Dodgeball: Why We Play

By now, many of you have heard the buzz about PDA – Pendleton Dodgeball Academy.  Although we are having fun with it, and we’re looking forward to a student vs. teachers tournament coming soon, we can’t lose sight of the reason we are dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and dodging.

PDA will be competing in a charity tournament for juvenile diabetes this Saturday, Dec 8.  In addition, next week we will be collecting donations (including a $3 dress down day on Wed, Dec 12) for a local family who is affected by the disease.  The money we are raising is helping buy and train a dog that can warn another person if a patient’s blood sugar is too high or too low.  

Please donate what you can.  Our goal is $7,500.  

We’ll continue the fundraising after the holiday break with a Pendleton dodgeball tournament.  So start forming your student teams and get your entry fees ready.  The teachers look forward to the challenge from the students – although we know we are unbeatable.  Bring your best game. 

And your donation.  For Abby. 

My name is April and I have one daughter, Abby.  Abby was diagnosed 17 months ago with Juvenile Diabetes Type I.   Abby is not stabilizing with the daily insulin shots that were prescribed by the doctors at the hospital and has been suffering from seizures.  She needs constant monitoring.  We have learned about “Heaven Scent Paws” (HSP) in Saint Elizabeth, Missouri.  HSP trains dogs to know when a diabetic is either too high or too low in their blood sugar count.  Abby, being just 3, cannot tell me when she is in trouble.  One of these irreplaceable dogs would be at her side at all times and could alert me, day or night, and perhaps, save her life.  These dogs take about $25,000 to raise, train, place, and provide follow-up services.  However, if we go to Missouri for 3 weeks of training, HSP will provide the dog, the hotel, and all the training as well as do their part in fundraising.  Our fundraising goal on our end is $7,500 and they will provide the rest.  As many of you already know, I am a single mom with very limited funds. NEVER did I think we would be in a position that
I would have to ask for help.  However, I am in exactly that position and I am asking, most respectfully, for your help.

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  1. taeheunglim says:

    MR .Kennedy I will love to play. I really want to play so, you have to help me how to sign up, and I like to drop a bomb in your hip with my 100 m/h speed Dodgeball. I love you Mr.Kennedy have a nice weekend. And I already gave money to help that girl, and I hope many people help her.

  2. mintzmintz says:

    Mr.Kennedy, I’m notsure that I will or I will not play but for sure I will donate some moneys. Last, have a nice weekend and see you on Tuesday.

  3. melh716 says:

    Wow! I have never heard of the HSP and am schocked that there is even such a thing. I mena I have heard about the dogs that help blind people but never this. And I don’t think that I will play in the tournament becuase I have a tennis tournament pretty much every week when I get back from our break. But I will gladly doante some money.

  4. cassandrak says:

    Hey Mr Kennedy.. I will not be able to play but I will donate for sure! My grandpa has diabetes but the second type and he was not born with it. He is now 84 and had it since he was younger. He always had help if something happend from our grandma but she died 3 years ago so now he has to pretty much take care of himself which is sometimes hard for him. He needs to remember when to take his shots and if he dont he will have these insulin-feelings or whatever.. Well I can only imagine how hard it must be for Abby and her mom…

  5. gmolinaro says:

    WOW Mr K i didnt think that dogs could do shuch things. i will help fpr sure but i will not be able to play!! am sorry. i feel bad for that small girl. i know a person that has these problems and i feel sorry for them. Mr K PDA is a cool idea now i understand why u had that shirt. bye sir

  6. marcus242 says:

    I reallly like the idea of this PDA thing. I never thought it was for such a good cause like this. I have never heard of this before but i think that the dog idea is a great idea. I will definatly be contributing to this cause and i wouldnt mind playing.

  7. patrickwaugh says:

    I think that is a sad story. Also i think that the dog would help abby, it seems benificial to her. I would help contribute for this though. I would sign up for dogeball but i dont think that i would have enough time, although dogeball is very fun. If a student team was formed i belive that the score would be close.

  8. kanhai330 says:

    The dog will definatley help abby and my sympathy goes to hey. I will try to contribute as much as I can. With soo much going on, I will try to sign up for dodgeball, it will be a lot of fun.

  9. christinamiller123 says:

    I think that it is very unfortunate that Abby was born with this disease, but ultimatly I think it will make her a stronger person, as well as her mom. I must commend her mom for doing all she can for her daughter and asking for help. Asking for help isn’t the easiet thing in the world to do. I have not heard of HSP either but if the doctors are sure that it is going to work than I will do my best to help. I would have to read up on this HSP though because I am kinda skeptical that a dog can be trained to do this. About the dodgeball tournament, I would love to play, I just have to check my schedual. And the teachers are going down! especially if “Miller Time” plays.

