The results – “1.2.all” test

Wow, the results for the test have been excellent!  Granted, the test results should be good with an open-book, open-notes test.  However, clearly many of you were prepared for a very difficult test.  I guess you learned what to look for after the 1.1.all test.  I look for that improvement to continue as I will challenge you even more during the second quarter.  Great job everyone.

 In the comments below, please post some feedback for me about what you liked during the first quarter and what I/we can improve.  Thanks for your help making our class even better.

UPDATE:  The results are in.  That 2nd attempt really, really, I mean…really, helped alot of people.  High score – 89, Ethan Hoffman.  Whoa! Nice job Ethan.  Average score – 66/90 (73%).  Here’s the graph:


17 A’s – 22 B’s – 13 C’s – 11 D’s – 24 E’s – much better than “1.1.all”

Top 11 are in the comments…. about 18 comments down.

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57 Responses to The results – “1.2.all” test

  1. frizzibschorer says:

    It was horrible to post every day but it is an easy way to get good grades especially because we wrote the tests that were pretty tough. And I really didn’t like the terrorism paper because terrorism isn’t my favorit topic (so I’m not looking forward to rewrite it).

  2. braddoliner says:

    I deffinatly liked having a paperless class, it is easier to be organized. This class is alot different than any other class I have had becusae of the computers all hte time. It was enjoyable. The posting everyday was toughyou have to make it a habit to do everyday.

  3. xoxospartaxoxo says:

    i think we shouldn’t have to blog on saturday and sunday! =) but overall i liked teaching the class the most this interim. I enjoyed only bringing a computer to class and not having to lug around books and binders. Okay adios Senor.

  4. eaoki says:

    I liked the fact we always have a lot of fun during class.
    Well the tests are hard and long, but I guess we learn more like that.
    I always liked history so it’s fun.
    Blogs are sometimes tired to do…when I forget about it until I’m about to go to sleep,
    but overall it’s not too bad.
    I really love the fact we can always use computers too.

    See you in class.

  5. christinae says:

    I really like that this is a paperless class, we never forget stuff we need for class and we always know where we have everything. Sometimes its like too much to have to write blogs everyday, especially on the weekends. And sometimes i think we should spend more time on the modules before we have a test on it. Like maybe talk about or discuss them more or something. But overall I really like this class, its fun and we learn a lot.

  6. sadie011 says:

    I really liked American History class it has been really fun and i like the kids in the class. The one thing that i dont really like is all the blogging we have to do, it’s brutal to do it on weekends and every day. I also think that for test we should go over the lessons in class and discuss about what is in the lesson that way we are really prepared for the test. Overall though History is enjoyable.

  7. claytormey says:

    I liked American History class this quarter. Being in class was fun, and the stuff we learned was not that bad. If there were things to improve on, I would say to not make us blog on the weekends, and go over the material on line in class so we can understand it fully before a test or quiz. Overall though, it is my favorite class.

  8. charliecaris says:

    The paperless classroom is a great idea that makes it easier for both you and us. Overall, I think the class is going great, and it is my favorite class of the day. I enjoyed the last unit with the student presentations, but I didn’t feel like I learned very much. I thought some of the presentations left some major holes, and I had to go back and do a lot of reading to prepare for the test. Maybe if the deadline was set even earlier before the actual presentations, we could corrrespond more with you to see if our presentations are adequate. i know we were supposed to email you the stuff the day before, but many, including me, emailed it late at night the day before the presentations. I guess I could have emailed it sooner, but its hard to force myself to do something before it is due. That aside, I liked the idea of student led class and think we should continue using the idea in later units. Thanks for making American History fun.

  9. sallywatson says:

    So I have just written this amazing comment and then my internet connection seemed to dissappear! So here’s a breif summary of what I have already written-american history is great, blogging on weekends is tough and it would be good if you could post the blog requirements earlier in the week. Have a great long weekend everyone!

  10. jjthornhill says:

    For the first time, I actually enjoy history class. Dates and other boring information made history one of my “least favorite” subjects. But after the student presentations I found information easier to retain and understand when your having fun. I also enjoy the blogs because it is fun to randomly talk about anything. I dont know what should improve in the class, but I do like the students teach the class and group discussions on history events.

  11. walker123 says:

    what i have liked during the first quarter was i liked that our class is a paperless classroom. i makes it easier for me because i have bad organizing skills. i also like we can blog becuase it helps our writing and we can show our opinoin about things.
    it has been a good quarter. thank you for everything.

  12. joaocamargo says:

    i like the fact that the class is fun, the tests are long but we learn a lot. for me the only thing that sometimes is not good is to blog on weekends.
    i have liked the quarter.

