The Pendleton Primary

We had an incredible 89% voter turnout.  (95 students, 85 votes)  I guess making voting mandatory will do that.

The results:
Barack Obama (D) 33
John McCain (R) 24
Hillary Clinton (D) 23
Mike Huckabee (R) 4
Ron Paul (R) 1

Coming in two weeks – the Pendleton Presidential Election.  It what looks like a possible preview of the presidential race coming this fall – Barack Obama vs. John McCain.

In the comments, please make the case for your candidate of choice – Senator Obama or Senator McCain.


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33 Responses to The Pendleton Primary

  1. maxmusician says:

    I chose Senator McCain because he has good ideas of economy, immigration and health.

  2. christinamiller123 says:

    Senator McCain all the way because he is the true Republican. He is going to cut taxes and make it harder for the people who don’t want to work to ride off the Government. He also has a good border control policy. Anybody that wants to make a better life for their family by coming into America should be allowed to…just do it legally. Learn English, pay your taxes, and become legal! As far as the war, JOhn McCain wants to make sure the job gets done before we pull out, which is something that Obama does not care about. In Health Care McCain wants to leave it the way it is because, A.) people that have socialized medicine (Canada) hates it, and B.) because if America has socialized medicine than the scum bags of the streets will take advantage of it and the taxes on the middle class and the wealthy will go up so we can pay for some poor person that doesn’t want to work’s medicine. Soo…Go Sen. McCain!

  3. dclose says:

    I have to say that I am going to go for Senator John McCain. I agrre with his issue on immigration and I like the fact that he would try to cut taxes.

  4. ddevilla says:

    Senator McCain. He has great ideas. He has good experience and I believe that he has the ability to get things done.

  5. claytormey says:

    I was a Mitt Romney supporter. Sadly, he dropped out of the race a couple weeks ago. I like Romney because he has good views on economy. He wants to erase taxes for unearned income for middle class people. I believe that this would boost the economy because it would put money back in to the hands of Americans. I also like his views on abortion (againsnt it). Also, Romney wanted to stay in Iraq which I think is necessary because the new surge is working. If we were to drop out now, it would ruin all the progress all we made. He even thinks that we need more troops.

  6. sallywatson says:

    I always think it is really hard to choose a presedential candidate and then a president because so many politicians out there today tell you what they think you want to hear and then do not follow up with there promises when they enter office. But I think Obama seems pretty sincere and I think America needs a Democrat as president because I think they are just interfering way to much in the middle east and you can not just go into a country and expect them to just change and adopt your form of government when they have conflicts between people that go back hundreds of years.

  7. jczinski says:

    I have to go with John McCain because I like his views on immigration polices and I also like how he is going to keep health care the same as it is now. I don’t really know what we should do with the war right now so I can’t say anything about that.

  8. josh07 says:

    i believe in Barack Obama. I think his goals and plans for immigration is good because he is giving an opportunity for Mexicans and Latins crossing the border to be legal. I also like his views on the war in iraq. I think what he would do is good because he will gradually pull out brigades of the war throughout the year .

  9. clendl1 says:

    I like John Mcain because I think that he will work hard to keep the country safe from terrorism, and secure our borders. I also think that he will keep the taxes low to help stimulate economic growth.

  10. patrickwaugh says:

    I chose Barack Obama because he has a good background. Also he has good goals and opinions about things ex. War. I do not really care who wins though because I an not a U.S Citizen.

  11. M^_-rc says:

    Obama, he has good views on health, immigration, economy and retreating from the war.

  12. csmlakar09 says:

    I chose John McCain because of his stances on the issues of climate change, economy, and Iran. I believe these subjects to be the most significant in the present and future. Like many of the candidates, McCain supports carbon reduction by a cap-and-trade system. As McCain does, I also believe that our economy needs to stick with one solid format. Bush should continue to develop his tax-cut plan and the subsequent president should begin his/her term with the same idea. I do not agree with McCain’s stance on Iraq, however, I do support his plans with Iran. The option of the military should not be eliminated and the 1st step should be to rebuild our alliances with the European countries. Also, McCain has stated that he would consult congress if needed. I believe John McCain has the respect, experience, and hard-nosed attitude is needed to run the United States.

