Helpful Hints

Thanks to my A3 class for putting this together.

1.  How to write a post – go to “my dashboard”. Click “write”.  Give the post a title, 150+ words with correct SPG (spelling, punctuation, grammar),  then assign a category to the post.  Click “publish”.

2.  How to change the theme – go to the “Presentation” tab on your dashboard and choose a theme you like and click “activate” in the preview if you want keep it or the “X” on the left to exit out.  Click “view site” (top of page) to see how it looks.

3.  How to add a photo – below the text editor box you will see 4 tabs – “upload – browse all – videos – slideshows”.  In the ‘upload’ tab, browse to find a photo on your computer, upload, and choose “thumbnail” for a small photo or “full size” for a large photo to go into your post.  Click “send to editor” and the photo will be moved into the editor box where you can re-size to make it fit in your post.

4.  How to add a video – go to “videos” tab.  Copy and paste the link to the video into the box.  *make sure you don’t have “http://” in that box twice (a common mistake).  Click “Send to Editor” and it will move this encoded link in to the text editor.  Move the link above or below your text, whichever you prefer.

5.  How to add or change a profile picture – go to your “My Account ” (top left) and scroll down to “edit profile”.  Click “browse” and choose a picture.  Click “upload image” and “crop image” after you have chosen the part of the photo you want to display.

6.  How to change the Image Header (the photo in the title bar of your blog *Not all themes have an Image Header*.  At the dashboard, click on “Presentation”, then “Custom Image Header”.  Go to Upload New Header Image box (halfway down page) and click on “Browse”. Select the picture you desire, than click “Upload”. Select the part of the picture you want to be shown than click on “Crop Header”.

7.  How to add a new link to the blogroll – go to Dashboard. Click on blogroll. Click on “add link” at the top of the page. Give it a title (this will display on your page), type in the link, description (if you want) and assign it to a category (on the right).  Click “add link.”

8.  How to edit a category title (posts or blogroll) – go to dashboard and click “Manage”. Click on “Categories”. Choose the category you want to change and click “edit.” Change the title and click “edit category”.

9.  How to manage comments – go to dashboard and click the “Comments” tab.  There you can view all comments and have the choice of options: edit, delete, unapproved or spam.

10.  How to spellcheck – click the “ABC” button on the editor toolbar.  All misspelled words will be underlined in red. Then click on the word and possible corrections will be shown.  *You still need to proofread to catch words that are spelled correctly, but used incorrectly.

11.  How to create a slideshow – click on “slideshows” tab under the text editor.  Click on “ instructions”.  Follow the instruction to upload photos (hold down the CTRL key while clicking photos to choose multiple photos at a time). will upload the photos and then ask you to sign into wordpress.  Your slideshow will be automatically imported to your blog.   *It may take a few minutes for your slide show to appear.   As always, click “view site” at the top of the dashboard page to see if it worked.

What else can we add to this list?

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