  10. christinae says:

    Aww this is so sad, and I will definitely donate money to help her. I can’t promise that i will participate in the dodgeball though. And that is really amazing that dogs can be trained to do that. My friend had diabetes, i dont know what type, she was really down for like a month after she found out. But Abby’s case is definitely worse. I hope she gets all the help that she needs.

  11. dclose says:

    That is a really sad story. I feel bad for the mother. But it has to be worse for Abby. She is three years old and she probably has no clue what is actually wrong with her; she must be so scared.
    I do not think that I will be able to be on the dodgeball team. However, I know who is ever going to be on it will not loose to a bunch of teachers!

  12. jackdaru33 says:

    It’s pretty sad to hear about Abby’s situation. Unfortunately, Abby probably is one out of a thousand need help. We can only do so much. But, I am glad we are going to try and help Abby out. I’m not sure if I will be participating in the dodgeball tournament but I will definitely donate money. If I do join a team, the teacher’s team will definitely be the one to beat.

  13. csmlakar09 says:

    Abby’s story is very sad but in a positive way, it will make her a stronger person. It made me reflect on how fortunate I am to live the life that I do and have the opportunites that have been presented to me. I don’t think that I will be able to play in the dodgeball tournament but I would love to donate towards the Diabetes cause.

  14. luisthiele says:

    It is pretty sad to hear about Abby’s story. Yo Mr Kennedy for sure i will help her i just when i can back for sure i will donate and by the way i will play the dogball tournament

  15. eaoki says:

    I really wish Abby and her mother luck.
    I hope they will be able to get a dog as soon as possible.
    I’ve heard of these dogs – they help a lot – they can save people from death
    I will not be able to play – as you know I’m not going to be there.
    I don’t think the students will lose to teachers though…
    but you guys have been practicing a lot…I don’t know!

  16. jmorse09 says:

    mmm well the whole dog thing sounds a little bit flawed from what i have heard but its a very nive thing to do… and dodgeball would be a blast but im not sure i could handle losing to the teachers so we might have to do something aboout that.

  17. sadie011 says:

    The story about Abby is very sad, and i hope everything works out for her and her family. I think that dressing down and the dodgeball game is a good idea, and it will benefit toward the cause very well. I hope that we do reach our goal. I wont be able to be in the dodgeball tournament but i will watch the tournament, and support by donating.

  18. pabloserna says:

    I think is very sad this story and I hope that everything ends with a good story, god will help this family and the dog as well.

    I want to play dogde ball, it will be very cool and I think that all my room is going to sign up.

    I am prepared to beat all the teachers in this game, it is obvious that they are going to lose…lol

  19. isaline says:

    – Well i think it is a very nice gesture from the school, for trying to donate the money, but I honeslty think this money could be used for a better puspuse, as for people who do not have food or a place to be, insterad to raise a dog, I mean the dog could die the day after it’s baught. Is 7,500$ for one person, when we could use for many more. However obviously I am going to donate, anything to help I will do.
    – I do not think I will come see the tournament, or maybe I will i do not know, I will see when it comes up.
    – And third, honeslty Mr. Kennedy do you really think you can beat a student??! I doubt it, but dreaming never killed…, so for all the teacher, keep dreaming =)))

  20. maxmusician says:

    It is very sad that such little girl is in danger. I think the dog will help her to survive, and then when she’ll grow up, that dog will be her best friend. I always participate in donating, and when I’ll be back I will pay seven dollars more. I think that I will not have an opportunity to play the dodge ball because my sister is going to play the Orange bowl, and I will go with her. But anyways I wish you to spend a good time during the holiday break. :)

  21. walker123 says:

    i am not sure than i am be able to play dodgeball but i will make sure to donate i think it is ver important to give back because we are so fortunate to be able to go to img. so i will try to give as much money as i can to make this little girl fell happy because i think that everbody should have a good christmas.

  22. michael19913 says:

    I want to play this game so badly!!! I will donate tis as well it is a good activity that everyone should enjoy this game. Let us help this little girl out!!!!

  23. jiganti says:

    Mr. Kennedy, I will surely donate but I don’t think I can play dodgeball. It’s surprising that dogs have the capability to do this and I wonder how they train them to have the ability to detect someone’s blood pressure. Certainly an interesting way to help out a small child who doesn’t have the ability to let you know whether its blood pressure is too high or low.

  24. dirkr says:

    -I feel very sorry for Abby and her family after reading this. It is sad that an innocent child has something this bad happening to her. I think that the dog will help greatly and is neccesary for her to have since she is so young and does not know what is going on.
    -I will definitely be signing up for the Pendleton dodgeball tournament and I will definitely donate whatever money I can to this cause because Abby needs it much more than I do.
    -Also, I have played the teachers team on one occasion and I know what they play like so I think defeating them will be possible.

