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Please choose a terrorist organization, nation, person or incident from this database from the Washington Post.

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  1. andrewg23 says:

    I read about the hand grenade attacks in Rome and Vienna. It took case at the check in counter on an Israeli airline. Abu Nidal Organization was believed to be responsible for the attack. Two days later the 2 gunman were trialed for murder in an Italian court. One year later Abu Nidal was arrested by Italian Police. At the time, a total of 20 people were instantly killed by the simultaneous attack at Israel’s El Al Airline check in counter in Rome and Vienna. Nidal was also included in an Italian warrant including 14 other arab terrorists. Nidal was sentenced to a life inprisonment and khaled was sentenced to 30 years. Andrew gain on the Rome Vienna massacre on December 27 1985, Rome,Italy and Vienna,Austria

  2. mastronardi says:

    The attack that i chose was the la belle disco bombing in Berlin, this took place April 5 1986. A bomb ripped through “La Belle club” is a west Berlin disco killing two Americans and many wounded. This happened 3days after a twa place descent into Athens airports. The aftermath is that the U.S retaliated sending dozens of warplanes on two deadly bomibing reaids of benghazi and tripoli.In 1996 german investigators found something in 1996, the questioned musbah eter a former libyan embassy employee. In 1997 they opened their case against five claiming that ali channa and chraidi planned the attack, while the two german sister planted the bomb on the dance floor.

  3. luisthiele says:

    i chosse the attack the US Embassy Bombings in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in August 07, 1998 A small pickup truck packed with explosives is driven to the delivery entrance of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, where vehicle occupants kill several guards with a grenade, then trigger the bomb. The blast collapses the adjacent Ufundi Cooperative Building and destroys the left and rear side of the embassy a lot of people died because was two attacks at the same time 224 people died and 5000 were injured 2 days later us started to investigate the attack and they discovered that the al Qaeda, by bin Laden attacked the embassy

  4. kanhai330 says:

    I read about Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman who has been life sentenced to prison in New York. He is a spiritual leader for Gamaa Islamiya (Islamic Group) and al-Jihad. World Trade Center blast and subsequent trial, Rahman’s name has come up in sevral occasions especially in the November 1997 massacre of tourists by Gamaa militants near Luxor, Egypt. Rahman’s name also came up during the investigation of the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in East Africa. A cool fact that i learned about him is that he was blinded by diabetes as an infant.

  5. isaline says:

    I read about the Restaurant Bombing in Madrid, Spain. The description says is was a bomb that exploded in a restaurant where there was many American people. The bomb killed 18 Spanish people, and injured 82, including 15 American. Since the end of the civil war in 1939, it was the worst terrorism attack. The responsible groups for it was the Basque, ETA, and Islamic Jihad organization.

  6. eduardochavez123 says:

    On June 19 1985 in San Salvador, El Salvador, gunmen disguised as Salvadorian soldigers open fired into Zona Rosa night club. This took place an an area that was frequently occupied with many Americans. Four US marines and two US buisnessmen were killed. 14 were killed in total as a result of the attak. A leftist guerilla group took respinsiblity for the kilings in attempt to overthrow the US backed goverment of Jose Napolean Duarte. That september the Salvadoridan goverment annoucned the arrest of Salvadorian Communist Party official, Americo Mauro Araujo. Araujo was later released becasue on prisoner exchange in which a group of leftist rebels kidnapped Jose Napolean Duarte’s daughter. Later Americo Mauro Araujo was arrested again and put back into jail.

  7. frizzibschorer says:

    I read the first world trade center bombing in 1993 (it was about 50days before I was born). 4 people parked a rented van under a hotel parking beneath the World trade center. There were explosive detonates in the van. Fortunetly, the world trade center didn’t explode. But 6 people were killed and more than 1,000 got injured by the smoke and explosion. In the garage there was a 100-by-100 foot crater.

  8. mareksiwy says:

    What I read was the terrorist atack in Spain,in its capital Madrid.That was a bomb which exploded in restaurant.18 spanish people died, and 82 people were injured with 15 Americans.ETA and Islamic Jihad organization are those who did it.

