The Kingdom



Here’s a good review from a person whose opinion I respect on movies.  Read it here on the NY Times website. 

If you have seen the movie, please let us know what you think in the comments section.

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7 Responses to The Kingdom

  1. cbirch1 says:

    this was a movie that really reminded me of john o’shea in the way that everything was very secretive. i thing that this movie really was able to give a clear image on what the goverment in thought of the USA coming into their country, in the movie in was all about power, meaning that by allowing the USA coming into the country it could have really backed fired on the saudi gouverment this is because if the America had steped up and controled the situation it may have given the image that their gouverment was weak and had no control, which would mean that their would be a chance of lossing oil.
    for me this was one of the better movies that i have seen this year, not only that but the idear of Al Qaeda being able to get men from the forces to join their group was really crazy and something that really shows how strong this muslim group is, and the effect they can have on people. not only that but this movie really takes you away, on how real it is and how all of this could happen and we could nothing about it.

  2. xoxospartaxoxo says:

    haha it was amaazingly good

  3. xoxospartaxoxo says:

    thank you for taking us! WE HAD A BLAST

  4. cassandrak says:

    I wrote a post the other day about this movie. I think it was a good example of how the USA wants to get involved in everybody else’s business. I think it is really good that they are trying to help others, but sometimes it can lead to something bad. And this is exactly what we have been talking about in class, why other countries hate the US. I think it is because they want too much power, and that’s probably why they doubt to let the FBI go into their country.
    The movie started with them showing pictures of terrorists and them talking about how long they were trying to find Osama Bin Laden. They also showed a short thing about 9/11.
    After that the real thing started, and it was with a shooting in Saudi Arabia and the FBI wanted to go into Saudi Arabia to help the find the guilty, because a lot of people got killed, mostly children.
    People didn’t think the Saudi Arabians would let them in, but they decided to let them be there for five days.
    The FBI found it kind of hard to work in the country since the Saudi Arabian military didn’t let them do what they wanted and needed. But in the end they kill the one they were looking for.

  5. xoxospartaxoxo says:

    Okay here are my 150 words about the Kingdom/ I thought it was an amazing movie. I was very disappointed that it wasn’t as historical as I was expecting it to be. Although I was quite fond of the Jason Bateman scenes. MR. F ….I was hoping there would be a quest spot for George Michael Bluth in the movie to come and help save the day. Or Gob and Tobias, or Mr. Bluth seeing as htough he built model homes in Iraq. Maybe even Lindsay could have contributed by doing a cage dance for the Saudi citizens.Wow have I gotten this much off bad! Well the movie gave a great visualization of what Saudi compounds and Saudi Arabia look like. I will never go visit there unless I have a death wish. Bye Bye

  6. abdulsihag says:

    Mr. Kennedy thanks for taking us to the movie I really enjoyed it. It was kind of realistic but got a little over exagurated. I mean people shooting from al over the place dosent just happen lke that.
    But the bombings in the American Housing complex, that is pretty true because I have experienced something close to that. The part I enjoyed the most was the towards the end where they found the man behind all of it, it was kind of sad how the Saudi police officer gets shot when he found the head militant. This shows how other countries are like apart from America. I mean it was hard for the producers to even go and take pictures of different places apart from filiming it there.

  7. thanks Abdul and Sparta for posting your thoughts on our trip and the movie. And to Cassandra and Charlie also for making a comment as well. I’m hoping that more students will add to the discussion too.

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