Movie Night – “Lions for Lambs”

Update:  If you went to the movie with us, please post your movie review in the comments.

Monday, Nov 12 – we’ll leave from Pendleton at 6:30pm.
There is limited room on the bus so it’s first come, first serve.  Party bus rolls at 6:45pm.

For more info on the movie – see here, here or here.
For those of who that came to see “The Kingdom”, you may find this an interesting related film.


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2 Responses to Movie Night – “Lions for Lambs”

  1. josh07 says:

    Mr K as I am not in school today and won’t see you until Monday I was just wondering if it was a possibility that I go on the trip? I would love to go and see that movie.

  2. lexare24 says:

    hey mr kennedy….i would like to go and see the movie…is it ok if I meet you guys there since i am off campus…that way I can definitely go and I wouldn’t be taking up a spot for someone who can’t get an alternative ride?

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