The Wire, Ep 2

04.02   “Soft Eyes” – Herc’s job on the mayor’s security detail takes an unexpected turn.  Pearlman provides Freamon and Sydnor with subpoena ammunition for their city hall unit.

Namond gets some grooming advice from his incarcerated father, Wee-Bey.  Marlo plays Robin Hood with the neighborhood boys, though Michael isn’t taking.  Prez preps for his first day as a school teacher.  At the televised mayoral debate, Carcetti drops a bombshell on Royce.   Complete episode recap is here.

Characters introduced this episode:   Det. Sydnor  /  Namond’s father (Wee-Bay) and mother  /  Bubbles & Sherrod  /  Andy Krawcyk (developer)  /  Lt. Cedric Daniels  /  Cuddy the boxing coach  /  Det. Shakima Greggs  /  Major Valchek  /  State Senator Clay Davis /

Settings:   the mayor’s office  /  prison visitor’s room  /  Lex’s family home  / Cuddy’s gym  /  the teacher’s lounge / the mayor’s debate / Namond’s home

Themes:    Herc’s fears for his job (and seeks advice) after catching the mayor in a compromising situation   //   conflict between Rhonda Pearlman and Lester (pictured above) over the timing of drug-money subpoenas  //   Carcetti’s pessismism about winning   //   Marlo passing out money to the neighborhood kids   //   Sherrod being a dropout and not being able to do basic math  //   Bubble’s Depot (the shopping cart)  //  the teacher, police and firefighter’s unions endorse Mayor Royce because they think he’s going to win and don’t want to anger him //   Michael refuses to take money from Marlo   //    Donut stealing an SUV and Carver’s reaction to it    //    police officer stealing Randy’s $200   //     Lester decides to issue the drug-money subpoenas & the reaction of the politicians and police bosses   //  Carcetti surprises Mayor Royce at the debate with crime statistics and the murdered witness

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22 Responses to The Wire, Ep 2

  1. alsonkeeler says:

    Police officer stealing Randy’s $200 shows how the cops from Baltimore are, and it could happen anywhere than just Baltimore. It is a really bad example, because a cop shouldn’t be stealing from anyone, they are to protect and arrest.

    Carcetti did a nice job at the debate surprising Mayor Royce with the crime statistics and the murdered witness, i think he won a lot of audience by telling that and more people to be aware of things that will happen if there is no change as Carcetti said that he will change, he will lower the crimes and murders.

  2. gonzaloasis says:

    I think the fact that Herc finds the Mayor in a compomising situation will lead to some trouble later in the series. Probably the old man Herc talked to about the issue will tell Carcetti, who will use it in his favor in the campaign.

    I don’t really understand why Marlo gives out money to the kids. My first thought was that he does it to get them to like him, because they are the next generation of drug-dealers, but it also came to my mind that he might do it to later use it as an excuse to get them to do him some favors.

  3. The Police officer steals Randy´s $200, you can see how corrupt the officers are not only on Baltimore but all around the world. The Police officers are not supposed to do that because they follow the rules.

    Marlo gave money to the kids, he gave them 200 dollars to buy new clothe for school. It is very weird, I don´t think they kids should receive thet money, they don´t know were that money come from and will compromise them in a lot of things.

  4. bbss23 says:

    Cuddy’s gym–I think this is a great place and a terrific idea for the city of Baltimore and every major city even. Boxing is a sport which, gives kids an outlet and something to look forward that is positive in life. It is a way for kids to get out all their anger and frustration but in a safe restricted environment. Many people would agree that they would rather have kids getting their anger out punching a bag in the gym than punching other kids out on the street. Every city needs something like this gym or a Boys and Girl’s club for instance. A positive place were kids can go and not have to worry about the corrupt adult world that is out there.

    Mario passing out money to the kids–in these neighborhoods you will always have people out to get one another and in a sense, the more people you get on your side, the better off you will be. Mario, being older than many of the kids, knows that these younger kids are not fully involved in the adult world just yet but he knows if he gets to them first, one day the will support him and possibly work for him. By passing out money to these younger kids, it draws them in and they begin to look to him and respect him and in the end will bow down to him. It is a sense of bribe and manipulation. It is smart in Mario’s case because the more kids he can corrupt and get to, the more cred he will have on his side in the neighborhood.

  5. georginasellyn says:

    I thought it was quite weird that Marlo gave each of the younger boys $200 for no reason. I think he might have done this to gain their respect and to show who is boss around that area. Also maybe in the future he will get them to do things for him.

