Blog Professionalism

All students, I will be doing an overall check of your blogs this weekend looking for the “professionalism” of your work.   What does professionalism mean, you ask?   Basically, you want the product that you publish to be free of errors, organized in a coherent way and looks appealing to the reader.

I will be looking at the following aspects:

1.  Your Title and Tagline – come up with something creative and unique to you.  Not the wordpress defaults.

2.  Photos – all of your photos appear sharp and clear on the page.  And no parts of the photo are off the viewable area of your page.   General rule:  your photo should NOT be wider than your text.

3.  Categories – all blog posts are in a category that makes logical sense.  Remove “uncategorized” from any blog post that displays this.  To fix this quickly, click on the “uncategorized” link on your blogroll (if you have a blogroll, not all themes do).

4.  Links – do the links in your blogroll (“links” under “manage” in the dashboard) work and are they in a category?   At minimum, you should have at least 7 links organized in 3 link categories – school, sport & personal.  Also, make sure you have a link to the assignment page for your class AND a link to the Panther in your blogroll.

5.  Profile Photo – add this through “my account” (top left on the dashboard bar), then “edit profile”.   Adding a profile photo is on the right of that page.

6.  Spellcheck – this is the “abc + a check mark” button on the top toolbar in the text editor.  It will fix most problems, but will not correct “i” (where “I” should be used when referring to yourself).  Also, always be sure to re-read before publishing since, like all spellcheckers, it doesn’t catch words that are spelled right but used in the wrong context.   (e.g.   “I went to the storm to buy groceries.”)

7.  “Remove formatting” command – the text for all posts should be the uniform, default wordpress font.   This can be an issue when you bring text from MS-Word or other sources.  The “remove formatting” command (in the lower toolbar of the text editor) will make your text look uniform.  Highlight the text you want to format, and click the eraser in the lower toolbar.

Have a friend or one of your team members (Current Events class) take a look at your overall body of work just to check for small things you might have missed.  Two pairs of eyes are always better than one.

"My blog looks awesome!"

"Yes! My blog looks awesome!"

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