Vacation Blogging? All-Star and extra credit!

due to your suggestions, I have decided to offer you an opportunity to get some extra credit and the chance to be a blogging all-star.

If you write everyday from Saturday, Nov 17 to Monday, Nov 26 you will be named  a blogging all-star and therefore, get your free day pass AND a bonus 15 extra credit points.

I realize this is going to be difficult with all of our travel, tournaments, family visits, etc.  But if you can maintain your daily writing, you deserve some credit.

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9 Responses to Vacation Blogging? All-Star and extra credit!

  1. filippopoma says:

    i got this, youll see

  2. pabloserna says:

    im gonna do it because I need some extra credit on this class

  3. josh07 says:

    thats wassup Mr K! I am finally gona make all stars and I need this extra credit!

  4. carlossan717 says:

    i definitley need this thanks mr kennedy!!!!

  5. hankkrauss says:

    thank you so much mr.k and i love whoever made this suggestion

  6. good luck everyone, I hope many of you get the extra credit and the day off.

    And for the record, this idea was Sally Watson’s suggestion. So Tigre, you can thank her.

  7. Leo Gomez says:

    Mr. K, do we need to blog up to date to recieve the credits? I mean.. if I start to blog on the holliday and forget one day do I miss all the credid or if I blog for that day on the following day I stil have the credit?
    wow…confusing question..

  8. jackdaru33 says:

    This will make up for my test.

  9. rebeccagraff says:

    Mr, Kennedy, is it ok if I start blogging tuesday and make up the blogs for the past days?

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