The Wire, Ep 6

04.06  “Margin of Error” – Carcetti wrangles for votes as he responds to a potentially devastating smear.  Norris and Greggs get a lead on the Braddock case, but end up being detoured.  Omar is fingered for murder, but McNulty and Bunk suspect a frame.  Randy is called out on a serious transgression, forcing him to confess to another one.  Cutty figures out why Spider and Michael might have been avoiding him.

Complete episode recap is here.

Themes:  the mayoral candidates attend church the Sunday before election day / the Royce campaigns photoshops a campaign ad with Carcetti  /  Namond and his mom have their income cut-off from the Barksdale family  /  politics continues to intrude on the investigation of the Braddock case (the murdered witness)  /  the new “special classroom” is formed  /  State Senator Clay Davis takes money from the Carcetti campaign then double-crosses them  /   Randy offers information to the Asst Principal to stay out of trouble with a rape allegation  /  Prez offers help to Dukie (clothes/shower) and Randy (help with the police)  /  Cuddy finds out why Spider has been avoiding the gym  /  Omar is arrested & McNulty lets him make a call  / Carcetti wins the mayoral election

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22 Responses to The Wire, Ep 6

  1. georginasellyn says:

    When Omar was framed by Marlo and arrested I felt sorry for him because he didn’t do it. I know he has done a lot of crimes before but he was is getting charged for a murder he didn’t do.
    Also I think it is really bad how Naymond mum is expecting him to make a living for them while he is still a kid and going to school. And even worse is that she is alright with him being a drug dealer. I think she is a very bad parent who is thoughless and inconsiderate.

  2. alsonkeeler says:

    Prez finding a solution to Dukie’s dirty clothes problem, I think it was very nice from him, he is helping the good kids.

    Cutty finding out why the kids at his gym are turning on him, specially spider when he found out that Cutty was seeing his mom. I think that if he wants to keep his kids in the gym he shouldn’t be messing around with their moms.

  3. bbss23 says:

    Carcetti elected–Honestly I had a feeling that he would get elected for the mayor position in Baltimore. It is something that very few in the city were expecting, a white man to take over the position of mayor in a majority black neighborhood. The film-makers want’s to keep the audience in tuned and having Carcetti as mayor will surely enough create some problems I believe among the people and it will take him quite some time to win over the respect of all these black folks. Carcetti I believe, similar to Mr. Prez, will have a lasting impact on the lives of many people, black and white. It may be clouded to see right now, however, I believe down the road they will touch the lives of many.

    Prez-This guy may be the most if not one of the most influential people in the series. Prez was an ex-cop and know’s the way of the streets and how many of these kids grow up in the system. He has dealt with many of these kids before and opposed to now locking them up, he has dedicated himself to changing their lives and helping them get 1 step closer on the right track. He has already helped Dukie and Randy and it is only a matter of time before he helps the others. Prez such as Carcetti is a white man in a majority black section who after a time of struggles I believe will make an impact.

  4. lazygirjl says:

    I wasn’t surprised with Carcetti being elected because he really did care about the people and the city. Some may say that Carcetti is a good man for not cheating on his wife but I was quite disappointed since he did kind of cheat on his wife for kissing that woman.

    In the classroom- The rape allegation was kind of weird because it seemed to me that the girl who claimed to have been raped did willingly go into the bathroom with the two guys. I think that Prez is a great teacher who genuinely cares about each and everyone of his students. It was so nice of him to try to help Randy and Dukie when he could have just walked out and not care about anything.

  5. nici says:

    As I have predicted Mr. Tony Carcetti got ellected as a mayor of Baltimore. I think the new “special classroom” will help them all( 10 students) to fyind themselves in this world and become a better persons. It was a very nice from Mr. Prez to solve dirty close and taking shower problem for Duke. It seems that they are going to become good friends with each other!
    Now aout the criminal “world” of Baltimore. Oma got farmed to cops by Marlo, but eventually will get outh from there because he has friends. Although it was very nice from McNulty let him make a call. By the way Marlo makes a joke on a police, and they can not arrest him-because they have no proof.

