Movie: “Traitor”

Comments here for Current Events extra credit:   Any topic is fine related to the section of the movie you watched.

Due 11pm tonight Wed, April 29


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4 Responses to Movie: “Traitor”

  1. jeonkorea says:

    I learned more about the muslims. I think this movie makes people to re think about the muslims. Terrorists and Muslim is different. Even terrors are not acceptable in muslim country but there are only little group of people justify their murder in name of muslim. I dont think it is right.

  2. svanaken says:

    The movie was interesting in how it showed the american goverment tryingt bring downa groupof terrorits. However it also showed that innocent people can be killed, like in the fake bombing a memberof the cleaning crew died.

  3. connormccarthy says:

    I missed some of the movie Traitor, but from what i saw it was a very good movie. I’m not sure exactly what Middle Eastern Country it took place. The actors were pretty good, and the action in the movie was extremely good. My favorite scene in the movie was when Samir planted the bomb in a US headquarters posting as a construction worker. He got the job done blew up a part of the building and killed eight people. I would have to give this movie an okay to watch because the type of movie it was I enjoyed watching it.

  4. aozabel says:

    The movie offered a new look at the influence of middle eastern terrorism. It allowed us to get an inside look at what it takes to take down the threat of terrorism. From what i saw if the movie it was very informative with both the U.S. anti-terrorism and middle eastern terrorism.

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