  25. jjthornhill says:

    I am truly happy that Pendleton and whoever else had the idea to donate to a shild in need. With the help of the dog, she and her family can live with out worry. I hope you have fun playing and I hope you reach your goal.

  26. frizzibschorer says:

    I feel so sorry for the little Abby… And I really hope that Pendleton will soon has donated enough money for the dog. No, I don’t think that it would be a good idea for me to sign up for the Pendleton Dodgeball Academy Tournament because with me in the team we would even lose to the teachers. If some really good dodgeballplayers sign up they will easily kill ( I mean really kill =) the teachers. And of course another reason (actually the major reason) why I cannot play, because I am injured…

  27. M^_-rc says:

    I feel really bad for Abby, I hope the event is excellent and the money raised exceeds the goal of 7.5k and that the dog aids Abby and that the event raises the awareness of diabetes. I’d play but I’m not sure If I have enough time to play dodgeball, but I’d donate.

  28. trubino says:

    That is sad for a 3 year old girl going through this, hopefully we at Pendleton can raise enough money to help her out. It would be a great Christmas present. I would like to play the teachers in the dodgeball tournament and you guys have no chance against the students.

  29. josh07 says:

    When is the dodgeball?

  30. jjthornhill says:

    Adding to my comment, I will not be able to play because i am slammed with homework for the next week. But I am looking forward to seeing you an”potsy” get hit…sorry, but I think the students will win

  31. Leo Gomez says:

    so let me get this straight…we r gonna have a dodgeball tournament? sweeet!! i love these weird sports that doenst exist in brazil!!! ahahaah
    but is it a tournament with knock-out and everything or just challenges?i thinka tournament would be better…
    and yeah im ready for it, but no im not ready to loose to Mr. K & company… cause its not going to happen
    and about the donation, I will try to get some money, maybe steeling from my roommates…ahaha just kidding

  32. ethan104 says:

    i love dodgeball but i dont think i will be able to play, ill definately try to donate money to help the cause

  33. josesierra says:

    I dont think i will be able to play dodgeball mr.k, but I will donate some money ..

  34. blmartin says:

    I have never played dodgeball but I will be very willing to play for the first time and learn about the sport. I will be able to donate money for the sport because it is for a good cause.

  35. cynarodriguez says:

    I never knew dogs could help people that way. I’m up for the game and donating. I hope alot people support her.

  36. abdulsihag says:

    Dodgeball would be pretty fun to play but I probably might have no time to play, I will help though.

  37. xoxospartaxoxo says:

    I will not play in the tournament, but I have already given money and made the posters around school to encourage people to make a contribution.

  38. fateh1 says:

    I am not sure weather i will be able to play but i will donate the money.

  39. joanap says:

    I had never heard about HSP.. but after i read this i had tears in my eyes…. it was so sad… i feel sorry for abby and her family and what they are going through….. I will not be play unfortunately, but i will for sure donate money.

  40. samkoonce says:

    I should be able to play dodgeball as long as my wrist holds up. i have already donated some money and i will donate some more. that sucks for her and her family and i feel awful.

  41. zsteinberger says:

    I am so getting one of those dogs because that is awesome. I cannot wait to see this legendary dodge ball game. Also, I will definitely do what I can to help Abby and everyone else in the world who are hurting.

  42. ambry242 says:

    I am really sorry about that little girl. I will help pay. And i think the Dodgeball thing is very smart thing and everyone loves to pay it. I hope that there is enough money to help the little girl. i will be happy to play dodgeball, but hopefully i have time to play it because i might have something to do with soccer. but if i can i will

  43. filippopoma says:

    This is sad for this girl. I am going to pay, it is a good cause, everyone should have to pay. Hopefully we raise all of it!
    i dont if im going to play dogeball because of all the examens and everything going on but i think i will.

  44. rebeccagraff says:

    I feel really sorry for that little girl, and I hope they family would be able to get the money. I am for sure going to donate some money for the girl. I think it is a fun thing with PDA, I do not think I would be able to play because I have tournaments.

  45. bmurray13 says:

    I am planning on participating in the dodge ball tournament and I think though all of us donating is great if we want to reach our goal we need to turn to sources who have more money at there disposal than us (parents/relatives).It is sad for a girl at such a young age to have to struggle with a problem as big as that which could rob her of her life if she isn’t watched properly.

  46. michaelx says:

    O for sure I am going to sign up and play. I can’t wait to beat the teachers in dodgeball. I think it is a great idea to raise money for this little girl Abby. I hope everything works out for her and she fights through this.

