The Wire, Ep 5

4.05  “Alliances” –  The ensuing negative attention turns Royce against Burrell, who takes the heat while Rawls comes to the rescue.  At school, Prez’s reward/punishment program meets with mixed results, and Colvin looks to restore order by separating disruptive “corner” kids from more attentive “stoop” ones.  Chris tries to enlist Michael into Marlo’s ranks, spooking Randy along the way.  Dukie debunks Randy’s “special dead” theory.

Complete episode recap is here.

Themes:   the boys’ converstaion about dead vs. special dead  /  Cmdr Valchak leaks police information to the Carcetti campaign  /  Bunk and Lester continue to search for Lex’s body  /  Colvin’s explanation of  stoop kids & corner kids  /  “tracking” in education  /  Prez’s new detention policy & it’s outcome  / Marlo and Chris plan their revenge on Omar for robbing the card game  /  Carcetti feeds the leaked info to Tony Gray’s campaign  /  Chris & Snoop try to recruit Michael into the “family”  / Lt. Marimow’s unsuccessful police raids  / Delegate Watkins abandons Mayor Royce  /  Herc and Sydnor plant a camera over Marlo’s courtyard  /

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