    The bald guy Herc i think is in a difficult situation because he walked in on Royce when lets just say wasn’t the best time. That has caused a great awkwardness and may lead to him being fired. Also the man he went to talk to, I think will help Tony Carcetti use this incident against Royce.

  6. allie11610 says:

    Namond’s father (Wee-Bay) and mother: most of the parent want to give their child the best. They usually want the child have different and better life they have. But in the film the wee-bay father got in to jail. And her mother thinks his husband as a hero too. So wee- bay’s mom and dad both want wee-bay to do the same street job as him do. This was really shocking me. Cause the dad already in jail, and it will be rest of his life in jail. But he still thinks that is a best job for wee-bay to do.
    Cuddy’s gym: I think cuddy is a really good person. He provides a place that is safe for the kid. In the place child can only think about exercise and training. And when Michael fights with others, he stops them and tells them not to use street language. And he even wants to provide a personal training for the Michael. And he is also one of the adults in the film that I think is normal.

  7. dillonmoyer says:

    School is a big missing piece of part of these kids lives on the street. If they could just somehow not be influenced by the street and graduate high school and move on then there wouldn’t be any problems.

    For instance the boxing club is a great thing to keep the kids off the street and getting them focused on having a goal and keeping them away from the bad influence of the streets.

  8. tjserrao says:

    Namond’s father (Wee-Bay) and mother are the perfect example of disappointment. The mother as a mother defends her son by saying that she does not know where he is, she cries knowing that her son is dead. The father is just sitting at a chair saying nothing showing the complete disappointment against his son and that he really does not care if he is dead or alive since he knows exactly what his son does and the stuff he is around with.

    The mayor’s office represents a corruptive country or government. just at the start of the episode, the detective finds the mayor with a woman at his office doing inappropriate stuff which shows complete corruption and how much they care bout their city.

  9. socalgolfer says:

    Cuddy’s Gym: I feel after his previous life as a criminal, he is changing his outlook and his goals in life. He wants to set an example and create a positive environment to keep the poor neighborhood kids off the streets. He is trying to keep his gym respectable and free of dirty language. Many women try and win favor by cooking him meals and flirting with him.

    When Marlo is passing out money to the neighborhood kids, he is winning many of them over to his favor. He gives out $200 to Namond and his crowd for them to get new clothes for school. This ensures he keeps a good image for them and solidifies his status as the kingpin of Baltimore. Later on, these same kids will end up joining his crew and work with him in dealing and enforcing the streets.

  10. lazygirjl says:

    The mayor’s office: When Herc goes to find the mayor, he catches the mayor in a compromising situation. He leaves the situation immediately to avoid awkward confrontations and worries about the circumstances he may have to face for being on the wrong sides of the most powerful person in town. With so much authority and power, the mayor can ruin Herc’s life.

    Cuddy’s Gym: Since Cuddy knows how bad influences like Marlo could harm the children and ruin their future, he spends his time training kids for boxing games and competitions so that they could be focused in accomplishing their goals. In a poor, hopeless neighborhood like the one they live in, most children will meet the wrong people and join the wrong gang. By giving them a purpose in life, these kids work hard to achieve their goals and thus stay away from trouble.

  11. dosikseo says:

    Cuddy’s Gym: I’m really happy that Cuddy’s Gym is helping kids because kids like Mario have bad influence and when Mario grows up he can ruin a lot of peoples life. Cuddy’s Gym spends a lot of times with kids for boxing and tournament so they could have fun and thinking about positive things. In my opinion it is really good idea that Cuddy’s Gym is helping these kids and it is great ideas for kids to box instead of doing bad things.

    I though it was wired when Mario gave some kids 200$ for no reasons. In my opinion Mario thinks he is the boos, but he is not. Moreover, with 200$ he should of spend in good way.

  12. jhill2010 says:

    Marlo handing out money to all of the little kids shows that he wants to let all of the community know that he is boss. Which if you start at a young age then he can pretty much do whatever he wants with the city and its people. Even though Marlo might have thought he was doing a good thing I think it is wrong because he is basically brain washing the little kids. This I think is really smart by marlo or really dumb because if the kids want more then they all might revolt on him. Also the boxing gym I think will be a good place for all of the kids to be able to blow off steam. This is also a place where the kids could have some what of a father figure which may help them in the long run.

