Benazir Bhutto killed in Pakistan

If you’re wondering who did it and why – read this from the BBC.   

Here is an excellent first hand account from a news photographer, John Moore of Getty Images, who was there when the suicide bomber attacked.

As we’ve discussed this year, Pakistan is a very dangerous place right now – for Pakistanis and the rest of the world.   It’s a nation with deep infiltration by Al Qaeda AND nuclear weapons.

On a personal note – I had just seen “A Mighty Heart” (a movie about the kidnapping and murder of an American journalist by terrorists in Pakistan) the night before this took place, so the timing was strange for me.  I watched the movie and fell asleep.  When I woke in the morning, I read that Bhutto was dead.  The same forces that killed Daniel Pearl are most likely responsible for Bhutto’s death.

We’ll talk more about this when we return to school.

update: This could be one interesting development in the story.

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