Malcolm X

Thanks to the 19 of you who made it to both nights – I hope you learned some new things and had your eyes opened to another perspective.  Any questions or comments, please stop me anytime, or email, to talk about them.

One more task to complete before you get your extra credit. 

Your blog post for the movie (two parts – one topic from Tue, one topic from Thur) should be a minimum of 300 words.  Please label clearly in your post which topics you are writing about.  I’ll be grading your Malcolm X posts Saturday morning.   You must have it done by then to receive the extra credit.

Tuesday night / Topic 1.  Describe Malcolm’s mother and father.  
Discuss the factors that broke their family apart.

Tuesday night / Topic 2.   Describe the course of Malcolm’s life from the time he was told he could never be a lawyer (grade school) to his release from prison. 

Thursday night / Topic 3.   Malcolm said he went through a “spiritual rebirth” when he made his pilgrimage to Mecca.  Describe what he learned about Islam during that “rebirth” and how it changed him when he returned to the U.S.

Thursday night / Topic 4.   What are the 5 Pillars of Islam?  Describe a scene in the movie when you saw Malcolm carry out two of these tasks.

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