  6. aosborne01 says:

    Namonds mom forces him to go out and sell drugs, this is crazy to me because usually it’s the parents that want to keep the children clean and off the streets but Namonds mom is forcing him to be a dealer. Also when Marlo played the police like that it was pretty good on his part but it showed a cocky side of him that I feel will come back and bite him later on.

  7. Carcetti elected. I wasn´t surprised by this event. Carcetti had been working very hard and he really cares about the people. I think people feel like someone really cares about them and that wants the best for eveyone in the town.

    the new “special classroom”. I think the school is having the greatest idea ever and that is the best thing they can do not only for them as teachers, but also for the students. I think that will be the best for everyone and that it will work. There are stundets that sometimes need special treatment and that thay cannot be in a regular class.

  8. dosikseo says:

    Carcetti is very hard worker and he really cares about a lot of people. In my opinion, but problem of this guy he cheated on his wife when he kissed another girl.

    In the class room: It was massed up because the girl actually went there with two boys and it was her fault because she went with them and she want it to get rapped and she is now crying and told police she got raped. Moreover, school is getting more better ideas because they are making new project class for trouble kids and we will see what’s going to happen on future. In my opinion if these kids get help by teachers they would make less trouble and stay away from bad things.

  9. allie11610 says:

    Mr.prez is a really good teacher. I think because he is once a police, he notice everything around him. He notices all the student’s emotion and need. He offer dukie a clean cloth and even when randy got caught. He tries to find a good police that will benefit for randy. Before when I saw him I thought he would be like one of teacher that give up the student, but he did not give up. He still believes in student.

    Namond’s mom is really greedy and lazy. She is used to get the money from the barkstale family. So when they cut off the money she was so mad. She should notice that, finding a normal job is important. But she still keeps push namond to become like his husband. I was so surprise because how can a parent be like this.

  10. tjserrao says:

    State Senator Clay Davis takes money from the Carcetti campaign then double-crosses them is one theme that took my attention because we see the sad reality of politics. Clay Davis took Carcetti’s money and then supported Royce and when Carcetti won, he came back to him celebrating for him which shows that politicians care mostly about the money since they have too much power and can do anything with it.

    Another theme that got my attention was Carcetti winning the elections because he seems committed and focused on changing the city. I think the part that shows this is when that lady wanted to have sex with him and he rejects her telling her he can’t do it and she just tells him to write her a check. We see that he did not get influenced by corruption represented by the lady and stood strong against it

  11. gonzaloasis says:

    Prez keeps proving how nice he is. In this chapter, he is willing to help a student that participated in the raping of a girl in the school, just because he thinks he is not a bad boy. Not only that, but he lets Dukie shower before class and he will take care of washing his clothes. I think he really wants to make an impact on the students and help them become better persons.

    The fact that Carcetti wins the election did not surprise me at all. During the whole 6 chapters it had been clear that the producers of the series had set it up like that. It will be interesting to see if he can really change the city, and if he does how it will affect Marlo and his crew.

  12. caroldipaula says:

    Mr. Prez, helping Duke with everything he can do, like with his dirty clother, a place to shower, that’s very nice of him.
    Abou the school, the principal’s decision to create a “new classroom” it’s a good ideia, because those kids are involved with almost all the problems that the school have.

    Omar’s prision, finally the policy catch him. Let’s see how long he’s going to stay in jail for.

  13. sambo9 says:

    I thought the two major themes were Mr. Carcetti being elected for mayor and the “special classroom” for the ten kids. I predicted that Mr. Carcetti would win and he did. Then the “special classroom” was a major part in this episode. I think that it will open some doors for those kids and will really help.

  14. dillonmoyer says:

    I was surprised when Tommy Carcetti got elected for mayor because I thought there would be a connection between the kids on the street and the black mayor but i guess not. Also Tommy acted like he was going to lose the whole time.

    I am interested to see if the new classroom for the corner kids will work or not. It should be interesting because the teachers are much more harsh and strict and the kids will not get away with the stuff they did in their other classes.

