Blog It Up! Requirements – Tue Nov 27 to Fri Nov 30

-One post per day.  Each post must be at least 150 words or you will not receive credit.  Double check your word count.  Press “save and continue” in the editor to get an accurate word count.  

1a.  CATEGORIES for posts.  Please organize your posts into logical categories.   You should have no “uncategorized” posts.

2.  “HOW TO BETTER PREPARE” – With one of your posts this week I would like you to write how you could have better prepared for the 2.1 test.  And what you will do differently to get ready for the 2.2 test – which will be much like the last one.

3.  CURRENT EVENTS – please write your Friday, Nov 30 post about something happening in the news in the United States or your home country.  You can choose any news story, but please include a link and a photo related to the article you are talking about in your post.  No sports news, no entertainment news.

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