The best of “Generation Kill” writing

02   “I feel that America being at war in Iraq is pointless. How can you plan or conduct a war when both civilians and the enemy look alike. I think that if America really wanted to make a difference in Iraq and gain the support of the public they need to start helping them rebuild their infrastructure; help them rebuild their schools and hospitals. Let the people of Iraq know that America cares instead of only kills.

05    “My opinion on this TV series is that it was really worth watching. The show fits the average teenager’s likes, for example, it was funny, violent, and suspenseful. The show brought the reality of war over in the Middle East to TV screens so that civilians can witness what war and the marines are all about.  One of the biggest factors of me liking this movie was the humor. Corporal Josh Ray Person, who drove the humvee, had the role of being the humorous, crazy skinny guy. His character brought laughter to the movie which made it less up tight and more enjoyable to listen to. If I were to be in Iraq as a Marine, I would definitely want him to be in my platoon.”

08    “The US are probably killing more people than were dying when Saddam was in power. The Americans have to try and help the civilians so that they at least have the support of the people of Iraq. That is the only way that America will eventually win this war.”

09    “I thought that the beginning of this movie was absolutely shocking and completely embarrassing for the US marines. First of all, the language of these marines was horrendous and showed a complete lack of upbringing and education. Secondly, these men had no respect for each other – their race or sexuality. Third of all, the attitudes of the marines was horrifying.”

17     “Generation Kill is an extremely vulgar and intense series. Some of the marines’ attitudes are repulsive, the way that they talk about killing people and their constant craving for doing it.”   but finishes with…. “but it really makes you stop and appreciate all those men out there, living with nothing except there hummer and the clothes on there back, fighting for you.”

20   “What really got me angry though, was when the Godfather called in that mission late at night to send troops into the heavy fire of Iraqi terrorists to seem more aggressive. It’s crazy how some of those high officers didn’t really take into account the lives of their troops.”

26   “When Trombley took out those men on the camels,  I thought he was such a sharp shooter and was so hard core. But later in the episode we learn that those were actually native children walking there camels, and they were the ones that got shot down by Trombley. Now you can’t blame him, he got the orders from a higher officer to shoot.”

27   “I also found it extremely dumb that the Government didn’t even supply them with enough batteries to power their night vision goggles, a necessity in late night combats. How is a solder in the middle of the desert supposed to get the batteries he needs?”

39    “It felt that way because we grew to know the characters regularly and just felt like we were there with them throughout the whole journey. It was a great series in all aspects. I laughed, felt their pain, experienced their anger and watched as these portrayed marines fought through the worst moments.”

41   “A lot of people have their own ideas of what the marines are like, but Generation Kill does an excellent job of giving an accurate representation of what they are truly like.”

44   “I figured it couldn’t be a documentary because of  the different camera angles and the amazing video footage. That kinda of camera work would not be possible in a documentary. I thought it was interesting how it was filmed in Africa. It looked incredibly similar to the Middle East to me.”

49    “I was also very surprised at how little death and gore affected them. This was seen as they were driving through the remains of dead civilians and making light of it.”

54    “I feel the series adequately represents the difference between the number of American soldiers killed compared to the number of Iraqis that lost their lives. We barely see any Marines get killed but witness many innocent Iraqi civilians get slaughtered.”

62   “The ending of the film is great when they’re watching the video the one marine made and they are all happy and then something clicks in their head.  Like what they have done and you see them leave one by one, after all like one of them said “this country was crap and still is crap”, they know they didn’t change anything.  If anything they made it worse.”

67   “We have been watching Generation kill for about three episodes already and seems really interesting and frankly it is very intense. You can tell how intense it is because whenever we are watching it everyone is paying attention to what is going on at the front of the class, I look around the class and everyone had their heads up, eyes and mouths open.”

78   “Brad is probably my favorite character because he takes the most charge and does not take crap from anybody.  If he does not agree with something that Godfather says then he will tell him and go against him and tell Godfather that he does not think that that is the right thing to do.”

88    “In the first episode of Generation Kill I thought it was very interesting how the soldiers outlooks were on war. The fact that some were anxious to go into combat and kill suprised me. I was curious as to how somoeone from regular civilization can all the sudden be able to switch into a mode for a total desire to kill.”

92    “I thought Generation Kill was good but not great. I thought the series was kind of repetitive and hard to follow because of all the military dialogue.”

96    “Watching the scene with Trombley scoping out the tank that was firing at them made me realize how unique these elite marines are. These guys must have ice in their veins and be completely nuts. They aren’t scared at the thought of death and live for opportunity to engage in battle. They truly are a different breed.”