  13. abdulsihag says:

    I like the way that we don’t have homework well except from the blogs. We should not have to write them every day, maybe after every two days. The test are not easy at all, well I can find the information but not in time, and that we cant go back to the answer the question again after we submitted it.

  14. joanap says:

    I really like this class. In our class we have so much fun…. It is my favorite subject……. I love the fact how it is paperless, because we do not need to carry any heavy books around, or consume paper to take notes. I like the blogging thing, i think it is a great idea…… it makes us express our thoughts, and maybe for you Mr. K to get to know us a bit more. Although to blog on the weekends or when we are away on tournaments and stuff can be hard, but i like it. One thing that might improve our learning maybe to go over the material on line in class so we can understand it fully before a test or quiz. But other than that I love this class. And Mr. K is my favorite teacher…… :)

  15. nickmace says:

    Overall I love this class. It is the only class that I really look forward to attending every week! The tests are difficult and long but I do like the “teaching the class” assignment we do. However, as with this unit, I only was able to teach the one section so I was struggling a little with the other sections. I think that maybe if we do more of those types of assignments and have class discussions maybe by section the tests wouldn’t seem as difficult because we would know the types of questions that will be asked. But it’s still my favorite!=)

    Peace out playa.
    Sha boy Mace

  16. stephieritchey says:

    Mr. K just one thing. . .
    It is the one that I look forward to every day. I love it because it is different from every other class, you are totally a MODERN teacher, and that is awesome. I don’t mind at all blogging every day. I think that is is a moment that we can talk about things that we care and what we fell like expressing. Also, it only takes about 7-8 minutes of our day and it is a good way for you to get to know us more through out the year. Also, you tests are hard, but they are completely fair. You give us an opportunity to get a good grade. All we have to do is be responsible and read our stuff. You have a great class Mr. Kennedy and I love it! See you! Ciao!

  17. gmolinaro says:

    Ciao Mr K.. i like the fact that we are a paperless class and i love the way you teach!!! You are soo funny and that makes your class more interesting at it is not a torture to wake up in the morning to come to your class because I have fun in there. I like the way you make us work. BUT the only thing is that it would be nice if for the weekend didn’t have to blog, but still make the grade count as the same amount!!! I like the fact the bloging gives you a good amount of points. For the rest thanks for making your class fun.

  18. Top 11
    (clarification: these are point totals out of 90, not percentages)
    Ethan Hoffman 89
    Sally Watson 86
    Stephen Kimsey 86
    Alexa Rancourt 86
    Charlie Caris 85
    Nikko Close 85
    Jack Daru 85
    Melanie Haschek 85
    Clay Tormey 84
    Elisa Aoki 84
    Ben Murray 84
    (oh, what the heck, here’s the rest of the A’s…)
    Tom Mitchell 83
    Justin Nguonly 83 *sorry Justin, didn’t mean to forget you!
    Joana Pereira-Lopes 83
    Max Solow 82
    Tyler Currence 81
    Anthony Sasso 81 Great job you guys.

  19. stephieritchey says:

    HOLD UP!
    These are B’s
    A’s are 90-100!
    No one got on A on the test??
    Thats CRAZY!!!

  20. isaline says:

    I liked this quarter , but it was more fun it the begging, when ud explain the things, and told us how things worked, like now is all the students and computer stuff, but i mean is fun, i just dnt learn as much!! I like your class alot, never get bored in it =)) looking foward for next quarter

  21. isaline says:


  22. christinamiller123 says:

    I liked this semester…it was fun…the only thing that I think we need to do more is have lectures on the subjects that we are being tested on instead of reading it ourselves. i mean…I know some people learn that way but for me I like to hear it. HOwever…I really like the teach the class asignment. Thanks!

  23. jnguonly says:

    this has been a fun first quarter. learned a lot and had fun doing it?? i like the whole online classroom thing. i think its very efficient and keeps everyone pretty organized. the tests this quarter i think were very fair. you had all the resources you needed right in front of you and i think this open book kind of test has helped me learn better. anyways, good quarter Mr.K lookin forward to the second.

  24. miapiccio says:

    I didn’t expect to have that much fun in history class. I like the paperless classroom thing. i liked the blogging because it helped most of the people pull up their grades.:) i love history class, it’s fun!:D thanks for the patience!:)

  25. csmlakar09 says:

    Overall, I enjoyed the first quarter. I thought that the section on terrorism was interesting and I thought that each test and quiz was fair. I love not needing to bring any paper and i had a good time during the “student teaching” assignment. The only thing that I would change or add to is our classroom discussion on the unit. I feel like if each student read the online text and then the material was reinforced in class, we may have a better understanding of the topic.