  9. eaoki says:

    I read about the nation Iraq. Saddam Hussein still remains a threat in several areas. The 1991 Persian Gulf War and the 1998 Desert Fox were two main events where Iraq’s ability to support international terroism was very prevented from some damages because of their very smart network. Some people think Abu Nidal, one of the most dangerous terrorists, might be even in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Iraq provides weapons, bases, and protections to Iranian opposition groups. After Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, the U.S’s president Bush declared a trade embargo against Iraq. Even right now, this is going on.

  10. csmlakar09 says:

    I read about the kidnappings in Lebanon from 1982-1991. Over 10 years, 18 Americans were kidnapped by Lebanese terrorists. Of the 18 kidnapped, 3 would be killed. One of the Americans kidnapped was David Dodge, president of the American University of Beirut. Dodge would later be released alive but would be the starting point of the decade-long American kidnappings in Lebanon.

  11. excellent work so far everyone…. I hope more students add to the conversation.

  12. blmartin says:

    I read about the explosion that happend on a TWA Flight 840 that flew from Rome to Athens.A plastic explosive was put under seat 10F. The explosion, that occured on the flight soon landed in Athens. Four people were killed, including an infant, all of them are sucked out of a small foot hole in the fuselage. Nine people were injured. Later, a group of people called the Ezzedine Kassam of the Arab Revolutionary Cells claims responsibility, claiming the attack was retribution for American encounter with Libya in the Gulf of Sidra in late March. They say that the bomb was placed under the seat by a Lebanese Terrorist who was on an earlier flight but got off the plane before it could explode. The United States investigated this situation and found the pieces to the puzzel.

  13. anthonysasso says:

    I read about the bombings in the Khobar Towers in Dahran Saudi Arabia in June 25, 1996. Two men stopped a fuel truck loaded with explosives at the outside of a U.S. military complex in dahran. the men escaped to a waiting car and minutes later the truck exploded. 19 american soilders were killed, and 500 hundred people were wounded at the khobar towers 35 yards away. In the aftermath, F.B.I agents were deployed in saudi arabia. A month later the movement for islamic change claimed responsibility for this attack.

  14. christinae says:

    I read about Osama Bin Laden and his description and background, also about his organization al Qaeda. It explains how he moved from Saudia Arabia, to Sudan and over to Afghanistan. He got help from familycontacts for constructions business. Newpapers will often refer to al Qaeda as a terrorist group in itself, but experts would rather define it as a kind of home base for a huge global network of participating and like-minded organizations. Something that has been noticed, is how Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda often will finance and plan an attack while leaving the execution to other groups.

  15. filippopoma says:

    i chose to read about the Pan Am 103 flight was about a bomb that blew over scotland and killed about 259 people on board and 11 on the ground, no one knew who had placed the bomb at first, then they thought it was an Iranian and Plestinian group, latter found out that the plot had been made by: Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP-GC), and arested eveyone except for one person.

  16. miapiccio says:

    I read about the Suicide Bomb Attack at U.S. Embassy Compound in Beirut. The suicied bombing happened on September 20, 1984. It doesn’t state how many people died in the building. It says 13 people died 30 feet from the embassy. Jean Kinney, a State Department Secretary was wounded in that suicide bombing. The Islamic Jihad group claims responsibility.

  17. walker123 says:

    the person or terrist that i read about was osima bin laden. I read about how he is orinally from sauida arabia. How his radical islamic thoughts got him kicked ut of to countries. sauia arabia and sudan. He got kicked out the sudan due to force of the american goverment. That is when he didn’t like the americans. Then he started alqedia in afganistan he got the money due to the money from oil. To do the attacks for sepember 11. I dont like how sick osomo is and if he is till alive what attcks he could do.

    see you

  18. nickmace says:

    I chose to read about the US Embassy bing taken over in Iran. This started with Iranian militant students who rushed the embassy in Tehran with the help of Ayatollah Khomeini, a religious leader who formed a theocratic republic in Iran. During this attack, fifty-two hostages were taken for 444 days under their control, until they were freed in January of 1981. Because of this incident, America broke diplomatic relations with Iran.

  19. sadie011 says:

    I read the Destruction of the World Trade Center; attack on the Pentagon. On September 11th 2001 four planes are hijacked by terrioriest. At New York City, three planes crashed into the World Trade Center. Also on the same day the Pentagon was crashed into by the fourth plane in Washington D.C. Out of the four planes, 266 crew members and passengets were killed. Along with many people from the area were also injured and emotionly hurt of all that had happend that day. This day changed the World forever.