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  1. 5 I agree the show was interesting to watch and held the viewers’ attention – and not just for the teenage viewer. It’s not often we get to see an un-biased view of the inside of Iraq without media or political spin. Also, I thought Person’s character was funny also, but I wonder what was going on inside his head when he was driven to tears by the fight during the football game.

    62 I think the bigger frustration is that they don’t have the proper equipment to manage their operation. They’ve been thrown into an almost unwinnable situation and they don’t have the most basic neccessities.

    17 I think this is an interesting statement. The writer starts by saying the Marines are “repulsive”, but ends by saying how much he/she “appreciates” them for “fighting for you”.

  2. tylercurrence says:

    88 I thought this comment was interesting. I do agree that the soldier’s outlook on war was surprising. I certainly wouldn’t be eager to fight and kill. Perhaps the marines were not from “ordinary civilization.” There had to be something inside them that sparked the guys to join the marines in the first place. They probably were not your ordinary citizens anyway.

    78. I agree with this. Brad demonstrated leadership above all else. He demonstrated a seriousness no one else had. When everyone was joking around, Brad was usually serious and you could tell he was in the middle of thinking and discerning what to do next.

    17. I agree that Generation Kill is vulgar, however wouldn’t you be too if you lived with a bunch of men fighting against the enemy? I rarely think of the men who serve in the military, but this movie certainly gave me an appreciation for everything they do for our country. Their life is so different from the ordinary person’s life. They have given up nearly everything to serve our country. I think that’s incredible.

  3. walker123 says:

    41 I agree with this before I watched this show. I thought marines were all in all very good hearted people. The felling that I got after the show was the marines are there to get the job done and they do not care how there personality rubs off on other people.

    09 I agree with this it makes the marines look very lazy and showing that they do not have manners if they have any at all.

    17 I agree with his statement there language is not the best. You have to give them a lot of respect for putting their clothes on every day and having the strength to go into war. They are the great people that let me live in a wonderful freedom world. I can see what it is like to live a day in their shoes and I give them a lot of respect.

  4. laurengolino says:

    20.) I completely agree with this statement. All of these marines were already putting their lives in danger just by being over there. The irresponsibility of “Godfather” was just an added variable that was most definitely unnecessary. I agree, it was “crazy” to wager the lives of his men just so that it would appear that he, and the men under his command were getting more done.

    44.) I was unaware that the series was actually filmed in Africa. It does make sense, however, because I could understand the Iraqi people being unwilling to cooperate with a documentary of this type, especially after the events that have taken place in their country since 2003. I agree with the original comment. “I thought it was interesting how it was filmed in Africa. It looked incredibly similar to the Middle East to me.” That is very true. Every time you see news coverage of the events taking place in Iraq, the surrounding areas look nearly identical to what was shown in the film.

    27.) I was shocked to find out that they were not even given basic necessary materials, such as batteries. This increased the danger imposed on the marines drastically. As you see in the scene where the men move forward at night and end up getting shot at, there are even firefights at night. (Even if that particular one was friendly fire.) Examples such as this show why night vision goggles are a necessity to the marines, and could potentially saves lives, because without them, how are they to see who is shooting at the through the Iraqi night sky?

  5. jnguonly says:

    5 I agree that the show was very appealing to the average teenager because of the violence, humor and suspense but I think you have to be careful not to assume the marines in T.V. series are like the ones fighting in Iraq or that the war being fought in the series is like the actual one. Once again, this is a Hollywood T.V. series and the main purpose is to entertain.

    88 The fact that most of the troops were anxious to “get some” also surprised me. From what I saw on the T.V. series, it seemed like most of the troops also liked what they were doing. This too was a major surprise to me because to me, risking your life and killing people would not be something I’d really get up for.

    49 I agree, patrolling a street filled with mutilated bodies seem to be another day at the office for them. I was also surprised at how little casualties the marines had. It seemed like they were being ambushed left and right. I guess military warfare is something you can teach.

  6. juliangarcia21 says:

    09 i totally disagree with this comment. Seriously what do you expect from marines.They are human of course their language is going to be more profane and their attitudes are going to be bad.They are marines. They are literally given nothing. They are put in the worst situations and they have the right to talk anyway they want. That does mean thaey have lack of manner or upbring. Their real personalities were broken down when they joined the marines. Plus no one is their to even care what they say or do as long as they get their job done.

    49 i was not suprised because the first thing about being a marine is not letting things get personla or get to you at all. They are tought to not care and block things out. They are cold hearted when it comes to alot of things. so seing them came as no surprise at all. They also did not kill those people so that means they have nothing to really care for or worry about. Marines never feel sorry they sometimes train theirselves to have no feelings whatsoever.

