The History of Halloween

There is a short, but thorough, description of the origins of Halloween here from the History Channel.

My favorite part of Halloween was, well except for the free candy of course, watching scary movies.  My favorite….. check out the comments.  And while you’re there, share with the class your favorite scary movie or book.  Why was it so terrifying?


Speaking of scary, you can pick up your report cards tomorrow from your mentor…

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57 Responses to The History of Halloween

  1. It’s hard to pick but “Jaws” scared the crap out of me, and still does. 25 years after seeing the movie, I still get nervous when I go swimming in the ocean. “Jacob’s Ladder” and “The Butterfly Effect” were scary, but also thought-provoking too. The scariest book – “Salem’s Lot” by Stephen King. I read this when I was 13 and on summer vacation at my uncle’s house in New Jersey. I had to put the book down at times because I was so scared at what was coming next. I slept with the light on for two weeks after I finished it.

  2. josh07 says:

    Well, I will be man enough to tell you but honestly…I HATE! scary movies and dont like any of that scary stuff. It digusting…i know i know I sound like a little girl, but I just HATE it. lol

  3. eaoki says:

    hey mr. kennedy!

    I can’t watch any scary movies. I have actually have fun watching scary movies and stuff but after the movie, when I go home, I can’t do anything. I wouldn’t be able to sleep for the next few days. I don’t like it when that happens, so I just refuse to watch scary stuff.

    For books, umm…I’ll probably be fine because most of the time I don’t understand anything when I read, so even if it’s a scary one, I wouldn’t know it’s scary. Since I don’t understand anything, I don’t read too many books unless it’s for homework.


  4. isaline says:

    The scariest movie for me, was defenatly The Texas ChaineSaw Massacre, it seemed all so real, and I hurd, it was based on a true story, like that really creeped me out, knowing a man out there in a state close from here, killing people in the worst imaginal way. thats scary!! Im defenilty not going to texas ever! The other one was proble When a stranger calls, and on top of that when i got home, it was all dark, and nobody was homee, but at least the phone did not ring!! This might seem very stupid, but i must confess i am really scared of scary movies,!!

  5. joanap says:

    One of the movies that I am terrified about it The son of Chucky, or any of those Chucky related. It scares me so bad, i don’t know why….. Another movie would have to be The Texas ChainesSaw Massacre, everything in that movie looks real….. And the worse thing is that it is based on a true story. Another movie that I went to watch the other day, but i did not like, it was no scary, but….. It would have to be the Saw. I could never imagine someone would like to kill people and torture people in such a possible way….. But in general scary movies are not my favorite….. :)

  6. frizzibschorer says:

    I usually don’t watch scary movies nor do I read scary books so that I can’t tell what the scariest for me was!! I think I watched only one movie that was supposed to be scary, “Scream 2”, and I and my friends were only laughing about it.

  7. dirkr says:

    I’ve seen some good scary movies but I never get scared by them. I guess I’m a real man. well at least I hope so. I like Chucky movies and a lot of Dakota Fanning movies.

  8. jackdaru33 says:

    The scariest movie I have ever seen was “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” I watched it at this girl’s house when I was 13 and I remember telling everyone how fake and stupid the movie was. I got home that night and I remembered that I was really tired. I went straight to sleep, except, I couldn’t sleep. There were times when I actucally looked around the room to see if anyone was in there. It was a pretty good movie though. Happy Halloween.

  9. samkoonce says:

    Jaws was a scary movie and it took place off of Martha’s Vineyard on a beach I have gone swimming at many times which is not a big deal or anything but the scariest movie I have ever seen was probably The Exorcist with Arachniphobia a close second because i fricken hate spiders.

  10. charliecaris says:

    My favorite scary movie is Silence of the Lambs. Actually, I like all the Hannibal Lector movies, but this was my favorite. Anthony Hopkins is the ultimate bad guy, and one of my favorite parts is when Lector tears off the guys face and wears it to get to the hospital. Then, I also like at the end when the murderer has the night vision goggles on and the girl has to get away from him.

  11. anthonysasso says:

    I am going to be honest i hate scary movies. when i was younger i watched the ring and it kind freaked me out so after that i pretty much gave up on scary movies

  12. miapiccio says:

    I hate scary movies but i still watch them anyways… I just have to be with a lot of friends. after watching scary movies i always can’t sleep at night. I’m still thinking about what happened and stuffs like that… My favorite scary movie is the Omen..;)

  13. csmlakar09 says:

    I love scary movies. My two favorite are Saw 1 and High Tension. The first time i watched Saw 1, I was in my friends basement and it was 1:00 in the morning. I had to turn off the tv and wait about an hour before I could fall asleep. High Tension is a french-made movie that was not released in the US for theatres. The movie is freaking crazy scary and suspenseful.