  20. rebeccagraff says:

    I have read about Ahmad Jibril. He has been linked to many many known major attacks in 1998. He was born in Ramllah in 1938. Amad and his group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palerstine General Command (PELP-GC) have been realtively quiet for the recent years.

  21. michael19913 says:

    Iraq is the main base for the internationl terrolism. But it got hit heavily during both the 1991 Persian Gulf War and 1998’s Desert Fox. In August 1990, President Bush issued Executive Order No. 12722 declaring a complete trade embargo against Iraq. That spend a lot of money and people in this program. Hope we can prevent the terrolism happen again.

  22. dclose says:

    I read about the gun attack on the CIA emplyees in Langley, Virginia. The gunman was wearing a tan jacket and he from a car on ar doad outside the CIA headquarters. He fired a a high-powered rifle, killing two CIA employees and injuring three more. In 1997 the convict, Mir Aimal Kasi, was brought back to the United States for a trial after many years of search. Thirty-six hours after the verdict of the trial, convicting Kasi, “four American oil company employees and their driver were gunned down in the Pakistani port city of Karachi, apparently in retaliation for the Kasi verdict.” Police immediately suspected Pakistani-based Harkat al Mujahedin.

  23. joshuaeimer1991 says:

    I read about the Rhein-Main Airbase bombing in Frankfurt. Members of the communist terrorist group (left wing terror groups) let a car explode in the parking lot on August 08, 1985. It killed two americans and injured more then 20 people. The french say it was an war on imperialism. The terrorist also claimed to have killed a US soldier in Wiesbaden whos papers they used to get on the Frankfurt base. After the bombing the police started searching for the terrorists, an a woman (Eva Haule) who apparently purchased the green Volkswagen and wanted for several other terrorist attacks.

  24. aronj says:

    I read about the bomb attack in spain, the capital Madrid when a resturant was blown up and 18 spanish peoble got killed and 82 got injured including some americans. ETA, and Islamic Jihad organization are responsable for the attack

  25. trubino says:

    I read about the Japanese Red Army. The JRA is a small international terroist group that was formed in 1970 from the seperation of the Japanese Communist League-Red Army. The JRA purpose was to encourage world revolution, destroy the Japanese monarchy and government. The group was formed in Syrian. There attacks included the Bombing of a USO club in Naples, Italy, in 1988, tried to have rocket attacks against the U.S. Embassy, Japanese Embassy, and Canadian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1986, the gun and gernade attack at Lod Airport in Israel, 1972, and two Japanese airline hijackings, in 1973 and 1977.

  26. tylercurrence says:

    I read about the Egypt Air flight 648 highjacking. This flight was en route from Athens to Cairo when 3 Arab highjackers seized the flight and landed it in Malta. The highjackers demanded fuel and shot 3 Americans and 2 Israeli women in the process. Egyptian commandos eventually seized the plane with the use of grenades and 60 people were injured in the process. The Abu Nidal Organization eventually claimed responsibility for the attack. There was one surviving hijacker after the attacks. He was tried in Malta and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

  27. tylercurrence says:

    Sorry, I forgot to include the date of the hijacking. It was on November, 23 1985.

  28. zsteinberger says:

    I read about al Jihad which was an Egyptian Islamic extremist group that has been together since the 1970’s. Al-Jihad has thousands of hardcore members. They also have another thousand sympathizers. Their leader Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman is serving a life sentence. What is amazing about this is that he is still considered the spiritual leader of the Egyptian al Jihad group.

  29. jackdaru33 says:

    I read about the explosive truck that crashed on to the side of the U.S Embassy annex in Kuwait. This blast killed four people and injured about 62. Authorities believed that the bombing linked to the bombings in Beirut earlier in the year. Kuwait then arrested 10 Shiite Muslims that week of the blast. In the end, twenty five were captured and six were sentenced to death.

  30. cynarodriguez says:

    i read about the 1993 WTC bombing which killed 6 people and thousands injured. there was a van packed with explosives and left a 100-by-100 foot crater. this is where Americans took first Muslims into custody. this didn’t stop terrorists to bomb the WTC. they finally got the money which they needed to bomb WTC and they did it on Sept 11. which is now the most tragic day for Americans.