  26. aronj says:

    I didnt think that this class would be as great as it was. I liked the paperless thing , how we could use our computers for everything. But i think we could skip the blogs on the weekends :D

  27. blmartin says:

    When I first heard that I had to do American History I thought it was going to be a nightmare. I have to admit that I enjoy the class room environmet and the overall subject. The paperless class room is great. Doing the blogs everynight at first was a pain in the ass but it has become habitual and sometimes I look forward to write about different things that have happened to me. Teaching the class was a very unique experience for me but it was benificial. I just feel that I need to prepare a little better for Mr. Kennedy’s difficult tests.

  28. cynarodriguez says:

    I love blogging about random stuff. Thanks for allowing us to be random. :)

  29. joanap says:

    hey, Mr.Kennedy what happen to my name being on there??? I got a 83/90???

  30. maxmusician says:

    Mr. Kennedy, I like to write posts everyday, because it proves my English, and I can see how my day was spent. Tests are really difficult for me. I don’t understand why I can not write it at least on “B”. It is to hard, maybe you should make less writing questions, and add at least five multiple choices instead of them. I think, I will fail every future test, it is unbelivably hard. I like to take quizes, that other students are making, because they help me to prepare better for this BIG TEST. So, please think about that test, and it better to change your mind, that you are going to challenge us more during the second quarter.

  31. dirkr says:

    The first quarter was very good in general in this class. I did forget to blog in numerous occasions but I was able to make up for it. I think that the only thing that needs to be worked on is the preparation for the tests when the students are the ones teaching the lessons to the class. By the way I think you should go down one more to who got 80/90 on the test so then my name could be on there. And next quarter I will be on the first All Star team for blogging and not the third due to my email being messed up.

  32. ethan104 says:

    the first quarter was reallyfun, even though we didnt go over that many things, the stuff that we did go over i learneed really well. i especiallly liked the students teach the class thing, that was really good because it got us to realize how we can make our classmates pay attention to us and stuff like that. i really like also that we got to make our own quizzes, i think that really helps us learn before we take the quiz. one thing that i need to get better at is blogging. i usually do like 2 blogs every other day, which isnt really good .

  33. mikhailm says:

    For me the first quarter was son fun and interesting because in my country we had to take classes with papers. I like the idea that we only use computer. But one thing i wanted to change is that we dont have to post on weekends.

  34. tylercurrence says:

    I really liked how the classroom is paperless and the how we use the computers each day. I think to improve the class we could have a bit more class discussion about each of the lessosn. Overall, I think this class has been great. The journaliing has also been a really good habit to develop.

  35. kanhai330 says:

    I really like paperless tests, they make the test much easier… So far the 1st quarter went by fast and It was really fun. I like teaching because it helps yourself a lot more because when you explain to other people, you learn too.. Only using computer, is a pretty good idea, because technology is advancing and soon we will all be using computers. So far this quarter was entertaining.

  36. this quarter was great. Although we should watch more movies in this class it was still overall great. The only thing that was not that good was that we had very hard tests.

  37. andrewg23 says:

    I liked the fact i only had to have a computer i like typing rather than writing. I don’t like doing the blog thing it is a waste of time and is so hard to sit down for 20 spare minutes and write them, and sometimes I don’t have internet so it makes it hard. But I love the class and the teacher is great.

  38. melh716 says:

    For the first time I actually like history! I used to hate it becuase I hate memorizing dates and people but the way the class is run makes it more interesting. I liked having the blogs becuase it’s an easy way to get a 100 but I think we shouldn’t have to on weekends. Many of us have tournaments and can’t always get to a computer. Other than that I like every thing.

  39. philiplea says:

    I really enjoyed this class the kids are very nice and the teching is competitive I also liked the fact that we were able to use our laptops to work instead of writing things down on paper, the only thing I didn’t like to do was to write the blog on weekends.

  40. patrickwaugh says:

    I liked the paperless classroom, writing blogs everyday is better than doing normal homework. By blogging it will make my writing skills better etc. Some of the tests were hard but hopefully i will do better on them next quarter.

  41. M^_-rc says:

    I liked the fact it being a paperless class.
    I hated doing a blog everyday even when we didn’t have your class.

  42. eduardochavez123 says:

    I thought that the paperless classroom was really good. I really liked that idea. But I thought the blogging was not so good. It was hard for me to remeber everyday. But overall it wasa good 1st quarter.

  43. shaaz says:

    Hey Mr. Kennedy,
    The American History class was quite unique this quarter. I appreciate the non conformity of this class and i also think that i should improve on writing blogs every day next quarter so that i can become an all star blogger. Writing a blog even on weekends was very challenging for me. I will work on it next quarter. Thank You for a very unique and enjoyable class.