  14. rebeccagraff says:

    I have seen that many scary movies recently. But I saw Halloween and on movie for some couple of weeks ago. I like the movie, it was not that scsry. I was more that I was so much blood all the time and the whole story about the really weird kid.

  15. maxmusician says:

    DO NOT WATCH SCARY MOVIES! They have a lot of violence, and there is no really good idea about the movie. It is just about killing people. What interest can such movies bring to you? I think people who watching scary movies, just crazy, and do not understand themself why they are watching them. I am against SCARY MOVIES!

  16. zsteinberger says:

    The scariest and most fu^%&! up movies I have ever seen is all of the Saw movies. I mean the guy is a freak and needs to stop killing people for his own pleasure. Cannot wait to see the 4th one!!

  17. stephieritchey says:

    Hmm, this is a good one. I love scary movies and everything to do with scary books. Probably the scariest movie I have ever seen is “Silence of the Lambs”. Oh my God, I saw it when I was about 14. After that, I could not sleep! Another scary movie was “Halloween” which just came out. It scare me because it is something that can really happen in real life, and I could not see part of the movie. I had to cover my eyes I was so scared! The scariest book I have read is “Pet Cemetery ” by Steven King. Like you Mr. K, there where parts that I had to close the book because I knew a scary part was coming! I love scary books and movie.

  18. gmolinaro says:

    Mr K last night was the first time i ever live a halloween atmosphere. it was my first time to go trick or treating! it was soooo much fun, i didnt dress up as anything and next year i will for sure it was so much fun. i hate scary movies i hate them because i dont have fun watching them!! the scariest movie i have seen i think is the grudge! i was about to walk out the movie but i stayed in and closed my eyes and ears! i hated it! scary book i have no idea because i hate reading so i dont think i have ever read a scary book!

  19. jjthornhill says:

    Ummm I dont know if any one has ever seen “hills have eyes 2”, but I saw about 10 seconds of eome woman birthing some grimlin creature thing and that was enough for me. I could not stan that stuff. I do like suspense ovies like “Premonition” and other movies that keep you guessing. And “goose bumps” was the scariest book I have ever read.

  20. ethan104 says:

    one of the scariest movies ive ever seen was amityville horror. the reason is because when i saw it i was all alone in my apartment at like 2:00 at night, and all the bad stuff happens at 3:15, and i knew that if i didnt go to bed by 3:15, i would be so scared. the next day when i went to school i told my teacher about it and he said that he went to high school with the kid that killed his whole family and he drives past that house every single day.

  21. ethan104 says:

    oh yeah, and i have never read a scary book, i dont read that much

  22. maxxx13 says:

    The scariest movie i have ever watched would be The Sixth Sense. Now you might be thinking that this movie isn’t actually a horror movie, more of a sci-fi or thriller, but to me it was the most terrifying movie i have ever seen. When i first watched this movie i was up at a friend’s cottage and i was not able to be alone, yet alone sleep, for the entire trip. I was unable to go anywhere alone because i thought that a ghost would be lurking somewhere and just come and find me, i know that sounds ridiculous but its true. Also the thing that has petrified me until this day is when the little boy goes into the dead girls room looking for the video tape and a ghost pulls him to the floor from under the bed. The thought of something grabbing my leg still scares the crap out of me. I am unable to go anywhere close to my bed without doing a 7 foot jump onto my bed!!!

  23. cbirch1 says:

    well, i am going to be truefull i don’t watch that many scary movies, but if the last one i saw was hill have eyes, it was horrible i never thought that a movie would do that to me. halloween seem like a really STUPID celbration, ireally don’t understand it like what is the consept of people treasing up and ringing door bells to get some candy, i would love to know where this American celebration came from because it is somthing that someone needs to explain.

  24. walker123 says:

    i think that the scariest movie that i have seen is the hallowenn movies. they are very scary because it is weird that mike myers comes out of nowhere. so it is weird when you see someone in a white mask. i think that the scariest of all the movies if the fifth one . the revenge of mike myers. this is scart because there is that little firl that can see where see is, but she is scared of hi. then when he kills all these peopls. it is just a scary movie to watch.

  25. christinae says:

    My scariest movie is probably Chucky, just because he is a doll. I hate scary movies that have dolls or clowns that walk around and kill people. I find a lot of scary movies unscary, like during the Texas Chaine Saw Massacre I was just laughing throuout the whole movie cause it was disgusting everything that happened. Not scary just really grose, like a lot of blood and just, no eew. But dolls, or like clowns just freak me out and stuff that randomly pops up when you don’t expect them to.

