The Man Who Knew

Al-Qaeda first tried to destroy the World Trade Center in 1993.  They failed.  However, over the next 8 years, they continued to carry out acts of terror around the world targeting the U.S.

This episode of “Frontline” tells the story of FBI agent John O’Neill – “The Man Who Knew”.

He was promoted to Counter Terrorism Chief of the FBI in 1995.  He was one of the first people in the US government to identify the serious threat of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.  O’Neill spent the next six years trying to connect the pieces of the puzzle that various government agencies – FBI, CIA, State Dept, etc – had collected.   However, due to internal friction at the FBI and poor communication between agencies, his work went unfinished.

This episode of Frontline (originally aired in 2002) highlights O’Neill’s work and how he was trying to alert the US government about the danger of Al Qaeda.  No one was listening.

O’Neill left the FBI to become head of security for the World Trade Center.  He died there on Sept. 11, 2001 – his second day at his new job.

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4 Responses to The Man Who Knew

  1. jjthornhill says:

    By watching these mini tapes, the biggest thing that comes to mind is fate. It is amazing that the counterterrorists didnt listen to John O’Neil, but then again I put myself in that situation and wonder if I would notice O’Neil’s discovery.

  2. cynarodriguez says:

    Mr. Kennedy, i can’t seem to open the videos. do you have any other link?

  3. xoxospartaxoxo says:

    This to me was so ironic. He was a man who who warned people constantly about future attacks and devoted most of his career towards the prevention and study of them. How ironic that two days into his new job as head of security at the Trade Center, he perishes in the crash he so wanted to prevent. I agree with John though too, would I as well have paid any attention to his discoveries?

  4. ambry242 says:

    hey mr kennedy i has somethin to ask you. well when do we have to to that essay on the show that we were watching. and i did my catorgrize my things i didnt knoe what u wanted me 2 do

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