Frontline: Growing Up Online

PBS Frontline has produced an excellent documentary about you and your generation.

To watch the documentary (in 6 chapters), click here.

Copy and paste the following questions into a new post on your blog.  As you watch the video – answer these questions.    (No photo is required, category = Frontline)

Due date:  Sunday, August 30 (end of the day)

Chapter 1: Living Their Lives Essentially Online
How is your life similar or different from what you just saw in Chapter 1?

Chapter 2: A Revolution in Classrooms and Social Life
On an average day, how much time do you spend on the following activities each day during your free time (outside of school / your sport)?
1. watching TV / DVDs 2. Computer games 3. Facebook / myspace 4. Chat / msg boards 5. Homework
Q2. Where do you draw the line between legitimate use of online resources and cheating?
Q3. Why do you think MySpace/Facebook users have no reservations about posting private thoughts and photos online?

Chapter 3: Self Expression. Trying On New Identities
Q1. What percentage of your Facebook “friends” do you actually consider a friend?
Q2. Is it acceptable to have an alternate identity on the internet? Why or why not?

Chapter 4: The Child Predator Fear
Q1. Do you feel confident in your ability to identify a possible predator online?
Q2. Would you be willing to give your parents your passwords in a sealed envelope that they could only open if an emergency occurred? Why or why not?

Chapter 5: Private Worlds Outside Parents’ Reach? Should young people be surprised and angry when their parents catch them engaging in unacceptable activities if they post photos and videos online?

Chapter 6: Cyberbullying Who do you believe is responsible for Ryan Halligan’s death?

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