  13. antpile15 says:

    this episode was really good, i like the way it shows the way even gangsters realize that the importance of the community youth. Marlo makes rounds throughout gang territories and pays kids. We see the all the kids jump on the opportunity except one. Ironically he is worse off then all the other boys but since he has street smarts he turns it down. I feel that this is important because the homeless seem to have more moral integrity then the gangsters.

  14. nici says:

    First thing I have noticed it was that Marlo was passing money to kids that they will be able to afford school clothes, books and stuff. It was very nobly from his side, but at the same time he is showing that he is the big BOSS in this town and he earns respect from giving money to children. At the same time he gathers an army of kids, who wold love to join his crew once they have become grownups.
    Second is that this was the first time I saw Cuddy the boxing coach in this movie and I have a very possitive reaction on him and his trayining. He is like a true coach doesn’t let them students fight withought a reason. He sees everything in everyone and he found already some talents that can be progressive!

  15. sambo9 says:

    I thought it was interesting that Marlo gave the kids money. I think that he did it so that he will have followers because he knows that they are the future generation of drug dealers. Plus since all but one accepted the cash they will feel like they will probably owe him in the future. Marlo definitely did it for a reason.

    Carcetti whipped out some interesting statistics on the Mayor which was great. I think he won a lot of people over by doing that and putting the current mayor in his place. Any person who didn’t like the current mayor was on Carcetti’s side now because he showed put him on the spot and embarrassed him pretty bad.

  16. aosborne01 says:

    Carcetti did a good job at the debate, it was not much of a surprise to me because he has all of the facts on his side. Also because he talks well in front of people and thinks quick on his feet.

    I think when Marlo was giving out the money and one of the guys did not take it was somewhat surprising but I think a very smart decision on his part. Guys like marlo do not do things for free and he might bring this $200 in the future.

  17. bmriakey93 says:

    Cuddy is an ex-convict and formerly an excellent boxer. I think it is interresting and certainly a posstitive thing that this man who had a future as a boxer and threw it all away, is returning to his old neighborhood and opening a boxing academy. It seems like he has changed from the days when he was incarcerated. Also, it seems like he is trying to serve as a role model or at least some type of father figure for the kids and giving them an outlet as well as a way for them to make them of themselves.

    In two different instances in this episode, we see things that are perhaps a partial reason as to why Baltimore is in the horiffic shape it is in. First is when Herc walks in on the mayor in the compromising situation. Although he feared that he may loose his job, as a result of not saying anything, he is promoted to lieutenant. Second, is when the police officer takes the 200$ from Randy and keeps it for himself. Instead of doing his job and investigating where and who he got it from, he keeps the money for himself. These “hush-hush,” under the table deals are only making Baltimore more susceptible to problems.

  18. grzegorzzielinskijnr says:

    I think the fact that Herc finds the Mayor in a compomising situation will lead to some trouble later in the series. Probably the old man Herc talked to about the issue will tell Carcetti, who will use it in his favor in the campaign.

    I liked that gangsters car about some youngsters and give them oney to buy stuff for school. It obviously because those young guys are the future of smuggling drugs and stuff but still it is good..

  19. nataliebea says:

    Namond’s Home: it seems as though Namond and his family has quite a bit more money than the other people in the area. Their home is surprisingly nice compared to the other run down homes in the neighborhood so I think that it is surprising that he is getting involved with all of the drug dealers and taking their money.

    Marlo passing out money to the neighborhood kids is interesting. People like him don’t give out money for free so I think that we may see in the future what he really wants. I am glad that Michael didn’t take the money because it shows that he understands nothing is free. He seems like a smart kid so far.

  20. lazzara says:

    the second part of the movie was pretty interesting. My response to how the kids are kind of forced into living that life is not cool. when the drug dealers tells the young school boy that he shouldnt stop selling drugs is wierd that they are expected that they cant do anythin better in life, things should change.

  21. barbors says:

    Marlo is going by a corner of his buildings and is giving to all kids 200 dollars to buy new clothes and books for school but it looks more likely that he will wnat something in return later on in the episodes why else would he be giving so much money to each kid. He also gets mad and tells his friends to check one kid out because he refused to take his money. He knows that those money are not legally earned but illegally.
    Cudy’s gym is for free it looks like and many people comes there to box which looks like a good idea and he sees big potential in al of them. The mothers are trying to thank him with dinners or making him cakes but it more looks like they are not happy because he took their child and is working with him but they want him for theirself.

  22. hoopin3 says:

    I really didn’t get this part of the movie. It gave some really good advice..

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