Module 4 Test & End of 3rd Q stuff

Mod 4 testA day  Wed, March 12 / B day  Thur, March 13
4.1 notes / 4.2 notes / 4.3 studyguide / “Amistad” extra credit

If you are leaving school early for spring break, it is REQUIRED that you take the test before you leave and complete the following assignments by March 14 to receive a grade for the 3rd quarter:

4.3 open-book online quiz
(the link is on my QUIA page here.)
Blog:  3 posts to be written between Sun, March 9 – Fri, March 14
(requirements will be posted Sunday, March 9 at 12pm)
Scripts due March 14
(to my yahoo email, no attachments)

Your assignment over spring break:  relax, have fun and forget about school for a week.

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8 Responses to Module 4 Test & End of 3rd Q stuff

  1. charliecaris says:

    man, am I glad I don’t have to take that test

  2. Charlie! good to hear from you.
    I’ll be sure to send you the secret word so you can take a shot at it.

    How are things back in Iowa?

  3. eaoki says:

    For the Unit 3 quiz do we only have to study the outline you posted?


  4. christinae says:

    Mr. Kennedy, so everyone is taking the test on wednesday, even if we are going to be here on friday?

  5. cynarodriguez says:

    Mr. Kennedy, my firefox suddenly stopped responding while i was taking the quiz. Can i retake it?

  6. dirkr says:

    Mr. Kennedy what is the Amistad extra credit that we need for the test?

  7. philiplea says:

    Mr. Kennedy how many questions are going to be in the test tomorrow?

  8. DIRK — Amistad extra credit will be available in class when you take the quiz.

    PHIL — the quiz will be about the same length (maybe a bit longer) than the last test. You’ll have plenty of time during an 80 min class to finish.

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