode for Cuddy as he continues to mature into an eldery adult. For the first time in the series I see he is beginning to put the kids first and not so much his own personal needs. He enjoyed all the women and the recognition but I believe he has put that aside and is strictly focusing on the boys future and what is best for them. I believe Spider will eventually come back to gym as him and Cuddy both need each other and will learn from one another. Look for more of Cuddy’s kids to begin to trust him and look for Cuddy to take a more minor role in the spotlight and focus on the well being of kids and not nessecarily himself.

  4. nataliebea says:

    Prez uses cards and dice to teach math: I think that it was great to see Mr. Prez find a way to reach out to the kids. They seem to enjoy the lesson he is teaching them because they don’t even realize that they are being taught. I think that it is good because for once they want to learn something. It also gives Mr. Prez some confidence because they are responding to him for once.

    The attempt on Omar’s life in jail: Marlo has offered a bounty for the death of Omar. Whoever kills him, would get a five figure number of money. One of the other inmates tried to kill him but Omar was ready. His two friends in prison with him put a book around him like a bulletproof vest and gave him something like a knife. When the other inmate attacked him, Omar stabbed him with the knife.

  5. socalgolfer says:

    The incident regarding the Braddock murder was very trivial once Greggs found the truth out. I just feel that the fact that Carcetti could use a murdered witness standpoint to bolster his election was quite funny since the guy had died from a stray bullet. The stray bullet was one of amusement from someone’s target practice near the rowhouses. It just proves the fact that any little thing can still trigger a large effect, and in this case it was the victory of Carcetti.

    I really am starting to enjoy Prez’s character now. By utilizing dice and cards on the kids, he is effectively teaching them math and probability. His quote of “You trick ’em into thinking they aren’t learning, and they do.” The kids are enjoying themselves so in effect, pay more attention so that they can improve their odds of winning. His strategy is brilliant and keeps the interest level high within the learning environment.

  6. tjserrao says:

    Prez uses cards & dice to teach math is a great theme in this episode because we see at least one improvement in the life of these kids. When he starts teaching them with the dice and the kids see that it is something they can use out there in the streets, they get involved and interested to learn. this is the first time the children are focused and interested to learn so i think Mr, Prez is getting involved with the children and will later do something with them that is going to be critical for the series.

    Carcetti notices Cedric Daniels as a competent police leader- this is a perfect example to prove that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. When Carcetti sees that Cedric Daniels is a good police leader he notices that the talent and the will to make the city a better place is there but corruption and drugs flip everything upside down so i think he will do something about this to fix the city a little bit and maybe reduce the homicides and drugs in Baltimore

  7. lrogersimg says:

    prez uses the dice in his class room for his students play with them while learning and counting the number chance that you can roll something. prez is suprised that down in the storage room that the school has new stuff and that nobody is using it. i think that prez is really getting into those kids lifes and that they care about him to.

    omar is using one of his old frieends to help him stay alive in jail and to make sure that know one tries to kill him. a couple of years ago when omar was a arrested he had meet a lady that told him to call her that she could help him, and when he is arrested he calls that lady and she is trying to get him out of the county jail and into a small private room so that no one while try to kill him.

  8. lazzara says:

    i think its cool how the teacher finally had the sense to try to get down to their level in an intelligent way. you do notice how quickly they connect to the teacher when it has something to do with what they like, meaning the dice/bored games, but really he is teaching them numbers in a different style or form.

    the guuy that is in jail had everything going his was when he was running the streets, but now that he is in jail, its like everyone he screwed over in the past finally has their chance for revenge, yet he still has respect and protection in jail. pretty interesting movie so far.

  9. aosborne01 says:

    preze is becoming a positive figure to the boys in the class. This is what I predicted from the beginning. Also when he found the new books and computers in the store room, this was surprising because the vice principal goes on how the school is not funded well and how they need to get the students into to class once a month to get money from the government but they are not using any of the up to date resources that the government is providing them with.

    when Namond gets in a fight with that guy over his corner, this is his turning point I think he will try a bit harder in school now because he does not really want to be on the corner but he is doing it just because his mom makes him and because of who his dad is.

  10. georginasellyn says:

    I feel quite bad for Bubbles because he has so little and is always working hard trying to sell the things in his trolley. I feel bad becayse he keeps gettiing robbed and can’t defend himself. Then when he tries for help the police officer also steals from him. He is looking everywhere for Sherrod, and ask him to come home. When he does he is so pleased to find him and relieved that he agrees but when he comes home Sherrod isn’t there and i felt sorry for Bubbles.

    I am always quite nervous when they show Omar because I don’t want someone to kill him and now that Marlo has offered to reward the person who does a great sum of money, many people are attempting to kill Omar. I feel bad that he is being charged for a murder he didn’t commit. And glad he is moving to a quiet detention center.

  11. alsonkeeler says:

    I dont like the fact that Bubbles is always getting robbed by the same guy and by the official too, that demonstrated how some police officers react to the kind of people, as you can see Bubbles is not a guy that looks like if he has a home and family, and the officer don’t care about people like this.

    Prez using card and games to teach them I find it a very clever idea because since the kids don’t want to read and pay attention to the teacher, they are doing that just by counting and playing with fake money and games that help them use their brain, and all of this they don’t see it thats why he uses this strategy.

