The Wire, Ep 4

Marlo Stanfield and Proposition Joe

04.04  “Refugees”   With Freamon and Greggs moved to Homicide, Herc and Dozerman join Marimow in the stripped-down Major Crimes Unit. Cutty gets a “custodial” job at Tilghman school mopping up truants, but can’t make headway in his efforts to mentor Michael.  Marlo gets burned in poker.  Royce calls a card game together for a game he can’t lose.  Omar gets a tip from Proposition Joe.

Complete episode recap is here.

Themes:    Marlo’s encounter with the security guard & its results  /  Detective Greggs treated like a rookie when joining Homicide  /  Cutty’s relationship with the boys  /   Old Face Andre asked for a break since being robbed by Omar (Marlo refuses, takes his ring as collateral)  /  Det Greggs is handed the case of the murdered witness so that no progress will be made  /  Sherrod tries to go back to school  /  the kids reaction to violence in their classroom  /  Bodie decides to take Marlo’s supply  /   Randy sent to the office and “snitches” on who has been tagging the school walls  /  Cutty takes a job as the school truant officer  /  the Professor and Bunny signs agreements to start the school study  /   Bunk and Lester realize Lex is dead after visiting the family home again  /  Prop Joe asks Marlo to join the co-op, he refuses  /  Prop Joe tells Omar he can rob Marlo’s card game  /  Tommy Carcetti meets with the black ministers  /  Mayor Royce calls a card game so his big donors can lose money to him (illegal donations)  /  Omar robbing the card game (and Marlo’s ring)   /

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  1. caroldipaula says:

    Michael Lee :
    In this episode, I couldn’t figure it out, what’s really happening with him, because he is acting wierd, as we saw at the last part of the episode when he left his coach’s car and hided around the corner to wait for he’s coach to leave .

  2. lazygirjl says:

    Mr. Pryzbylewski is police-turned-teacher at Tilghman Middle School. He tries hard to teach the children in his classes but they feel that he is terrible at taking control so they take advantage of his kindness. Mr. Pryzbylewski is a good teacher but that does not make a difference in a classroom full of kids that do not care. Throughout these episodes, we can see that he tries really hard to educate these children but he continues to be an invisible character in the classroom since no one cares whether he exists or not.

  3. bbss23 says:

    Marlo–in the beginning of this episode we see Marlo as being the same character he has been throughout the majority of the series. Marlo is in control of his organization and the people around him. His name is big on the streets of West Baltimore as he has a record of getting his way and an operation that makes him a very good profit. Marlo lays low at times and lets his “crew” do the work but he is the brains behind the operation and one of the most feared characters. Marlo generally kills and operates “the streets”, how he wants to.

    What made this last episode interesting was when Omar threatens Marlo during a game of poker. This was the first time I can remember that Marlo was threatened and had money or valuables taken away from him. Normally as we know it is the opposite way around. Before Omar left the scene Marlo made a promise that “this isn’t over,” and knowing his character, I am sure he will get his revenge soon enough. Marlo has always been in control and this is the first time he has not been and the tide has changed. I look for Omar to be dead in the next few episodes.

  4. allie11610 says:

    Dennis “cutty” Wise: He is the boxing coach that really cares about all his student. And he really wants to teach Michael. And all the parents seem to love him too. When he do the search kid job for the school. He is the one really doing his job. When the teacher say he only need to catch the October kid. The Cutty is the one care for the student and he even say kid should be in school. I think he is the good person that have positive mind to all the children.

  5. Randy: Is one of the main characters of the season. He is a little boy, who has a lot of friends. Randy is very intelligent, he is always negotiating with the other ones. Like in school, he starts selling candy to the kids to get some money for him. Randy is in everything he is always in trouble but he doesn´t care too much about it he just want money and he just care about himself. He is one of the greatest leaders of his group. When school began he try to feign he was a nice guy and that he start helping the teacher, but all he wants was get some confidence from his teacher and then take advantage of it.

  6. socalgolfer says:

    Omar Little: He is a main character of past seasons on The Wire. He lives his life as a terrorist among the drug dealing world. Using weapons to bust things up and get drug handouts from them. He isn’t afraid of anyone, especially Marlo and goes as far as putting a gun to his throat for Old Face Andre’s ring. Omar adds a refreshing twist as an antagonist to the so-called untouchable kingpin Marlo. Although I don’t endorse his actions either, I think what he is doing is very bold and noble.

