The Wire, Ep 3

04.03   “Home Rooms” – With his lead in the polls dwindling, Royce resorts to extreme measures.  At Bodie’s corner, Michael proves adept as a runner, with both Bodie and Marlo taking notice.

Colvin and the Professor

The detail gets a new boss and agenda.  A domesticated McNulty invites Bunk over for dinner, which ends with the two remembering the good old days at a familiar spot.  Prez survives his first day at school – barely.   Bunny Colvin takes a job helping a social scientist study urban youth.     Complete episode recap is here.

New Characters:   Omar Little  /  Renaldo  /  Bunny Colvin (former police commander who was fired for trying to legalize drugs in his district)  /   Old Face Andre  /  Major Rawls  /   Bug (Michael’s little brother)  /  Slim Charles  /  Proposition Joe  /

Themes:    Omar’s living arrangements & reputation on the street  /   Colvin quits his hotel security job to work for the University of Maryland study  /   open-air drug dealing  /  Marlo has noticed Michael as an upcoming worker  /  Marlo tells Bodie he must start get his supply from Marlo  /   Mayor Royce retaliates against the Carcetti campaign and demands the police to ignore the murdered witness case until after the election  /   Bodie wants Michael to work for him instead of going to school  /  Major Rawls puts a new commander in charge of the wire tap unit so it can be shut down  /  the “New Day Co-op” meeting of drug dealers discussing Marlo & the problem of New York dealers taking their business  /  the first week of school  (Prez’s early struggles /  Randy’s candy business / violence in the classroom)   /  Kima Greggs & Lester both leave the wiretap unit to join the homicide division

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25 Responses to The Wire, Ep 3

  1. hoopin3 says:

    I love this movie!!!!!!

  2. georginasellyn says:

    When I saw the incident at school when they girl was cut I was shocked and a bit nervous because I couldn’t really believe what had just happened. I felt sorry for the new teacher Mr. Prez because he just didn’t know what to do.

    In my opinion i think that Clarence Royce is quite stupid and immature because his way of retaliating against Carcetti is by taking down his banners and towing his cars. Instead of finding ways to improve himself.

  3. sambo9 says:

    Two events really got my attention:
    First was how Bodie really wanted Michael to work for him instead of going to school. Yea the kid is a great salesman but thats just crazy. Its a whole different upbringing and mentality than I had.

    When the girl sliced the other girl with a box cutter in the face it was pretty shocking. The teacher Mr. Prez didn’t really know what to do or how to handle it. It was a very shocking scene

  4. socalgolfer says:

    After seeing how a school is run in that area, I’ve been really shocked. There is so much chaos and disorder and the kids don’t seem to have any motivation to focus. I’d be terrified if I was in Prez’s situation and he handled it the best he could. I had mixed emotions about the candy selling business Randy was running during school. Skipping classes and camouflaging to sell snacks is crafty and sly but at the same time something he shouldn’t do.
    I sense that Marlo has seen a lot of potential in Michael ever since he refused the 200 dollars he was offered. He sees him running and working hard for his money. I feel Michael is doing a good job but I realize he is only doing this to pay for clothes for him and his little brother Bug. He is actually a very caring person on the inside and I really admire that.

  5. allie11610 says:

    School: The first day of school is like a war. Every teacher is like prepare for the war. They treat all the students as enemy. That was really weird, because when I was young all of my classmate is always scare and respect teacher. Therefore, when I see how the student treat the teacher it was really shocking me. And the last part of school is more shocking me. Because the girl use razor to scratch her classmate’s face and none of classmates is helping.

    Mayor Royce: He is a really bad mayor. Because in the debate he loses to Carcetti, then he uses all his power to stop the Carcetti. The worst thing is he tells the police to ignore the murdered witness case and wait till election. All he cares is just about winning, he is not even try to make the city better.

  6. I was shocked when the girl in the class of Mr. Prez cut the other girl. I couldn´t believe it, it was something unexpected.The first thing I thought about it was the feeling of the teacher, been in his place. I think its very hard and sometimes you might feel its your fault.