  26. jmorse09 says:

    well… halloween is definately a great holiday that puts the majority of people on a sugar high. I didnt do anything to exciting for halloween but hang with the family. I would have to say that a prety scary movie would have to be The Blare Which Project! it gets intense and the best part is that it is a true documentry that actually happened. It gets the adrenalin goin pretty good.

  27. cassandrak says:

    Last year in IMG me and my friends always went to watch scary movies. I dont really find those movies I saw scary. Like how poeple scream when they see something disgusting or something that looks scary. What scares me is when something suddenly jumps out out of nowhere. Sadly I havent really seen alot of movies like that lately. A movie I thought was kind of scary or whatever Im going to call it was Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Most of the movie I was laughing or I just thought it was disgusting, not scary. But when I watch the movie for a second time it was kind of creepy since I actually was in Texas that time. In the movie there are a couple of motorcycle guys and on their jackets it said “El Paso”, and thats exactly where I was so that got me kind of like “Okey, Now I really want to go home”..

  28. andrewg23 says:

    I think my scariest movie was Scarface and I think it was See No Evil. I love watching movies where people get killed and arms cut off and made to bleed to death. All of that gore stuff is good to watch. I don’t have a scary book I haven’t really read that many so thats why.

  29. cynarodriguez says:

    the scariest movie for me would be “the omen”. i remember watching it together with mia. i couldnt look at the mirror after the movie coz there were scenes where the devil would appear in the mirror. mia and i even agreed that we’d talk to each other while taking a bath since there was a big mirror in our hotel room. hehe.
    scariest book? uhm. theres this book back in the philippines titled “true philippine ghost stories”. it freaks me out coz i’ve been so some of the places where it actually occurred.

  30. claytormey says:

    For me, the two scariest movies are Jeepers Creepers (the first one) and all the Exorcists. Especially the Excorcists, they really freak me out. That girl in her bed while shes sick is the scariest thing ever. I like watching scary movies and getting scared but dont like the aftermath that night where I cant go to sleep without thinking about that. I dont think I have ever read a scary book, but thats probably because I dont read that much.

  31. trubino says:

    I am not a big fan of watching scary movies. I never watching scary movies by myself. I only watch scary movies with my friends. I normally never get scared that easly but when I get focused on the movie, I start believing that the movie is happening at the moment. “The Texas Chainsaw Masacre” is probably the scariest movie I have seen because I just though it was weird how they Chainsaw guy would cut poeoples face off and sow it back onto his face. I normally only get scared to more realistic scary movie then ones that would never happen with aliens or something like that.

  32. tomtomtomtomtom says:

    I am scared of the movie signs. It is rated pg but it freaks me out. Its something about how the aliens look. I just dont like them. And the guy looks out the window of the little girls room and there is an alien just chillin on the roof. Then the guy goes outside.

  33. tomtomtomtomtom says:

    I dont read scary books

  34. bmurray13 says:

    I hate scary movies and never watch them I guess the scariest movie I have seen was I know what you did last summer. Though it isn’t scary whe I was 9 and my friend convince me to watch the movie it kept me up with nightmares for numerous nights.

  35. kanhai330 says:

    The scariest movie I have seen in probably the Grudge (japenes version). Wow that was wierd, but really scary. Not beacause of the Scary girl but because of the noises the girl makes and because it waS located in JApan. But really that movie is soo scary because some say its true.

  36. jnguonly says:

    the first “Saw” was crazy. the ending had me flipping out not because it was scary but because it caught you off guard. the rest of the movie was pretty scary and i dont know how i got myself into seeing the 2nd and 3rd but i did. they were just as nasty but i didnt find them as scary as the first.

  37. joaocamargo says:

    the scary movie that i like the most is Saw, it is very good, now there is the new one. i saw it last saturady.

  38. xoxospartaxoxo says:

    Hello MAr. Kennedy! This movie isn’t exactly a hALLOWEEN TYPE MOVIE BUT IT IS HORROFYING. The movie Sleepers is the scsarries movie I have ever seen. It’s about these boys who get sent to an all boys home. In this home they are tortured beyond belief.

  39. marcus242 says:

    I have seen many scary movies and read many scary books the scariest for me had to be Saw II, i had trouble sleeping after watching it. The worst for me though is one year me n my boiz went onto the beach with my boiz grandpa and we all told scary stories in the dark with a bon fire and it was the scariest expierence on halloween i have ever had.

  40. melh716 says:

    Well I really hate scary movies and books. So I don’t watch any scary movies. But my favorite book was a thriller and I guess it was kind of scary. The book was The Da Vinci Code. It had a lot of action scenes that were described well which were scary. But other than that I don’t really like scary stuff.