  31. luis9050 says:

    I read about Sandero Luminoso or Alias: Shining Path, SL. It was a Maoist movement that was fighting against the Peruvian state. Their leader was Abimael Guzman, he was arrested in 1992. This group was very violent, they worked in Peru and they killed around 25,000 people. The thing that called my attention is that they got the money for their operations by kidnapping people and then they asked for money to keep them alive, also they were involved in cocaine trade according to the article. I never heard about this organization until today but this groups are really dangerous because they really follow their ideas and they tried to acomplish all the goals that they have.

  32. claytormey says:

    I read about the terrorism in Sudan. Sudan, sice 1993, has been on the United States’ list as one country that sposors many toher terrorist groups in its states. These terrorist groups, primarily of Middle East origin, are mostly all based in Sudan. Many training camps and meeting place lie within the country. Under much internacional pressure, the Sudan government gave in a little bit when they expelled Bin Laden from there country in 1996, and turned in terrorsit Carol the Jackel to France in 1994. Despite that, the Sudanese continue to defy the government resolution to find the terrorist responsible for an attack in 1995. And, it is said that although Bin Laden was expelled, many of his co workers still are there and that Osama has close ties with the Sudan chief Islamic leader. In 1997, Clinton took action by forcing an trade embargo with Sudan due to their involvement in Terrorism.

  33. ambry242 says:

    the article i read about was The Destruction of the World Trade Center; attack on the Pentagon. In New York City, Washington, D.C. On September 11, 2001. the two airline were hijacked, forsing them to run in to the world trade Center. There 266 crew members and passengers of the planes are killed. i think do this causes alot or hatered between countries causing worls wars.

  34. ambry242 says:


  35. M^_-rc says:

    New People’s Army

    The article I read was about the New People’s Army (NPA) terrorist organization. It was formed in the year 1969. It’s rural based. It’s active in it’s terrorist acts in cities by using assassinations squads called “sparrow units”. Recent intelligence suggests that the NPA is in current dissarray because of a split between the NPA and CCP.

    PS: When you post, at least put the title at the top so I don’t waste time trying to find a topic someone already did.

  36. patrickwaugh says:

    i read about the Hijacking of TWA Flight 847 bound for Rome that was hijacked over the Medererranean Sea and they ordred to Beirut. The hijackers demanded fuel and the realease of soem 766 captives mostly Muslim shiites held by Israelic forces. one american navy diver is killed then his body is dumped on the tarmac of Beirut airport. the Hijackers kept some people as hostage after realeasing most of the 145 other passengers.

  37. charliecaris says:

    I read about the Basque Fatherland and Liberty terrorist organization. Operating out of the Basque region in Spain, the group is suspected to be responsible for the deaths of over 800 people. The ETA specializes in assassinations of government officials and bombings, and, according to the State Department, has hundreds of members. One goal that the ETA has is to establish their own country in the Basque region in which they operate. They are commited Marxists, and have been in operation since 1959.

  38. dirkr says:

    I read about the IRA, The Irish Republican Army. It was originally a political movement hoping to get the British out of Northern Ireland so that they would be able to be unified. They are quite strong and have a lot of support in different parts of the world. They have been the cause of numerous attacks such as bombings, etc. They get financing from many different parts of the world and have been around since 1969.

  39. joanap says:

    I read about the Hezbollah organization, which is also know as Hizballah (Party of God). Hezbollah is a radical Shiite Muslim group that was formed in Lebanon in 1982 by people who inspired the revolutionary ideology of Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini. Hezbollah is dedicated to the creation of an Islamic republic in Lebanon and the removal of all non-Islamic influences from the area. It has a long record of violence against Israel and with the West, initiating attacks in Lebanon, or outside using its broad connections with like-minded groups. Local chapters of Hezbollah have also been accused of major attacks in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

  40. mikeholmes says:

    I read about the Zona Rosa gun attack in San Salvador, El Salvador. There were gunmen disguised as policemen, who opened fire in the Zona Rosa area, where there were many Americans. Four U.S. Marines and 2 U.S. were killed in the affair. The people who said they were responsible for the affair were a group of radicals that wanted to overthrow their government that backed the U.S. Later, a high-ranking communist leader, who was responsible for the gun attacks, was arrested, but was released in return for the kidnapped daughter of the president of El Salvador.