  7. dosikseo says:

    Randy: He is young boy and has a lot of friends. He is smart guy and he likes to learn a lot of things. In my opinion he wants to be millionaire on the future and he likes money a lot. He has good sense of humor and he is nice guy. Moreover, randy has a lot of potential.

  8. tjserrao says:

    detective Greggs: in this episode we see how detective greggs was treated like a rookie because she is new at the police department. They make jokes and she does not really pay attention to them because she is a hard worker and wants to do her job. The police department shows how lazy and corrupt they are because they aren’t really doing their jobs and we see the hard determination that detective greggs puts into her job that its hard what to think about the lazy policemen.

  9. lrogersimg says:

    In this epsiode we saw omar coming on marlo in a game of poker and threathing him to to give him the money or he will kill them, and before omar leaves marlo tells him the this is not over and he will find him and get back what is his.

  10. antpile15 says:

    This episode is interesting as we go deeper into secret alliances between the chubby gang leader and Marlo. However The Chubby Gang leader had leaked information about Marlo’s high stake poker game to Omar, a robber who makes profit robbing from drug dealers.

  11. alsonkeeler says:

    Marlo : He is a chilled guy that you never see him stressed of anything, if you mess with him he would find you very easy. Marlo has a lot of money and has bodyguards that watch after him. In this episode Marlo was playing poker with friends when he got his money stolen from another guy, Marlo said that it is not over, that he would find him very easy. Lets see what happens next episode.

    • alsonkeeler says:

      Tommy Carcetti : In this episode Tommy appeared only once, he was meeting with the black ministers, which he gave a short speech telling them about the changes he would make and that he knows that they dont want him there. As soon as he finishes his speech he stands up and when he was leaving one black minister said to Carcetti thanks for coming, that could be a good sign for Carcetti.

  12. jhill2010 says:

    proposition joe- he is a very brave man but is also a very comfident in going to marlo and asking him for help. evenn though we havent seen him much i think that what he has said to marlo is true. i think that marlo is making a good choice by joining up with the other drug dealers so his name gets a better record with everyone.

  13. nici says:

    Prop Joe is a new and very interesting character in “the wire” episodes. It appears that he is one of the most gungster-drug dealers which are in a grop that no body could mess with others from that group. When they propose to kill Marlo’s gang he steps up and wants to talk to the kid instead of rushing and killing him, however he knows what happened to guy who tryed to speak with Marlo before(he is dead). But no matter what he is going to talk to Marlo. I think him and Marlo hae some history togather.

  14. bmriakey93 says:

    Marlo- Marlo is essentially “the straw that stirs the drink” in West Baltimore. Although he is young, he is a very poweful drug dealer. We see during the drug dealer conglomerate at the hotel, why he is so influential. Proposition Joe suggests that Marlo should join their drug ring. While some agree, some say nothing as though they are intimidated by Marlo.

    As far as being a “buisness man,” it is clear that Marlo is in the sense of
    a drug dealer. He keeps his crew small and organized. He has Snoop and Chris to intimidate and even kill for him. He has a personal driver. He has people selling drugs for him and in one episode, he has one of his people give money out to some of the kids in the block, trying to not only gain their respect, but to show everyone who is in charge in West Baltimore.

    For the first time, we see Marlo get challenged and it happens both in the same episode. He eventually has Snoop and Chris murder the security guard and dump him in the abandoned houses. What is extremely intriguing is the fact the Marlo is challenged by Omar who is known for being a hard-core gangster. It will be interresting to see what happens based on Marlo personallity, Omar’s reputation and what he said to Omar after he robed him: “this isn’t over”

  15. dosikseo says:

    Chris Partlow: He is drug organization and prisoner. He is pretty important charter in this season. Chris best friend is Mario Stanfield and they sell drug to people. Moreover, they are more like drug dealers. Most of kids are scared of Chris because they think he is dangerous guy and Chris Partlow lives with Mario and he likes to eat honey oat for breakfast.