  12. dillonmoyer says:

    When they tried to kill Omar in jail he was already ahead of the game and was ready for the stabbing. When you have a reputation like Omar he will always have people behind him trying to help and be behind him. It also sent a message to all the other inmates not to mess with him.

    I think bubbles needs to defend himself next time he gets robbed so then they will not mess with him anymore. Sometimes in the hood you need to be more aggressive than the aggressors to survive. In these neighborhoods its all about survival.

  13. allie11610 says:

    OMAR: I think he is a really smart person. He knows how to deal with the situation. He knows how to persuade the others. When he first gets in to jail, he already there is someone setting him up. Before, I thought he would get kill right away. But actually he can protect himself. And in the end he even makes himself move to the safe place and prove he is innocent.

    Mr. prez: I think he is really smart that use the dice to make the student get interest at learning math. When he find out that’s a lot of new book and computer that were new. He brings them to his classroom right away. He really tries everything to make sure his student get benefit. And he is not just teaching student. He is also to make sure the student is fine.

  14. dosikseo says:

    Mr.Prez: He is really creative teacher and very smart person. When he gave fake money to student it was really fantastic idea. He tries so hard that all the students gets good idea. Moreover, he always takes care of all the students he have.

    Omar: He is really smart guy. He is always calm when he has hard situation. He knows how to protect him self is well. At last he make sure that he is innocent person.

  15. lazygirjl says:

    As I have said before, Mr. Prez is a good, caring teacher. The effort he puts into these children is a lot considering the fact that these children don’t even care about school. The scene with him teaching the students math with the dice interested them and made them want to learn. I think that he will gain respect in the classroom soon and also form a special bond with these students as the series progresses.

    I am surprised that Omar still managed to survive after so many setups Marlo planned. He is very unfortunate to be on the wrong side with the big guy but he is intelligent and protects himself well. Still though, he is in jail for something he didn’t do so I think that he will find a way to get revenge.

  16. bmriakey93 says:

    In this episode, we see an attempt at Omar’s life in prison. Omar quickly responds by stabbing the man and subsequently earns the respect of the entire prison. Also, we see that he has latched on to a few of the guys in prison(it seems like either he knows them or someone he knows has hooked them up). Omar seems like he has an agenda with these men. He uses their cellphone. He could potentially use the conections these men have to operate inside and outside of prison. With the attempt on Omar’s life, it is interesting to see just the amount of power that Marlo has throughout West Baltimore.

    Carcetti has won the myoral race and is beginning to realize the many difficulties and challanges that he will face, especially as a white mayor in predominantly black Baltimore. For example, the parties and celebrations that he has to attend may lead to temptations such as the one he faced with one of his campain advisors in the last episode. Another example, is that there are people who either ran against him or did not support him who are running to him, trying to help him to try and promote themselves.

  17. joanna200 says:

    I really like Mr Prez! i think he is my favorite character in this show because he truly wants to help the kids get through highschool as well as he cares about their lives outside school and tries to help the. Normally the other teachers dont care about the students like he does and that makes him a good person.

    Also, I think that Namond is a good character because I think that he represents all the kids in the school by showing that he is really smart and capable of doing things but he just wants to leave school and live the life that all these kids are leaving in this place which is really sad .

  18. julialistennis says:

    I dont think Omar will last long in jail unless he is moved. Hes not really in a good place with anyone assuming that a majority of the people in prison had been robbed by him at one point or another. I obviously wouldnt be too happy and if I had the chance id want to get my revenge for my stolen property, so i dont feel too sorry for Omar and the position hes in at the moment.

    Prez is one of my favorite characters. He really seems like a genuine and honest man. He cares a lot about the kids. I enjoyed to watch how he used the kids interest in winning certain games such as dice and how he applied there interests with the game with the basic rules of probability.

  19. caroldipaula says:

    I think that the way Mr Prez is acting it’s really nice trying to figure it out a way to teach the kids in a way they would enjoy, like cards and dices.

    I think that the way jail is in that place and all of the people that know Omar and can help him, he’ll get out of jail, but this will never end, he get out and then in the other day he’s there again.

  20. nici says:

    I can see that Bubles tryes really hard to get Sherrod “home”, in other words Sherrod is like a son to him, a family. But as we can see Sherrod has started using narcotics and doing them at the same time so I think he is not really going to come “home”.
    The way that Mr Prez started thinking is good, that is to say he started making up some games and exercises that will help these children in their future life, not high class algebra that they wuill not how to use on a streets and thats why they will not study it!

  21. hoopin3 says:

    Omar: Omar is trying to convice the cop that it was him that did the murder and he wants one more chance at life and doesn’t want to be in jail because, he has alot of enemies.

    Mr. Prez is a really creavtive and fun teacher. He is trying to make up games and things so the kids can come to class and learn and he will be able to teach as well.

  22. antpile15 says:

    Mr. Prez disguises class lessons to make his students see how school relates to real life. This is an ingenious method that allows the students to actually learn.

    Bunk has to make a choice whether or not to let a murderer take the fall for a crime he didnt commit or find the real murderer. Bunk’s ethics as a good police officer ultimately take over.

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