  47. mastronardi says:

    This is a very sad story i hope every does donate and that we pass the goal that we set. But i would definitely play a game o dodge ball.

  48. maxxx13 says:

    hey mr. kennedy, jus wanted to say that i think what you guys are doing is really amazing and that i will forsure donate, and hopefully will be able to play so i can teach you guys a lesson about dodgeball. How close are you guys to achieving the goal of $7,500?

  49. sallywatson says:

    Hey Mr. K
    I will definately donate for sure, and i will definately come and watch and hopefully the students will kick ass. I can’t play because of a knee injury, I wish I could though. Anyway I hope our school can do its bit to help Abby and her mum out. Merry Christmas to everyone and if you are not Christian then Happy Holidays!

  50. josh07 says:

    Mr K!!
    I donated to that girl. sad sorry but I wish her and her mother all the best. I wana play in the dodgeball! its sounds like so much fun! Have a great holiday Mr K!!!

  51. mikhailm says:

    Hey Mr. K

    I want to donate to that girl. I feel sorry for her and would do anything to make her feel better. I’m not in the academy but once I get back, I will definitely organize a team in order to cooperate with the fundraising activity. I can guarantee that my team will for sure kick the teacers team ass !

  52. nickmace says:

    Hey Mr. K I really do want to play in the dodgeball tournament. Me and a few others are already forming a team. I hope the TEACHERS are ready for OUR team because we are textbook good! haha. I feel really bad for them and the situation they are in and the dog that can tell the pressure is actually really cool!…although not in the best situation, but you get what I mean. It makes me reflect on how lucky I am. Have a great holiday break and let me know what the entry fee is so we can start putting our money together for this cause!

  53. lexare24 says:

    Juvenile diabetes is a really difficult thing to deal with and my heat goes out to Abby and her family. I think that the dog is a really cool idea though, especially because not only can it help her to save her life, but it can also be a comforting friend to her. A little love from a dog can put a smile on anyone’s face. I don’t know if I will be able to play in the dodgeball tournament or not. I would really like to though so I will check it out. :-) Have a good holiday Mr. Kennedy! I hope that Abby and her family have a good one too :-)

  54. claytormey says:

    This is a really sad story. I cant imagine what it must be like for her. The sad thing is that she is not the only one. There are many other people like her around the country. I really like the idea of the dog though. I will defnietely donate money, but am too busy woith basketball right now so I probably wont e able to join a team.

  55. clendl1 says:

    That is really cool that they are able to train a dog that knows when your blood sugar is too high or too low. I have already donated money but i am not sure if i am going to play in the dodgeball or not.

  56. andrewg23 says:

    It is always sad to hear about situations like this. But there are also thousands of other people, some I know who never get any help at all. It is amazing to hear that technology has advanced so far and we can train dogs to do such things like this. I would love to play dodgeball, it is a really fun game.

  57. anthonysasso says:

    It is really unfortunate to suffer from this disease but luckily enough, there are people that want to help and she is very lucky for that too. I think it is amazing how a dog can be trained to determine blood sugar and i would not mind playing some dodgeball.

  58. mareksiwy says:

    I do not know if I will play,but I already donated some money. Anyways, I wish you all merry christmas and happy new year,see you soon guys

  59. acalabrese says:

    I would be honored to give money to such a good cause, Abby absolutely deserves that money, and it would be great if everybody could chip in. I would also love to play in the dodgeball game, that would be so awesome, and I think my team would win mainly because I am on it. AJ Calabrese = sheer domination, I am just going to warn you now, so heads up anybody who goes against me, because you are going down.

  60. miapix says:

    i wish i could play, not! haha:)) it would be fun though! :)) I already donated some money:))
    see you Mr. K! Have a Merry Christmas and a HAppy New Year people:)

  61. tylercurrence says:

    I think that it is great to donate money towards this cause. This seems like it could be an important invest for this little girl. I hope the money is raised. I think incorporating dodgeball as a reward for donating is a fun way to reward those who donate.

  62. luis9050 says:

    Mr. Kennedy actually is a very good idea because you can have a lot of fun and at the same time its a good idea to help with some donations and everything. Also I would like to play against the teachers and see what happen. I hope that I can join soon.

  63. joaocamargo says:

    Mr. Kennedy, i am planning in participating in dodgeball, i will make sure to donate money to help.

  64. stephenkimsey says:

    duck dip dodge and 2 others dont remember.

  65. stephieritchey says:

    This is really awesome. I would love to donate money to help this little girl. I know that it is hard to love with this and it must be hard on the parents as well. I would love to support the team, but I don’t play dodgeball. Sorry. This is a really great idea and I hope it works out.

  66. mikulik says:

    I wish the girl the best and I hope that she will get enough money to solve her problems.

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