  16. dillonmoyer says:

    Dukie is one of the neighborhood boys that is a little bit different than all of the other kids. He seems like a good kid but he is just a little odd. I am not sure but I think he might live with his family who is very poor and one time a teacher sent home some clothes for him and an older kid answered the door and looked out of it. These situations are sad because you know if only a good kid like Dukie could have some better guidance and parenting his future would be much brighter.

  17. aosborne01 says:

    Mayor Royce: the current mayor from what we have seen runs a corrupt government and is really in office for his own benefit. In episode 4 he has a card game so he can raise more money for his campaign. He is forcing the players to lose so he can get money and in return he will give them something they need from the city.

  18. bmriakey93 says:

    Old Face Andre- We first see Old Face Andre talking to Marlo because he owes him money. Marlo takes his ring which is subsequently stollen by Omar at a poker game. After the poker game, Marlo meets with Old Face Andre who has not come up with his money yet. Instead of demanding the rest of the money, Marlo asks Old Face Andre to help him set up Omar for robbing him, thus continuing the seemingly endless cycle of crime and violence in West Baltimore.

  19. georginasellyn says:

    Marlo- he is a very skinny weak looking man who has a lot of control over this part of town. he has many bodyguards and basically runs the area. He is quite sneaky and has many plans. he doesn’t forget when people disobey or offend him and will always find a way to get back. He has some enemies and is very sneaky trying to find ways to get back at them.

  20. julialistennis says:

    Michael seems like a good kid. He seems to care about his younger brother very much and really tries to look out for him. He tkaes him to and from school and after school he makes an effort to watch out for him in the house. He encourages him to do his homework and what not. It looks like Michael doesnt really have a good connection with his mom, I am assuming that she is caught up in the drug trade or she drinks or takes some type of substance abuse. Michael in my opinion is one of the unfortunate few in which knows whats right and wrong and has a sense of morals but because of his family he is restricted to an unfair life.

  21. nataliebea says:

    Tommy Carcetti: He a councilman who is running for mayor of Baltimore. Throughout the first few episodes we have seen that he does not really believe he is going to win the election. But I think that over the last couple of episodes we have seen that he is starting to believe he can win. The polls have showed that he is a lot closer that expected to current mayor Royce so it shows that he does have a chance. I think that he seems to be a nice guy, he doesn’t seem corrupt like the current mayor. I think that he would really make Baltimore a better place if he became mayor. From the episodes we have also seen that he is a family man so I think that shows that he would want the best for Baltimore.

  22. lazzara says:

    the kid with the braided hair: i think that he is cool, he lives in the foster home but he still hustles with his little crew and does his thing. I would have never thought about stealing hall passes and having different graded school color shirts that way i can walk down the hall ways in different grades throughout the day and sell snacks lol. I thought that it takes some brains/stupidity to do this. In the last instant he finally got caught and trouble is on his way. They have police in the school working as teachers, so that they can find ou who is on the street that they have to monitor so that in the future they can prevent anything bad from happening.

  23. barbors says:

    Mr. Prezbyrowsky- a new teacher at school which used to work as a police in Baltimore. They probably hired him just because he used to be police ones. He doesnt look like handle the kids the right way yet , they do not respect him and he is too nice to him . He doesnt seem to releaze he is in bad neighborhood and he needs to be careful he needs to gain respect in order for kids to listen to him and obey his teachings. In class most kids are making fun of him and he is desperate about the gums on chairs. And noone seems to know how to solve is math problems. He will have it very hard and he needs t gain strenght and starts being more tough on them so the kids can listen to him just like they listen to the female teacher which keeps looking after his class.

  24. gonzaloasis says:

    BUBBLES – In this episode, Bubbles meets with the dean of the school to let her know why his nephew hasn’t been attending class for the last 3 years. He is doing a good effort in helping the kid become a nice person, but it doesn’t work too well, because as we see later, he leaves bubbles alone and goes off to live somewhere else. Bubbles gets all dressed up for this meeting, which is surprising because we always see him in bad clothes and dirty pushing his trolley up and down the streets.

  25. hoopin3 says:

    To me this eposide was a learning expericed for the younger thugs. This is when the OG’s kind of showed the young guys the ropes!!

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