    92 i diagree i thought it was a great show and showed life of marines at its best. the most realistice series i have ever heard of or seen. The military dialogue was actually the best part because it makes you feel like you are their and it is easy to catch onto. It is not repetative or at leat it cannot be said to be repatative because for marines that is their everyday life.

  7. toryhenderson says:

    49 I agree that it seems to be very interesting how someone coming out of civilization can think light of killing. People are brought up all their lives in America to be courteous and not resort to violence. When the chance to commit violence or witness death is there it seems that American soldiers don’t care, and are able to block the logic out of their mind. This shows that combat training and not being around everyday civilization can change the thought process of anyone.

    8 The US are definitely killing more people then when Saddam was in power. Although Saddam’s ways were in no way reasonable and he caused many innocent people to die, there were not even near the amount of killings as there have been since the war in Iraq. American soldiers were seen during Generation Kill blowing up small villages that were in no way dangerous. I can only imagine how truly bad the war is. If there willing to show US soldiers blowing up villages and shooting innocent civilians, then there is definitely worse things that soldiers are doing that aren’t being shown.

    27 I also can’t believe how poorly the marines were being treated during the war. They are the first soldiers in, there supposedly trained the best, and somehow they don’t receive the equipment needed to protect them selves. In my opinion this is almost like committing suicide, not being able to protect your self sufficiently is like a death sentence. The US military needs to get there priorities straight if they want to keep the amount of soldiers dieing to a minimal.

  8. trubino says:

    44. I agree, it’s amazing how the producers of this movie captured the Iraqi scenery but the whole movie was shot in Africa. Also the different shots from the camera were amazing and had every effect on the viewers to actually believe and feel like you are really there in Iraq witnessing the marines day to day life in Iraq.

    27. It’s very interesting how the marines get their supply, for example the Rolling Stones journalist had to go get supplies at the local general store because the store won’t sell to the marines. The issue of the marines not having as much battery supply made me dumbfounded because you would think they would have more than enough supply or atleast get the supply but not as fast, but in the movie they went throughout the whole movie with scarce food and batteries.

    49. The marines have to come back to the daily american life and just be weird after seeing all the gruesome dead people. It’s one thing if you kinda just stroll by the dead Iraqi’s but the marines were laughing at the bodies and also filming and taking pictures of the bodies also. I think war makes you a different and a lot tolerable person.

  9. michaelx says:

    20. I agree completley. I mean these men are already riskinng their lives to protect us and then Godfather has to go and increase the risk of having them loose their lives. I mean what ever happened to doing their best to keeping their men safe and return home safely. That should be all the high ranking generals main concern.

    92. I completley disagree. I thought Generation Kill was a really good show and it showed what life is like over in Iraq and fighting the war. It gave us a perspective on how they look at things and I had a really good time watching it.

    09. I think that this is a crazy comment because they are marines. They are not supposed to be happy and joyful and have wonderful language and clean mouths. I mean they are fighting a war in Iraq qith a bunch of other people. Guys will be guys when they are arounnd each other. And as far as the ripping on each other well thats just marines being marines they are trying to add a sense of humor to their time being there. Its not like it was all that personal, they all have to have each others backs and they were joking around. I bet they are really close.

  10. rachelwilliams says:

    20. I agree. I think that the lives of the marines were not of high importance to the marine officers. Unless it is a real emergency, there should be rules and regulations to the missions called in. I think the men could have done the same mission in the morning and be more effective. The officers may just think that there are plenty of other soldiers ready to take their place if they die. Finally, I think the soldier’s opinion should be considered in weather to take a mission or not. Then, the high officers will have a better idea of what the circumstances are.

    5. I thought this series was worth watching also. The show contained action, humor and reality, which made it relatable to the viewer. It contained suspense in each episode, which made it fun to watch all 7. Though, the humor seemed to be the key in keeping the viewer’s attention. Throughout the series, the constant humor of joke telling or singing made the viewer interested. The reality of the show gave the viewer a good example of what life would really be like for a marine in Iraq. I also agree with the comment of wanting Peterson in the same platoon because he seems to be the one with the most humor.

    54. I also thought it was strange when I compared the number of Iraqi solders dead to the amount of American soldiers dead. There seemed to be a lot more Iraqis getting injured or drying and barely any marines getting even injured. Even the innocent civilians are dying and injured very badly, but still no marines. This must be because it is a television series, and each character has a different importance in the show. They must not want to kill off any of the characters because they might loose viewers. I think the show was not as realistic in some parts as it could be.

