Frontline: Spying on the Home Front

“How many rights are you willing to give up in order to feel safer from terrorism?  (civil liberties vs. national security)

You can find the list of video chapters here.

View each chapter and write a brief summary.  This should be done as a blog post in the following format:

Chapter 1 summary –

Chapter 2 summary – 

Chapter 3 summary – 

Chapter 4 summary –

Chapter 5 summary –

Conclusion:  YOUR opinion… Do you believe it is acceptable for the government to infringe on certain civil liberties (such as broad, warrantless email & phone surveillance inside the United States) if it will keep the nation safe from another large-scale terrorist attack?  Why?

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2 Responses to Frontline: Spying on the Home Front

  1. philiplea says:

    Mr. Kenndey the Frontline site just keeps skipping on me… I let it buffer and then i try to rewind it so that i can listen to it properly but it still doesnt work…

  2. Phil (and anyone else having trouble)
    if you’re having trouble viewing the video, it could be a couple of things.
    1. your internet connection is too congested (all the users on the same wireless) or
    2. you have two many programs open and running.

    it’s most likely the first.

    try it a couple of times. Don’t worry about it now if it won’t work, we can cover it in class.

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