  41. tomtomtomtomtom says:

    I read the hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise liner. It happened on October 7 1985. The Italin cruise ship was hijacked by four pallestinian men off the coast of egypt. They had 500 hundrend hostages. They wanted 50 prisoners released from Israeli jails. They ended up killing an american named Leon Klinghoffer.

  42. shaaz says:

    The terrorist attack I have chosen was the bomb blast on Pan Am flight 103.It killed all 259 people on board and eleven on the ground.This was a major attack on the US citizens and caused a lot of fear among the people.
    The bomb that exploded was packed in a Toshiba cassette case which was in the luggage compartment.No groups immediately claimed responsibility but two Libyan intelligence officers named Abdel Basset Ali Al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah were charged but one was acquitted.The plane exploded over Scotland so even the UK govt. conducted an investigation

  43. patrickwaugh says:

    The article I read about the hijacking of the TWA Flight 847 bound for Rome that was hijacked over the Mediterranean Sea and the terrorists ordered it to go to Beirut. The hijackers demanded fuel and release of 766 captives that were mostly Muslim Shittites held by Israelic forces. One Amercian navy diver was killed then his body was then discarded on the tarmac of the Beirut airport. The Hijackers kept some people as hostage. The three suspects were arrested charging murder and air piracy against thee suspects. These people were from a Lebanese-based terrorist group. A couple years later Hamadei got arrested for having a liquid explosive, he then got send to jail for life. Some of other people remain unknown they belive that Izz-al-din was the primary suspect of the hijacking though. I chose this article because I found it interesting, I had also read about this article somewhere else.

  44. peturfreyr says:

    I read about the Sikh terrorism. Many thousands have died because of the Sick terrorism in India! They are around 2 percent of India’s population and most live in Punjab. The people of Sikh terrorism believe in Islam and Hinduism. In June 1984, Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandi ordered an Indian army assault on the Sikhs’ Golden Temple. Over 800 Sikhs and 200 soldiers were killed. The Sikh´s are based in Northern India, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and North America.

  45. lexare24 says:

    i read about the terrorism going on in North Korea. Apparently, they have not been actually linked to terrorist attacks since the 1980s. In 1987, North Korean agents bombed a Korean airline while it was flying and killed 115 people. However, there is much evidence that Pyongyang (North Korea’s capital) is responsible for 2 differentmurder since 1996. 5 of the hiijackers of an airline incident that happened in 1970 have found refuge in North Korea thanks to Pyongyang. Because of economic problems however, North Korea has had trouble recently in its efforts to sponsor terrorism.

  46. christinamiller123 says:

    i read about the Zon Rosa Gun attack in San Salvador, El Slavador. On June 19, 1985, people dressed up as El Salvador soldiers and opened fire at a night club named Zona Rosa, which was apopular American hangout. 4 U.S marines were killed and 2 U.S businessmen. A total of 14 people were killed including one of the gunmen. The Central American Revolutionary Workers’ Party is responsible for this attack. They attempted to over throw the U.S backed government.

  47. philiplea says:

    I read about the Pan Am flight 103 bombing located in Lockerbie, Scotland. Basically what happened was that there was a bomb that was planted inside a radio which was located in the luggage compartment. The bomb went off over the town of Lockerbie killing 259 people. 2 Libyan men were responsible for the attacks.

  48. jmorse09 says:

    I read about the Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) and how they have a large number of “hard-core members”. They are located in Israel and Jordan, they have not yet attacked the United States directly. They receive their support from Palestine, Iran and private benefactors in Saudi Arabia. They were formed in 1987 during the Palestine uprising.

  49. bmurray13 says:

    I read about Kach and Kahane Chai and Eyal. It was founded by a radical islamic American. The goal of the group is to restore Isreal to its Biblical State. It is based in Isreal and the West Banks. It is financed from sympathizers in the western world.

