Frontline: Inside The Teenage Brain

To view the documentary, click here.

Copy and paste these questions into a blog post on your personal blog (not the Panther dashboard).   As you watch the video, complete the questions.

SPG counts  / category = Frontline  / include a related photo


1.   What do you see (in any part of the documentary) that reminds you of yourself?  Explain.

2.   What changes would you make at Pendleton School based on the evidence presented in the documentary?    Explain what evidence you saw presented that gives you the idea for that change.  (For example:  I would change ___________ because in the documentary evidence was presented showing ___________”).    List at least two ideas for change.

3.   Does lack of sleep seriously affect your school/sport performance or do you not feel it’s a concern for you?   Explain.

4.  What changes, if any, do you need make at home or your dorm to ensure you get more sleep?  Explain.

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