Project List

— design a web page     — draw a political cartoon     — develop an exhibit     — develop a solution to a community problem     — write a book     — design a game     — write & circulate a petition     — write a musical     — write a letter from another person’s viewpoint     — lead a symposium     — conduct a series of interviews     — develop a collection     — submit an article to a journal, magazine or newspaper     — design a structure     — plan a journey or trip     — make an etching or woodcut     —  make a plan     — write a letter to the editor     — formulate & defend a theory     — design & teach a class     — do a demonstration     — present a news report     — write a new law & plan for its passage     — present a mock trial     — make a learning center    — create & prepare an authentic recipe     — choreograph a dance     — write a song    — design a simulation     — be a mentor     — write and produce a play     — compile a newspaper     — conduct an ethnography     — write a biography     — present a photo-essay     — develop & use a questionnaire     — conduct a debate     — write a poem     — make a video documentary     — create a series of illustrations     — design or create a musical instrument     — do a puppet show     — create a series of wall hangings     — present a radio program     — draw a set of blueprints     —  design & make costumes     — present a monologue    — generate charts or diagrams to explain ideas     — develop tools     — compile & organize a set of internet resources     — draw a page from a comic book   —   design the front & back cover of a graphic novel   — create a powerpoint presentation   — make a poster

Do you have any ideas we can add to this list?    Please write them in the comments.

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2 Responses to Project List

  1. michaelreedmc says:

    Cover of a book/graphic novel pertaining to the subject? :P

  2. ovechkindanil says:

    Interview on the radio station. Create a slogan to the project

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