Will young people vote in this election?

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B2 class got into this topic yesterday – candidates always attempt to rally the youth vote, but when the election happens, the youth vote doesn’t turn out.
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What do you think?

Voter turnout results for our Module 3 test survey – 74%
A3 / A4 / A6 – 100%
A5 – 69%
B3 – 63%
B2 – 50%
B5 – 33%

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33 Responses to Will young people vote in this election?

  1. ethan104 says:

    i think that a lot of youth dont vote in the election because they still think that it does not really affect them while they are in college. also, a lot of young people do not know much about the the election because we are usually watching movies and tv shows instead of watching presidential debates.

  2. patrickwaugh says:

    I think that the young people do vote. Even though they might not know much about the election, they still vote. They will probaly vote for whoever their family or friends vote for. The youth voting has to put some votes higher for other people but not much.

  3. nickmace says:

    I think that the majority of young people don’t vote because they do not truly understand the issues that the candidates are covering yet. I think that if they did they would definitely vote. Also, if young people do vote it isn’t with any thought, but by who their family is voting for.

  4. mastronardi says:

    I don’t think they get as many young adults as they would like mainly because they are lazy and want people to bring them the ballot instead of them waisting there time going there. If you are a more mature young adult you would but most young adults I assume don’t.

  5. isaline says:

    I think the young votes is important, and as one candidate on the Republican party, Huckabee said, that they are only going to be alive for maybe 30 years, that these changes wil not affect their life alot, however for younger people this is just the begginning of life, and the candidates we vote for, are the ones who will do the changes in the america the youngs will be living in in the future. I think is important that young people vote, becaue it is ‘our’ country (not america in my case) so we must want the best for it.

  6. luisthiele says:

    Hi mr Kennedy i do think that young votes is really important , but the problem is that adults think that young people do not have the responsability to vote or they that young people do not understand about politics enough to vote.But I if young people start to learn about politics in a young age in the future they will make a better decison and maybe make the world a better place to live.

  7. christinae says:

    I think that the reason to why a lot of young people don’t vote is because they don’t know a lot about politics and what they are actually voting for. I also think that many are not that interested in politics because they think it doesn’t effect them. And they might think that a vote from them doesn’t make any difference. I think that if youths learn more about the importance of politicts and voting, more people would vote

  8. cassandrak says:

    I think that the young poeple dont vote because it doesnt really effect them. The young who does vote probably vote the same as their parents. I think that it is important for the younger to understand all the political things because they are the once who will make changes for the future. The older people will vote for what is important for them in their age and they had a very different life then younger who will get effected by every choice we make today.

  9. jczinski says:

    I think that young people do not vote because they just don’t care. Young voters are lazy and only participate in things that they find as fun or interesting. Also voting for young people is something new for them because they have never voted before. Young people like to keep doing what they have always done and usually don’t find interest in participating in new activities. Also some of the young people that do vote just end up voting for whoever their parents vote for.

  10. eaoki says:

    I do not understand why young people would not vote. I mean, I think by the time people are 18 they are old enough to understand what is going on with politics/voting. Even if someone votes right when they are 18 in an election, and they do not understand anything, the president selected is going to run for at least four years from then. During the four years until the person gets to 22 years of age, the person should be able to see which party/president they like. From then, they would make their own decisions that would be good for them.

    One reason I can think on why young people do not vote is because they are not interested in politics/voting. This will go for the rest of their life though, unless they start thinking differently all of a sudden. Some people are just not interested, and don’t care even it effects them.

  11. michaelx says:

    I think that only some young people vote. I think that they vote for who ever their families and friends vote for. I think some of them do not vote because they do not really understand the issues that are being faught and debated over. Since they do not understand they do not know what side to take and who to vote for.

  12. andrewg23 says:

    I think young people to vote. Its harsh to say young people don’t vote, because a lot of people don’t vote in the elections. But if they are not sitting in the middle and do not know who to vote for, I am sure they vote for who their family is voting for and/or their friends.

  13. bmurray13 says:

    I think that most youth believe that there vote will not change the outcome of the election. Also they are lazy and do not want to take the time to go to a voting station. Another factor that contribute to the fact that few young people vote is because they also have not formed politcal views.

  14. cynarodriguez says:

    i think young people don’t vote because it’s either they don’t care about it or it wouldn’t affect them anyway. i don’t even think they understand everything about the politics and how it rolls. some don’t even vote.