  15. socalgolfer says:

    I was not surprised at all when Tommy Carcetti won the election for mayor of Baltimore. He is a very genuine character and doesn’t engage in the dirty side of politics that Clarence Royce has meddled in constantly. Carcetti was very hands on with the people and showed he truly was there for them.
    I feel Mr. Prez is such a genuine and nice character. The way he cares for all his students such as defending Randy when he knows about the murder of Lex and then helping out Dukie. His gesture of allowing Dukie to use the locker to shower and have clean clothes really touched me because even a simple gesture like that goes a long way in the confidence and demeanor of a young 8th grader who is always down on himself.

  16. julialistennis says:

    I wasnt too surprised that Carcetti won the election. It was great to see though. I am excited to keep watching and find out what he would do and change about the city of Baltimore. He seems like a very honest man who is good for his word unlike Royce. I hope he wont let anyone down. Episode 6 was a very uplifting one. Prez really seems like he cares about the kids and the educational system is changing somewhat. They are proving attention to students who are in need of special help. I think things are going to start getting better for the people, etleast i hope so.

  17. nataliebea says:

    I think that the Royce campaign and the photoshop ad shows just how corrupt the current mayor is. He will go to any lengths to get what he wants. I think that this shows that the mayor doesn’t really follow the rules which is not a good thing when you are the mayor (or anyone for that matter of fact).
    Namond and his mom have had their allowance cut off. I think that it is very interesting how Namond’s mother is pushing him to sell drugs. Namond’s father was sent to jail because he was involved in the drugs scene so it is surprising to me that she wants her son to do that. She is so desperate for the money so she can keep her expensive lifestyle that she is making her son sell drugs.
    I think that this episode was very interesting. It was good to see that Carcetti was elected for mayor, I was really glad to see that because I think that he really wants to do the right thing for Baltimore and not just for himself.

  18. jhill2010 says:

    Mr. Prez is finally starting to learn not to take crap from his students. he has finally learned to stick up for himself and to fight back against his uncontrolable students. I also think that for the students that he has left that he will make a great impact on. I also like what he is doing for Dukie i think that he will help him out alot.

    The new class that all of the eigth graders got put into. this i basically jail for them in school which will be a good thing. I like that even tough they are free kids in school I like that this keeps them from having fun in school. I also think that maybe this might keep them off the streets some too because of the disapline they will learn.

  19. bmriakey93 says:

    First off and most obviously is that Carcetti wins the election meaning that a white man is now the mayor of a predominantly black city. There are several intersting parts to this. First is that Carcetti had essentially given up hope in winning but Gray unexpectantly conceids the election. Secondly, we imediately see the temptations that come along with being the mayor when he is alone in the hotel room with one of his campain managers.

    Secondly, we see an interesting situation develop with Nammond and his family. They are being cut off by Nammonds fathers former associate. When Nammond and his mother visit his father, who is in prison for selling drugs, they find out that his fathers associate will not budge and has completely cut them off. Nammond is now being forced by his mother and father to sell drugs for as a source of income, thus continuing a viscious and seemingly endless cicle in West Baltimore.

  20. lrogersimg says:

    i thought that when craticti had won the election for mayor i thought that he was going to hook up with that girl that works for him, but i was impressed tha he had the the right idea in the back of his mind not to hook up with that girl.

  21. barbors says:

    The Major Crimes unit are watching and following Marlo Stenfield and his lieutenants all around. They put a camera into a dirt so noone can see it and they can see what Marlo is after now but of course some source tells Marlo and he makes a plan about bringing some weed on some place and he is talking by a phone right in front the camera. The Major Crimes doesnt know yet he is making it all up.
    Carcetti with his family goes to a funeral of a the black witness guy who got killed , he wants to comercial hisself so the peopl can electe him and says like he is the one who wants more protection for the ones who starts talking, but after he sees eveyrone in the church he releazes he has a good heart that he can not do that and he stoppes.

  22. antpile15 says:

    Now that Carcetti is mayor everyone is excited about what he will do as mayor. Its funny because Baltimore is the bazzaro version of America. Carcetti surprised voters being white, like Obama surprised voters being black, but can carcetti keep his promises for change?

    Randy is in a lot of trouble, under pressure hes tries to save his own skin, but on the baltimore streets, “snitches get stitches.”

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