October 25, 2002 Senator Paul Wellstone Dies in a Plane Crash In Minnesota

1025 Paul Wellstone 2002Senator Paul Wellstone, a progressive liberal, and his wife were killed when their small plane hit turbulence and crashed.  Some look at this as a tragic accident.  Others believe it to be an assassination that was carried out to put the U.S. Senate back in control of the Republican Party.

1025 payne stewart 1999On the same day, 3 years earlier, golfer Payne Stewart and 5 others were killed when something went wrong on their small Learjet and killed everyone inside the plane at 30,000 feet.  The plane flew on its own for four hours before it ran out of fuel and crashed into a field in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Stewart, who signature clothing style and love of the NFL made him immediately recognizable on the course, he just won the U.S. Open earlier in the year.

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