Magellan…another history myth?

Most history books tell us the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe was Ferdinand Magellan.

Read this account from The History Channel.

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12 Responses to Magellan…another history myth?

  1. Mr Kennedy says:

    Tyler C, thanks for posting the correct answer. I erased it so that someone else has to find out for themself.
    You will get +5 bonus points on the quiz.

    Mr Kennedy

  2. miapiccio says:

    Mr. K
    victoria was the name of the ship not vittoria. right?
    because it was named after the queen that supported Magellan’s voyage, Queen victoria. :)

  3. eaoki says:

    Hi Mr. Kennedy!

    The “U” in SanlÚcar shouldn’t be capitalized, right?
    It should be Sanlúcar?

    Thank you, see you tomorrow!

  4. christinamiller123 says:

    Mr. Kennedy!

    I don’t know if this is what you wanted but…90% of the hispanic words are incorrect because the writers are using a capital letter under and accent mark which is not needed. Such as….RIo de la plata, and Juan SebastiAn.

  5. eaoki says:

    Mr. Kennedy,

    I found another one.

    The “I” is capitalized in Río de la Plata.

    Thank you…..I don’t know if you will give me 10 bonus points but…I tried!

    and this was fun…

  6. Mia, thanks for answering, but no – that’s not it. Try again…. read my question again.

    Elisa, same thing. Not correct, but try again. Read the question I asked again…..

  7. christina, you ladies are ALL wrong : ) Read my post again – and then the link.

  8. christinamiller123 says:

    OK…let me try again…..

    it was not 17 men that finished the voyage with JUAN SEBASTION DEL CANO…not elcano, it was 18. And accounts that I have read do say Victoria, but you said that was wrong soo…. another one is when Magellan found this straight he did not name it Straight of Magellan..he named it Straight of All Saints. Historians later renamed it after Magellan. Also…the two ships, (Trinidad and Victoria) didn’t go home together and just take different routes like your essay says. The Trinidad went home first because the Victoria had to patch up a leak. The Trinidad didn’t make it and the Victoria did after leaving 2 weeks after the Trinidad.
    Soo…if this stuff is wrong I don’t know what you want!

  9. lexare24 says:

    Mr. K!

    I think what is wrong with the story is the …… ALEXA, well done. Bonus points! Now, keep this to yourself…..
    Well done, Mr K

  10. christinamiller123 says:

    well….alexa is right by saying that magellan…… Yes, Alexa is right, but Christina – there is still something you’re missing if you read my question. You’re getting the bonus points, but try to figure out what you’re missing.

  11. eaoki says:

    hi mr kennedy,

    the only thing i can find is
    it was 18 people instead of 17?
    i can’t find anything else…

    i’ll keep trying though

  12. philiplea says:

    In the story they say that magellan went to brazil, but he couldn’t have because brazil was portuguese territory, he stayed away form there and it was called the all saints channel at first then became the straight of magellan.

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