  11. shaaz says:

    02. I agree with the argument brought up in this comment. The U.S. army has decimated several cities including the Iraqi capital Baghdad which has left the civilians lacking basic infrastructure. The schools and hospitals have been destroyed and the country is overcome by communal battles. How is Iraq supposed to develop its next generation of leaders without schools to educate them.
    08. While it is true that countries need to overthrow cruel dictators, I agree that America has taken more innocent Iraqi lives than Saddam did. The next Iraqi government will probably be headed by a man in the pockets of the U.S. government, giving the United States indirect access into Iraqi resources. Thus, the problem remains unresolved.
    92. I think the fact that the series was repetitive and involved excessive military jargon made it increasingly realistic.

  12. pabloserna says:

    20 I think this is really unfair. I do not understand how Godfather sent those soldiers at night. I understand that he can give and the other marines must follow them but this was really unhuman.

    41 This is absolutely true. This series does a great job representing the real marines, their behaviors are really immature and their manners are very poor.

    62 The ending was great. The director shows a great reflection made by the marines, they were celebrating their “victory” and when they were watching the video they realize that what they have done was nothing good. Only destruction and chaos.

  13. xeniya says:

    02 – I absolutely agree with the statement that the war between Iraq and US is truly pointless. I take an anti-war position, that’s why it was painful to watch Iraqi people being killed, since there is no visible difference between the civilians and the Iraqi army.

    41 – I had no idea what is the military life like, but the “Generation Kill” opened my eyes on the true character of the marines, and now I know that it does not look as pretty as it does in those inspiring commercials about “the few, the proud, the marines”.

    17 – This statement is definitely worth mentioning, since I felt exactly the same way about the marines. I found them repulsive due to their attitude and language they were using, however after being with them throughout the whole journey I realized that in order to be at the war, this is exactly the attitude the soldiers supposed to have.

  14. sarahofmann says:

    20. I agree with this person, because I just think it is wrong from Godfather to do that, because to risk the troops life even more then they do already, is just stupid. Why would he want to show of how agressive the US army is. They obvioulsy know already

    88. I kind of agree with this person. Of course the change of people’s mind towards killing, but I believe those people have their own reasons for going into war as a Marine. Also I think the beginning of ”Generation Kill” was very slow and I did not find it interesting until, there was some more action added.

    44. I agree with this person, because I really thought it looked very similar with the Middle East, and the cameras were very good, because they made it seem so real while we watched it.

  15. caseymulholland37 says:

    I agree with 27 the way the Government treats the Marines is pitiful. Seeing that the Marines did not even have enough supplies to use their machinery right how are they supposed to protect them selves. What if a Marine dies do to the lack of supplies how will his friends and family feel. It’s just terrible the government can do more about it.

    I also agree with 62. The ending was very unpredictable and very interesting. You see the Marines that worked and trained so hard for so many years and all of a sudden you see them for the first time get in touch with their feelings. When they leave they leave with the video playing which represents the war still going on. There is a lot of symbolism in the end of the movie.

    I finally agree with 41. The show really shows how the Marines actually operate. Though many have so much respect for the Marines they are normal people that have a little bit of a crazy side to them. Not all of them are the same in fact many are different and what we see in the strict drills and boot camps reflects nothing on how the Marines act. They are crude, mean, shallow and best of all aggressive but I think that’s why they are soldiers. I also think that’s what keeps them alive.

  16. sallywatson says:

    49-I agree with what this person saw. I find it hard enough to sit in a movie theatre and watch people being killed or look at a dead body and it isn’t even real. I have no idea how these guys were so stone-faced when driving by all of the dead bodies-young children and everything.
    88-I also liked the point that number 88 made. It is scary to see how easy it is for someone’s mindset to change into that of a killers.
    27-I thought 27 brought up a great point about the lack of preparation that the government put into this war. Sending marines into combat without the necessary supplies is just absurd. How do you expect to be efficient and effective if you don’t have the right equipment or enough supplies to make your equipment work.

  17. murph10 says:

    I agree with watching the show in class because it does a lot of things for us teenagers. It puts life in perpective expecially for us who go to IMG. We live in such a nice enviorment and our parents give us pretty much anything we want and we still complain. These guys go without sleep or food for long periods of time but have no room to complian. If they complain, the second they take their mind off things they could be dead.

  18. dirkr says:

    41 – I completely Agree with what this person had to say about the series. Many people, myself included, have an idea about what it is like being a marine. However, most of these ideas are wrong. This is shown in Generation Kill when you are shown what it is truly like to be a marine involved in a war.
    20 – I do not completely agree with this persons opinion. While it is important to take into consideration the lives of the marines, these men are aware that they are risking their lives when they sign up for the job. Some people have to risk their lives for good causes, therefore I think Godfather was completely right.
    92 – I both agree and disagree with this comment. The series was somewhat repetitive and it is difficult at times to follow the military lingo. However, the day to day lives of these men is very redundant. Therefore, the show needs to be this way to accurately show what life is like for these men. As far as the military lingo is concerned, it adds essence to the series.

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