  44. mikeholmes says:

    The paperless class is nice. Having just a computer is so much easier, and I hate writing. History is pretty fun actually. It’s pretty interesting and we have fun in class. I don’t like writing blogs on weekends. I always forget and have to make them up later. Still, blogging is an easy way to get good grades so I really can’t complain. Thank you Mr. Kennedy for being such a cool teacher and for making class more fun than others.

  45. ambry242 says:

    i really like this class because we dont deal with paper and i really liked how we tought the class. i hope next cuator canbe like this. just working on yiur computer is really fun. blog can be annoying but i get them done and it keeps my grade up. mr knnedy you are a really cool history teacher.

  46. michael19913 says:

    i really like this class it is funny. Mr. K is the funnies theacher ever!!! And we have very less homework. The only bad things is the we have to blog every day. = ( can we just blod in the regular school day? but whatever i still like this class ^^

  47. zsteinberger says:

    Mr.K I gotta say, your class is my favorite class by far. You are really chill and I like the way you do tests, it helps me get the most out of it. I also like how we can be the teachers. I don’t really got any suggestions but all I can say is that I cannot wait for your class. Actually one suggestion, no blogs on the weekends would be nice!PEACE

  48. lexare24 says:

    I like this class a lot because we actually have fun in it, instead of like sitting there and getting lectured by you. I think one thing we could do to improve next quarter would be to go over the lessons more in class, even if we still do it in a creative/fun way. It seems like we spend a lot of time on the blogs and ways to make them better and then it seems like the quizzes and tests just kind of pop up all of a sudden. But i really like this class, its like one of the only classes that i actually want to go to….

  49. peturfreyr says:

    Mr. Kennedy, this class is terrific, I really like going to class only with my computer, the no paiper idea is great, I´m liking it.. I don´t think it is that hard to write one blog everyday, But the tests are in my opinion ridiculouslly difficult. So over all this class is great and I always look forward going to American History!! The class is fun and our class is a good class. Looking forward to second quarter:)

  50. anthonysasso says:

    This, is my favorite class. Mr. Kennedy you really help a lot in making us get good grades. First because fo the way that tests are done, we have everything to get a good grade but a suggestion would be to get more time in the second try. teh thing i like the most is that we dont se paper or pencils which is great. the only thing i dont like is the blogs on the weekends i think that 5 posts a week would be goos

  51. danielga08 says:

    I loved your class mr. k and I like your class because we dont have to waist our time looking for papers everything is in its own file on our computers which is nice to be orginized. I didnt like the fact that we have to write post on the weekend I think we should have time to let our brains just chill

  52. felipegouvea says:

    Of all the five classes that i have this is the one that i have been enjoying the most and i really liked this first quarter because we did a lot of different things such as watch movies, make quizzes and do the teaching, but the worst thing on this class is about the blogs that we have to do on the weekend. This is just terrible because when there is a day to just rest and don’t even look to school stuff i remind that i have to post and that is really bad, but i do not have problems doing the blogs during the week.

  53. jackdaru33 says:

    This first quarter was good. This was my first “paperless” class ever and it turned out pretty well. The blogging took time to get used to. Maybe we could get some weekends off? Or maybe not. This was a good quarter and lets hope for a good second quarter too.

  54. jczinski says:

    I actually really liked how you ran the class this quarter. I can’t really tell you to do anything different because you did a great job. One thing that I really did like about the quarter was how you involved us in quizes and class teachings which made learning fun.

  55. Leo Gomez says:

    Things I liked on American History class: paperless class; classes are always interactive, interesting; quizes and tests with the chance of retaking it!!!; Shaaz; always a class with something different like students teaching etc
    Things I didnt like: sometimes I didnt know what was going to happen on the next class like quizes or with the blogg at the beggining, since I came late; essay about terrorism; the man who knew videos were too long and hard to pay attetion, especially because the lights were out.
    I like this class a lot, and my classmates too. I hope it keep on going only on computer.

  56. COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED – thanks everyone for your feedback. We’ll discuss it next week.

  57. josh07 says:

    I liked many things in your class such as not having to bring big heavy books every other day and organize all these papers but just to have it all on our computer. I really think it was great! Blogging I didn’t mind but sometimes when I was just so busy it would slip my mind but it’s a easy way to get points and I think by the end of the year it will be pretty neat to look back at the whole year and what I did each day!
    The only thing I didn’t really like much was those long tests, it was good that we got to use stuff but sometimes doing that test online when the internet was slow was a pain especially when the test was time limited. I think only the tests were on paper but still be able to use vscampus I would do much better because the way I do my tests is I do all the easy questions first and then go back to the hard ones and i found it difficult to do so on quia
    Overall I enjoy your class ( one of the few) and I find it fun and not boring at all. Thanks for having such a fun class Mr K!

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