  15. acalabrese says:

    I think the younger people do not vote because they do not think that their individual vote will really matter. I also think alot of them just simply do not care about voting and are just lazy to actually go out and vote.

  16. stephenkimsey says:

    I think that most young adults do not vote because they do not understand everything that is in politics and who would make a better president so they just stay out of it. Next November I will be voting because I will be 18 and I’ll be proud when the GUY I voted for wins.

  17. luis9050 says:

    Mexico has the same problem and I think that the causes are the same as in the US, the young people do not really care what is going on in politics, they have different interest than politics, so they do not put attention to the articles about it , not all of them but the mayority are like that. So if they vote they might vote for the one they think is the best one or for the one that their friends are going to vote. Also I think that they really do not care because they think that they are not going to get affected by the winner.

  18. anthonysasso says:

    I think that young people don’t vote because they don’t care about what is going on in politics. Since it is always the same talk about health care or whatever and i don’t think that interests any of the young people in the US.

  19. frizzibschorer says:

    I think that most of the young people don’t vote because they think that voting is not important at all, or they just don’t care. Those who vote may vote for the person their family or friends vote for.

  20. maxmusician says:

    If you are 18 years old, you smart enough to vote. I don’t understand this topic! I think the guy who had finished high school knows for sure SOME REASONS FOR VOTING.

  21. miaaa says:

    i think young adults dont vote because they dont really care about it or they think that it wouldnt affect them… young adults are very important in elections though…

  22. shaaz says:

    The youth votes are as important as of any other age group. I think the youth doesn’t vote as they do not se a candidate that represents them. Most of the candidates that take part in the election are 50+ years of age and they lack energy. I think the youth will get behind the younger, more energetic candidate Barack Obama in the upcoming eection. He will inspire the youth enough to get them out of their houses and to the poll booth.

  23. abdulsihag says:

    i think that youth are not voting because all they want to do is to have fun, and having any kind of president doesn’t matter to them.

  24. claytormey says:

    I think that the youth does not vote because they dont care enough. Sure, the youth voice their opinions her and there, but the fact of the matter is that they just don’t care that much. They dont care enough to make the effort to go to the poll booth and vote. Adults care a lot more about this. Also, the youth tends to not do much research about politics so they dont know why they are voting for who they are.

  25. joaocamargo says:

    I think most young adults do not vote because they do not understand everything. They think their opinion is not very important, however it matters a lot. Some young adults do not know much about politics, but if they read and inform themselves, they would have great opinions.

  26. rebeccagraff says:

    I think that most of young people doesn´t vote because they do not care about what is going on in the politics. Maybe the candidates are not providing enough information aimed to the young voters. If they did that maybe they young voters would vote more often because they felt the candidates cared about their opinions. There is a big mistrust between politicians and the people and that is the biggest reaon why people don´t vote.

  27. ambry242 says:

    I think that young people do not vote because they do not have enough experience with the country. So if they vote they might vote for the wrong person and it might damage the system. They don’t have enough knowledge.

  28. christinamiller123 says:

    I think that being able to vote is a priveledge and should be taken seriously. And I am tired of people comlaining about the current president but yet they didn’t take the time to go out and vote for their choice. Young people should vote because they make up a large population of Americans and have the power to swing the election one way or the other. I don’t think young people go to the polls because they are lazy and/or they are afraid of being the only young person in the room. Go out vote for your candidate. It’s your consitutional right!!!

  29. tomtomtomtomtom says:

    I think that most youth just dont care about poilitics. I know I dont. Even if they do care most of them just wont get around to voting. The day I am allowed to vote isn’t going to be very important to me. I see all the politicians as the same. They all have different views and they make their promises. But it doesnt affect me. Maybe when I am older and I have a job politics will affect me. But for now it doesn’t. Young people may also vote for people for the wrong reasons. Maybe they just like the way a candidate dresses so they vote for him/her.

  30. mikulik says:

    In my opinion young people dont think much about government. They focus on different things and they are not very interested in politics in a younger age. I think, it is a good thing that they dont vote, because some of them really dont have any clue what president would bring happines to the country.

  31. danyelz says:

    I believe that the great majority of young adults chose not to vote, fort they do not know or do not take an interest in what is going on in the political world. Most adolescents tend to believe the outcome of the election wont effect them or wont be important to them. Most just cant be bothered to take an interest and vote. Therefore It is fair to say that vary few young people will vote i this election.

  32. philiplea says:

    I think the reason why young people do not vote is because is for one, they wouldn’t really know who to vote for but I think the main reason why is because they are just too lazy

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