    Bodie really wanted Michael to work for him instead of going to school. I was impresed how someone can change your way of thinking and acting.People can make you act the bad way, but you need to be strong and say no.

  7. tjserrao says:

    Episode three was the best so far because here we see an act of complete corruption. When the mayor Royce starts constructing stuff on front of Carcetti’s building, it represents the malice and corruption in Royce and this basically explains what the Wire is about because we see corruption everywhere, from the Mayor to the kids in school.

    Another theme that is very cool is the first week of school (Prez’s early struggles) because here its shown why the city is how it is, because the kids in school don’t do anything and fight every time. Its like they do not want to succeed. Despite all this, there is a little effort from the kids because even though they joke around, they do their work. They just need a little more discipline.

  8. bbss23 says:

    I thought it was very interesting the difference in dealing with kids from 18 to 21 and dealing with the younger breeds of kids. It goes to show that when kids are in that 18 to 21 age they are already so deep into the game that it almost nearly impossible to help them at that certain point. We see as the kids are younger they can be helped and put on the right direction before they are deeply in the game for a lifetime.

    I am a huge fan of Prez. I think that times are real tough now for him as he is just entering the world of these middle school kids but I believe that he will have a bigger influence on each of the kids lives then anyone else in the movie. As the episodes continue he will begin to mature and gain control of the class and their respect. Before the show ends he will touch the lives of many of the kids.

    Also in this episode was Bug, Michaels little brother. I think they have a great relationship and it was really nice to look at how he looks after Bug. He knows Bug is young and wants to save him before he gets involved in the game.

  9. aosborne01 says:

    When the girl cut the other girl with the box cutter this was surprising to me because I didn’t think they would do it in class, I thought that if they would do it they would at least wait until after school. Also when the girl did not know how far a rocket ship would travel in one hour if it was moving at 1000MPH this was surprising to me because I thought that would be common since thing.

  10. dosikseo says:

    Wow this was crazy when the girl cut the other girl with sharp knife because it was really violence and I didn’t think they would do this, I think that they should of done when school was over and the girl didn’t know about rocket ship and it was really wired because I think she was smart girl. Also it was very violence.

  11. lazygirjl says:

    Omar Little: I never thought that a character like Omar would be a homosexual because gays are usually feminine and peaceful but he, on the other hand, is strong and violent.

    The first week of school: It was a shock to all of us when the girl reacted violently towards the other girl’s remark. I understood that violence is one of the main themes of this series but it was surprising to see such violence in the classroom.

  12. jhill2010 says:

    Omar was an interesting chracter in the show. i would have never thought that a person that steals from people would be gay. Omar is also someone i would not want to mess with and I respect him for the reputation he has made for himself.

    The first few days at school have been quite and adventure for everyone there. Even though the kids do not respect the teachers very much i do think that they want to learn something.

  13. nici says:

    I have noticed two very interesting things that happend in this episode…
    First is that two girls started fighting in the class and then one staped anotherone near the left eye. And new teaxher (Mr. Prez) did not kow what to do, he was shocked and because of that he could not move.
    The second thing that happened in school that students are not frightened by a new teacher that he is only male teacher at school, but the are scared and listening to other female teachers.

  14. caroldipaula says:

    The epsiode in school when the girl was cut by the other was shocking . I mean where we live, and study this things are difficult to happen, seeing the reallity that those people live is hard to belive. I felt sorry for the teacher that seems to come from a good “life style”, to teach in a school like that one, there was nothing he could do.

  15. bmriakey93 says:

    Probably the most interresting person thus far in “The Wire” is Omar. We see, that Omar is one of the if not THE most feared person in Baltimore. He is known for walking the streets with a shotgun. He steals money and drugs from drug dealers. The most shocking element is the fact that he is a homo-sexual and lives in a very poor neighborhood in a worn-down house.