  41. filippopoma says:

    Whats up Mr. K … well lets see the scariest movie ive seen is Saw 2, it was very instense, but another scary/thrilling movie ive seen is red eye because it keeps you interseted and or scared of whats going to happen next.

  42. nickmace says:

    My favorite scary movie is the movie Hostel. I’m not much of a fan of scary movies myself but Hostel was freaky. It wasn’t so much scary as it was disgusting. There are a lot of bloody, body-ripping, killing scenes that tend to get your stomach to do a 360.

  43. abdulsihag says:

    I berly watch Halloween movies but one hallowween movie that creeped me out was the House of Wax, it didn’t make much sense but it was pretty scary. Its about some radom guy in a random town killing people and turning them into wax. By taking out all their insides and replacing it with wax.

  44. christinamiller123 says:

    I don’t watch scary movies because I get freaked out to easily. I won’t be able to sleep for weeks if I watch a scary movie. However, from what I have seen, I think Jaws is pretty scary because it kept me out of the ocean for along time. I still won’t go out there far. I don’t read books so I wouldn’t know about that. My favorite thing to do at Halloween is giving out candy to the little kids. I love seeing their costumes and their excitement. The kids are just so cute. (little kids I mean).

  45. clendl1 says:

    i like watching scary movies, i really like the saw ones. I didnt used to like scary movies but lately i have been watching them alot. The one movie that i was not able to finish cause it was so scary and gross was the texas chainsaw massacre though.

  46. Leo Gomez says:

    I don’t like scary movies. It’s not because they scare me, is just that I don’t like it, they do not make me get interested for it or make me entertained. I have seen only a few of them my hold life…so I do not have a favorite one. And some of them I did not get scared. The ones I have already seen are Jaws, The Village, The Hill Have Eyes, Chucky… But I did not like them. I prefer much more a comedy movie!!! Or a real story movie like Radio, Ali, Ray… And about books, I do not like to read them. The few that I have read were mandatory by my school…

  47. jiganti says:

    The scariest movie I’ve ever seen was the 6th sense. I saw it when I was 11 or 12, which is probably why it freaked me out so much. But some of my favorite horror movies include the Saw series, because the plot is very interesting, and the characters are put to tough decisions. I plan on seeing 30 days of night, my roommate really recommends it, he said it’s not a typical vampire movie and I’ve heard that it is pretty freaky.

  48. philiplea says:

    my favorite scary movie is probably the first Saw movie. the reason why I liked it so much was because it was pretty scary but the plot of the story was actually really good. if you go see any other scary movie the storylines are horrendous.

  49. dclose says:

    Hmmm… I don’t realy get scared during scary movies, I actually enjoy watching them. But I did get a little weirded out or freaked out in “Amityville Horror” but the new one. It was pretty intense, but I enjoyed it. My dad is the same way though, he doesn’t relly get scared, sometimes we think the movies are funny. The best part though is when you watch a scary movie with your girlfriend, you know what I mean Mr. K. Kristin though, enjoys scary movies like me, so it doesn’t work with her. :)
    Well, lets see… The scariest book I have read might be “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown. I read this book when it first came out, but I don’ think that I was old enough to read a book like that. It was a little bit too descriptive if you know what I mean.

  50. mastronardi says:

    My favorite scary movie is saw 3. That old guy is one screwed up character, you always think that this guy is going to die but always figures out how to keep the game going. You have to make smart decisions to if not you will get killed.

  51. tylercurrence says:

    I am not a big fan of scary movies. I never really watch them. One I saw a long time ago was When A Stranger Calls. That was pretty scarry. It was about a girl who was being threatened by a caller and eventually the call was tracked to insider her house.

  52. patrickwaugh says:

    Scary movies are one of my favourit types of movies. I like the Chuckie movies. When i was younger i always used to watch chuckie and it use to scare me. Chuckie is scary because he is a little doll that jumps out and kills people. Some books i use to read is the Goosbumps books, they were kind of scary.

  53. michael19913 says:

    Actually i hate scary things but if i am hunging with girls i will still choose scary movie. hahaha si will pretend that i am brave. Every male will do this!!!

  54. M^_-rc says:

    My favorite scary book was goosebumps, like a decade ago.

  55. jczinski says:

    I actually really don’t have a favorite scary movie. I’ve seen a lot of scary movies however they aren’t my favorite types of movies so I never really considered on my favorite. The last scary movie that I can really remember watching is Halloween the very first one so I guess I would consider that to be my favorite scary movie.

  56. peturfreyr says:

    Hostel, for sure!! The movie is actually not that scary, but the idea of the movie is so gruesome. I thought the movie would be like more disgusting while I was watching it, but in the end you can just see how scary the movie is! I usually don´t watch scary movies.

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