Blog It Up! Requirements – Sat Nov 3 to Fri Nov 9

1. POSTS (same as always)
-One post per day.  Each post must be at least 150 words or you will not receive credit.  Double check your word count.  Press “save and continue” in the editor to get an accurate word count.  

1a.  CATEGORIES for posts.  Please organize your posts into logical categories.  In other words, if I click on one of your categories, I will only see posts related to that word or phrase.  For example, a student has a category called “my sport”.  If I click on that category, all of the posts that come up should be related to that student’s sport.  Some ideas for categories…. “school work”, “movies”, “music”, “dorm life”, “family”, “soccer/futbol”, “MLB”, “NFL”, “current events”, “my country”, etc etc.   If you need some ideas for categories, take a look at some of your classmates blogs to see how other people are organizing their posts.  You should have no “uncategorized” posts.

2. PROFILE PHOTO (many of you already have this done) – add a photo to your profile.  Go to “dashboard”, then “my profile” on the top right of the page.  On the profile page you can add a photo – browse, upload, crop and save.  Your photo will be sa ved and will appear with any comments you make.  Which leads to…..

3. CONTACT EMAIL (many of you already have this done) – go to “my profile” and change your contact email to your personal email account.  You then have to go to that personal email account, open the email from wordpress, and click on the link inside to make the email change effective.

4.  CLASS PARTICIPATION – please read and post a comment on this week’s “class participation” post.

5.  CURRENT EVENTS – please write your Friday, Nov 9 post about something happening in the news in the United States or your home country.  You can choose any news story, but please include a link to the article you are talking about in your post.  No sports news, no entertainment news.

6. SUPREME COURT CASES – if, for any reason, you did not make a “supreme court case” presentation in class this week, you have until saturday morning to email it to me.  Click here for the instructions if you need them.

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2 Responses to Blog It Up! Requirements – Sat Nov 3 to Fri Nov 9

  1. isaline says:

    Mr. Kennedy, u wrote on my post that i had forgoten #4 which was the class participation, however i did do it. It was the one with the numbers! Or maybe your are talking about something else i don’t know. Just to let you know

  2. xoxospartaxoxo says:

    I’m confused Mr. Kennedy. Although I received a 40/40 for this week’s blogging assignments, I have still failed to make it on your blogging superstars list. What am I doing wrong? What have I overlooked? Please let me know as I am now frustrated as well as confused. Thank you Mr. Kennedy!

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