Blog It Up! Requirements – Sat Oct 27 to Fri Nov 2

1. POSTS (same as always)
-One post per day.  Each post must be at least 150 words or you will not receive credit.  Double check your word count.  Press “save and continue” in the editor to get an accurate word count.  

1a.  CATEGORIES for posts (This is not a requirement until next week, but I need you to start working on it now)  Please organize your posts into logical categories.  Now that you have over 50 posts there are a broad range of topics that you have covered.  If you need some ideas for categories, take a look at some of your classmates blogs to see how other people are organizing their posts.  I will start looking for this with next week’s check, but start on the process now.  Trust me.

 2.  CLASS PARTICIPATION – please read and post a comment on this week’s Halloween “class participation” post.  It’s the post below this one.

 3.  Current Events – please write your Friday, Nov 2 post about something happening in the news in the United States or your home country.  You can choose any news story, but please include a link to the article you are talking about in your post.  No sports news, no entertainment news.

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3 Responses to Blog It Up! Requirements – Sat Oct 27 to Fri Nov 2

  1. jjthornhill says:

    I dont understand what your talking about when you say order your posts in logical order. can you explain?

  2. josh07 says:

    Mr K! for some reason last night my blog dashboard wont come up i have no idea why though. Im also trying to bring it up right now and it wont come up. It’s not letting me post a blog. Would you have any idea why?

  3. philiplea says:

    mR kennedy i posted my friday blog bfore reading your current event requirements, can i do that as my saturday post?

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