Blog it Up! Jan 29 – Feb 8

POSTS – 5 due by Feb 8.  Rules are posted in the previous “blog it up” post.  As always, no “uncategorized” posts.

Additional requirements this week:

1.  please number your posts (1 through 5) in their title.
2.  Syriana – One of your posts should discuss the movie.  You can write about your opinion, something you learned, etc.
3.  Current Events/Politics – One of your posts should cover one of the candidates, results or issues around the presidential primaries.  Include a photo of the person/topic you are covering.  Florida’s primary is Tue, Jan 29.  “Super Tuesday” (24 states hold a primary) is Tue, Feb 5.  Results are here.  The candidates positions on the issues are here.

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5 Responses to Blog it Up! Jan 29 – Feb 8

  1. miaaa says:

    mr k! i wouldnt be there to finish the movie… what should i do?

  2. good question Mia… just do your best. Maybe write about the part you have seen – or do some research online (ie. – check “syriana” on wikipedia for a plot synopsis)

  3. mikulik says:

    Mr. Kennedy can I write about the election of the president in Czech Republic for the current events/politics post?

  4. Jakub, I would love for you to write about the Czech election.
    However, I also want you to write a post about the US election

  5. nickmace says:

    Hey I just saw your reply. I do not have a upcoming college visit planned yet but I will let you know when I do. It will most likely be a D1 or D2 school in Florida.

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