The Immigration Debate, 400 years ago

A funny look at our current immigration debate in the context of the Pilgrims arrival at Plymouth Rock and their status as “illegal immigrants”.

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6 Responses to The Immigration Debate, 400 years ago

  1. lexare24 says:

    wow i was definitely a little lost during that but what i did understand of it was veryyy funny haha

  2. cynarodriguez says:

    hahahaha!! that’s funny! i hope we do all our lessons like this Mr. Kennedy. hehe. :)

  3. xoxospartaxoxo says:

    All the pilgrims looked dazed and confused..thats what MR. F looks like typically after a long day of work.!!!

  4. jordanrizzo90 says:

    I like the bulls theory why isnt he president?

  5. christinamiller123 says:

    Yeah that was a little confusing at some parts. But It was funny…especially the bull. And the last line was hilarious…”Immigation was never a problem in America again”… what a joke that is!

  6. The thing that I like most about this video is that it is poking fun at both sides of the immigration debate. Altho I have a feeling it’s coming down on one side pretty clearly.

    And Jordan…. is that a bull or a “wookie”? : )

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