  13. aronj says:

    i chose Barack Obama, he has many good goals and many good things he wants to do for the U.S , but i really dont care who wins.

  14. mfabry says:

    Hands down choose McCain, we both know how I feel about the idiot Obama… I agree with McCains views on making sure that the borders are protected as they should be, also I like his thoughts on Iran. McCain would be a great president, not a perfect but I think that he could do this country a lot of good.

  15. jnguonly says:

    I would vote for John McCain because I just think he is better suited for the job.

  16. murph10 says:

    I think that Barrack should win because I agree with a lot of the things that he says about how he would lead our country. I also think that having a black man as president would be good for our country in many different ways. I also thinkt hat Obama is a great speaker and I like that he has a sense of humor.

  17. marcus242 says:

    I think Obama should win because I like the way he thinks and I really like the fact that he feels they should come out of war.

  18. jackdaru33 says:

    I would choose Obama for the job. I really like his views on the Iraq war and how he won’t have any permanent bases in Iraq. He said that he would immediately start withdrawing troops which I belive is a great idea.

  19. tylercurrence says:

    I support John McCain because as he at least says he is against abortion now and I think he wants to finish the war in Iraq once and for all, however I do think he needs to reconsider withdrawing troops earlier rather than later.

  20. dirkr says:

    I support Barack Obama for President. I agree with his views on many things, especially the war taking place in Iraq. I think he will do good things for the country and it’s economy. It seems to me that he is very well suited for the job.

  21. joanap says:

    I support Barack Obama. He has great ideas and goals for certain things!I agree with the way he views thing, such as immigration, and the war in Iraq. He will help this country greatly.

  22. mareksiwy says:

    I am not sure who would the best, if Obama or Clinton. Obama has great ideas and he is very symphatic to me, however, clinton would be probably the best thing for American Economy.Her husband was in my opinion one of the best president in USA history,mainly because of his economic changes which were very postivie for USA,and she could be his succescor. Becuase why?because USA need some changes in economy ,otherwise USA will get in very big toubles. On the other hand , Obamas ideas about the USA economy are not bad either. God knows who will win , I hope it will be me some time in a future :D

  23. eduardochavez123 says:

    I support Barack Obama. He is the best person for the job. He was opposed to the war. He has great ideas and will lead this country in a correct and positive direction. Personally if John McCain were to win the election I would move to Canada. We would be in for more of the same. Just scroll up on the page and look at McCains photo, what is wrong with his jaw.

    OBAMA 4 PREZ!!!

  24. isaline says:

    Senator Obama for sure, first because he is democrat because we have seen the result of the actual republican president america has right now! And Obama is open minded to so many things, I think he will be abble to transform America in a positive way, and maybe lower the hate for the US in the world…

  25. isaline says:

    Senator Obama for sure, first because he is a democrate because we can see that the republican side is not working as we see the actual decisions of the republican president america has right now. Second, Obama is very open minded, and seems to want to change america in a positive way. And third, he may finally lower the hate of the US around the world which will protect the country for terrorism as well.

  26. torybauman22 says:

    I would vote for John McCain becuase he seems like he knows exactly what he wants to do and is confident in carrying out his ideas. I like his national security and tax policies.

  27. stephieritchey says:

    I agree with everything he has to say and nothing the other dude says.

  28. walker123 says:

    I would vote for john mccain because he is the man and he has good policies.

  29. jjthornhill says:

    Basically if we vote for John McCain we are going to get another 4 years of George Bush’s policies. McCain basically supported everything Bush has done. Obama says we must ge out of Iraq in a slow but time efficient process, which I like. I think we need change. Obama for President

  30. lexare24 says:

    I think this is a day late, but I’m going to try anyways.

    I don’t really know that much about the candidates, honestly. But from what I do know, I would vote for Obama because I agree with a lot of his policies. Plus, I think we need a democrat in the White House and not another “George Bush”.

  31. samkoonce says:

    Same with Alexa but let’s see how your Friday night was. I don’t know much about the candidates exept that McCain has more similar views to Bush then Obama does and therefore I think our country is better off continuing with a Republican.

  32. cassandrak says:

    I think that the democrats think way better than repubicans so I defenetly think Obama should win. I agree with alot of his opinions and think that things that would change would only change to the better.

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