  50. marcus242 says:

    I read about the terrisom attack that occured on a Italian cruise liner Achille Lauro off the Egyptian coast. Four Palestinian hijackers seized the plane after an attack on the Tunis by the israel. After they siezed the flight and held 500 people until 50 Palestinian prisoners. It took 2 days for this process to go through the system an during this time a elderly man was killed by a gunshot fired by an Israel man. What made it worst was the fact that he was in a whel chair and he was thrown over board.
    This is what made me write about this i thought that was outrageous what they did to the man. I think if any terriost are ever found they should be put to death immadetly becasue they are to dangeous to be on the earth.

  51. danielga08 says:

    I read about malta and the three Arab hijackers seizing an Egyptair Flight 648 en route from Athens to Cairo . The three demand fuel, eventually shooting two Israeli women and three Americans in the head when their request is not met. One Israeli woman and one American die from their wounds eventually 30 people died and included in that is the 2 hijackers. The battle lasted a long time but after that the blame was put on some one else.

  52. stephenkimsey says:

    This is about Palestinian Islamic Jihad. They are a mostly guerrilla organization. They are formed by a loose group of factions. It was founded in 1979 . There object was to destroy isreal through holy war. It also opposed moderate arab goverments who they think have been tainted by western secularism. They are based in isreal and there leader is Ramadan Shallah. They get all of there moeny from iran and than some from syria. But there organizations bank accounts have been blocked by the US.

  53. stephieritchey says:

    I read about Jamaat ul-Fuqra! Im the first one to read about it. This was established by a person of a church. The main man was called Sheik Mubarik Ali Gilani. His way of working was to purify Islam through violence. That is messed up, since he was a person that was part of a church. A lot of his workers are in places like North America and the Caribian. They live in isolated places where they study their faith.

  54. jnguonly says:

    i read a piece about the killings of two CIA employees. it happened in 1993 in langley virginia real close to my house. a man in a tan jacket jumps out a shoots at a couple of CIA employees killing two and wounding many. the FBI goes on a global manhunt for a suspect named Mir Aimal Kasi, a pakistani living in the area. it takes them a couple of years until they find him on the border of afghanistan and charge him after he signed a statement admitting to the crime. after he was convicted and sentenced to death, four americans working for an oil company were killed in response to the conviction.

  55. gmolinaro says:

    I read the piece about the USS Cole. The two who were responsible for the bombing should be punished. It is unjust that such people are willing to take other peoples lives but nothing done to them after what they did. THey should have been stoped before even getting alongside of the USS Cole. There should be more security around shuch an important area. I feel sorry for the people that died and got injured.

  56. Leo Gomez says:

    The articles that we can talk about are almost finished so Im having problems to find one to talk about. I read about one that happened in Ragoon, Burma. It was a bombing of a delegation led by South Korea President Chun Doo Hwan. It happened in Oct. of 1983. 13 presidential aides, 4 cabinet members, and 4 reporters were killed. Chun Doo Hwang survived.

  57. abelvarnadore says:

    i read about the IRA, whose been a terrorist group since the 60’s when england and ireland were fighting for property over in Britin. This army prevents any one thats from there area or part of there group to be in there towns. It is kind of a gang army that formed in neighborhoods because of all the hate between the two groups. The Ira will attack people or places, making them a terrorist organization

  58. nnamdi2001 says:

    Mr k i searched and searched and came across “The Black September Organization”. It was a Palestinian militant group, founded in 1970. began on September 16, 1970.
    The BSO is known for the kidnap and murder of eleven Israeli athletes and officials, and the murder of a German police officer, during the September 1972 attack on the Olympic Village in Germany, which became known as the Munich massacre

  59. melh716 says:

    I chose the Revolutionary People’s Party (ELA). The ELA was formed in 1971 and was created to attack Greek Gorvernment and US military and business. It’s base is in Greece and it’s strength is unknown. Their financer is unknown also. The terrorist group also opposes NATO and the European Union. Police forces have linked this group to the November 17th group. The ELA bombed the European Parliament offices in Athens and they also conducted more than 20 bombings in protest to the Gulf War in 1991.

  60. jjthornhill says:

    I chose to talk about the Abu Sayyaf group. They are based in the Philippines. They believe that their group consists of 200 Muslims, most of them young. These Muslims have been accused for bombings, kidnappings and assassinations. They left the Moro National Liberation and have done these acts to form a state of Islamic people in an island of the Philippines. They are receiving money from Islamic extremists in the Middle East.

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