The Wire: Season 4

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04.01   “Boys of Summer” Four boys – Michael, Namond, Randy and Dukie – play out thier summer vacation in the streets as the fall school semester approaches.

namond, michael & randy

Namond, Michael & Randy

Meanwhile, Marlo has solved the problem that baffled Stringer Bell – how to maintain discipline – aka murder – without bringing police attention.  At the wiretap unit office, Lestor Freamon and Sydnor press D.A. Pearlman to issue City Hall subpoenas while Mayor Royce and challenger Tommy Carcetti hit the campaign trail.

Complete episode recap is here.

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  1. michaelx says:

    I thought it was pretty sick to see Lex just walk right up to the guy at night and shoot him from point blank range and then just walk away like nothing ever happened.

  2. murph10 says:

    The availability of guns is a very big problem I think. The amount of people and even kids in Baltimore at least in the show is rediculous. They kill people and see people get killed every single day. To them it is not a big deal but if it were normal people as we are it would be a huge deal to kill somebody but they don’t even think twice.

  3. juliangarcia21 says:

    open air drug dealing is looking like a major problem.The police have let it go on so far that now it is leaving them with really no options of what to do to stop t. Even if they do something it will not be totally fixed.

  4. mfabry says:

    It is sad how tons of people can watch a murder being committed and yet not one will help the police out it coming forwarding and saying who it was. People are more scared of the gang members in their neighborhoods then they are of the police officers.

  5. tylercurrence says:

    I thought it was very interesting how everyone witnessed Lex’s shooting, but wouldn’t report it to the police. You would think that at least the girlfriend would want punishment for Lex. Perhaps she didn’t report it because she was scared, but I believe it’s because she knew he would receive punishment without the intervention of the cops. It seems as though in these gangs, people tend to take things into their own hands and will not bring it to the police. I think this is an indication of how bad the situation is in “The Wire”. Murders are not uncommon.

  6. aozabel says:

    I believe that open air drug dealing is the theme the presides over the show the wire. It confronts the relationship between people on the street and cops. It distinguishes the point that cops play different roles in different environment and in this environment cops cant do much but wait until someone slips up.

  7. carlossomoza says:

    Episode 1- I really enjoyed it, it showed me how inner city Balitmore is so dangerous and what happens to people is very surreal. This show is fun to watch and really grabs your attention

  8. trubino says:

    The politics that are running for mayor all seemed two-faced. When their speaking to the public, their that idea mayor, dressed nice, polite, and well-spoken but when they speak to eachother in person their more negative. The city councilmen running for mayor is drunk and an unloyal guy behind the scene but when he speaks to the public, he is that nice, perfect guy.

  9. caseymulholland37 says:

    For me the series shows the way the human mind works. It shows that everyone wants to better themselves in life but people many times do not because they are afraid to go out of their comfort zones. The kids in the movie only know the streets of the city and they know how they work and how to get by dayt to day in their life. The people you dont see in the show is the people that have found how to get out of this area of the city by moving out of their comfort zone and bettering their life.

  10. svanaken says:

    I have found the show interesting so far. The show does a good job of displaying the corruption in the police force, and in the current mayor. Also it shows behind the scenes in a politicians life. How everybody wants something, and everybody also has a complaint for one person to answer to. Aside from those problems kids are exposed to violence at a young age and drugs seem to be forced on them by society. It amazes me that we tend to be unhappy with our lives and overlook how much more fortunate we are than others.

  11. alexdrecksel says:

    At first, it was amazing to me how few kids cared about going to school or cared about their future. As the episodes went on though, I saw how little their parents influenced them. With parents who are jobless and drug atticts, you have no motivation or role models to look up to.

  12. dirkr says:

    I think it is sad that things such as murders and drug deals take place at the rate in which they do in this particular place. Especially when the police are aware of these things but there is not much they can possibly do to stop it.

  13. rachelwilliams says:

    I think it is terrible that the police allow dealing in the area. I think this is unacceptable because if these dealers were in another city they would go to jail. I think it is even worse that the drug they are dealing is heroin because it makes the kids in the area think it is not that bad, and they will find worse things to do.

  14. toryhenderson says:

    Its quite interesting to me how powerful the drug game in Baltimore is. It gives people a good understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in America. It’s terrible that the police can’t do much about it, but its the cops fault that they allow these drug lords to create an empire this powerful. I blame the lazy cops for the situation there in, and a little respect to Marlo for challenging the cops and creating a good system.

  15. filippopoma says:

    I have really liked this show so far. I find it to be really intersting and how some poeple do actually live like this. Another really intersting thing to see is how police dont have that much power after all. I would have liked to see this show from the beging.

  16. pabloserna says:

    It is very surprising to see the police so impotent. I thought that these kind of things never happened in the U.S and how much people critizise other countries, this one is not behind on drug dealing, drug consuming and murders.

  17. sallywatson says:

    I thought it was amazing how weak the ex-police officer was when trying to control his classes during his first day of school. You would think that a police officer would be used to asserting his authority and would not stand for people breaking his rules. Instead the kids controlled everything and payed no attention to their teacher at all. I am interested to see whether the ex-police officer becomes more assertive or whether he just lets the class do as they please.

  18. xeniya says:

    I enjoy watching this show every class. The show is great, since it involves a wide range of topics, such as drug dealing, crime, police dealing with all this mess, a white man running for a mayor in black community, and, on top of this, the life of the kids that have to deal with this life every single day. Of all the themes, however, the one that I find the most interesting is the street life that teenagers of my age, or even younger experience.

  19. laurengolino says:

    I never knew that the poverty level was so wide spread, or that the crime rates could be so high. The images shown in the wire are shocking. They really make you think.

  20. michaeljorge says:

    I just found surprising that the police are letting people deal drugs. Also the lack of dicipline shown by these kids in class. Many of them skip school to deal drugs. I give a lot of credit to the teachers putting up with their nasty behaviors.

  21. jnguonly says:

    At first glace I thought the idea of “social promotion” was a very selfish idea by the school systems. It essentially robs a child of their education in order to save money. But after realizing that the school system was already running on tight budgets I think that social promotion finds the happy medium between failing a kid and stopping his or her education and keeping the school on its budget.

  22. sarahofmann says:

    I really like watching the show. I think it is better than the other one we watched. It is more interesting, and I think that subject of the show interests more young people. It can teach us things for life, what for example we should not do.

  23. blazetart says:

    I think it is kind of weird that a gay guy is going around and robbing all of the major drug dealers in town. Also how everyone is scared of him, when he comes around, people scream “Omar” and they allo scatter.

  24. jeonkorea says:

    I was suprised that how police doesn’t care about the people dealing drugs in town. It also suprised me how those kids studing in bad conditions of school.

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