    Another interrestin element scene in this episode is the way the drug dealers “deal” out in plain sight and yell “pandemic,” the name of the heroin they are selling.

  16. joanna200 says:

    Honestly it is crazy to see how the kids act during school and how hard it is for the teachers to be able to work in an environment like this, they should change that by putting more dicipline and punishing the kids with bad conduct that do n ot want to study or attend school.

  17. lrogersimg says:

    what i thought about this episode is that omar has a bad rap about himself, and that everyone fears him because he would steel the drugs from the people and sell them for more. The situation on where omar is living is very bad and dirty because he is living in row house and it does not look like anybody is living in those houses from the outside.

  18. grzegorzzielinskijnr says:

    I really liked that Body wantsto go to school instead of working in ”market on wheels” for some crackhead..It shows that even when there seams like there is no chance for some people they are making tunr in the good way…

    The first few days at school have been quite and adventure for everyone there. Even though the kids do not respect the teachers very much i do think that they want to learn something and that the system and the past of the school like also bad memories is not letting them to do so.

  19. nataliebea says:

    I think that Mayor Royce and how he retaliates against the Carcetti campaign is very immature. I think that this really shows the true colors of the mayor, that when it isn’t going his own way he abuses the power he has to try and win. I think that this highlights just how corrupt the council is with Royce as the mayor.

    The violence in the classroom really shocked me. I knew that the school was really out of control, especially with the new teacher Mr. Prez but I didn’t think there would be violence. It was scary to see one girl attack another because they are classmates and school is suppose to be a safe area. But I guess that this shows just how dangerous some schools are.

  20. julialistennis says:

    I think Prez needs to become a little more assertive with his teaching. Being an ex police officer i think if he were to take some of the skills he learned from his previous job and take that with him into teaching he would be able to have more control over his students. He seems to not know what to do with them and because of this he does not show his authority in the class room.
    A theme which i think might become a little more important later on in the season is the children in school. For a lot of children school is an escape from the troubles they have at home or on the street. I think the school itself is going to be known as some type of safe hay-vin in the future.

  21. gonzaloasis says:

    In order to have total control of the streets, Marlo must make sure he gets rid of the competition. He can either kill them, as he has done with some, or get them to work for them. It had surprised me that Bodie hadn’t been told anything yet about the corner he controls, but finally in this episode he does. He has no choice but to do what Marlo says, if he doesn’t want to get into big trouble.

    If some teachers complain about the attitude of students in private schools, I don’t know what they will say if they had to teach at a school like the one in The Wire. The fact that the fat girl cuts the other girl’s face with a cutter is the best possible example of the events that can happen in that school. If Prez doesn’t get more strict, he will have a really hard time getting in control of the class.

  22. lazzara says:

    its pretty crazy how people who really dont even own territory can get so violent and fight over territory. its wierd how they have so much power among the streets when really the people who should be controlling the streets are the government. I feel bad for the teacher that has to put up with all the crazy attitudes that the kids put forth in class and all of the disrespect as well.

  23. barbors says:

    I feel sorry for the new teacher at school Mr Prez. (he has polish name i forgot how to spell it). He was working as a police before but in this school he seems helpless. A girl cuts another girl on a face and ambulance has to come. He doesnt know what to do. He needs to become more tough in this school and gain respect before the students will listen to him.
    Omar is interesting person, he walks the street with shotgun and he is very feared in Baltimore. He has very bad reputation and most people are scared of him, he is also homosexual and lives with his boyfriend in poor neighboorhood which is very shocking when he has so many people fearing from him.

  24. hoopin3 says:

    I am kind of use to violence but this was kind of shocking because, he didn’t see it coming.

  25. dillonmoyer says:

    Two things surprised me a lot in this episode. First the girl slicing the other girls’ face twice was one of the craziest things I have ever seen in a school. I guess you should expect anything from these kids from the bad areas. The other thing was Omar being gay. You would never think that the hardest man in Baltimore likes men.

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