9/12/01 – Trying to cope…and understand.

Who attacked us?  Why?  What should our response be?  How can we make sure this never happens again?    Could our government have done more to prevent this from happening?

Now, six years later, we ask a new set of questions.   Has our response helped or hurt our national security?  Is the war in Iraq an effective strategy to defeat terrorism? How do we defeat Al Qaeda? 

Newsweek magazine has a comprehensive site of all the 9/11 coverage they have done since 2001.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14717377/site/newsweek/

There are hundreds of articles on this site (or news site if you prefer).  Choose one article and report back to us about the answers to some of these questions asked above (or a question of your own)  Copy and paste the link to the article and your comment in the “comments” section.  You will also present this link and your findings to your classmates next week in class.



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58 Responses to 9/12/01 – Trying to cope…and understand.

  1. kanhai330 says:

    9/11 was a devastating and shocking moment in our life. Six years on we still sit in the gloom trying to figure out the true sense of the situation. 9/11 was a series of terrorist attacks by Islamic extremist. Al Qaeda was the group who was in charge of plunging two planes into the twin towers. Our response was incomplete and unrestrained. We were too late too act and the mess grew larger and larger. What should we have done? Several say that we could have prevented the massacre if we acted earlier. I don’t believe that, I thought we couldn’t do anything about it. The whole thing came too fast.
    After several years, new measures were raised to secure security in the nation. However, the next mission was to regain our strength and find Al Qaeda. This group of people is very difficult to find, but it is only a matter of time until we catch them. The war in Iraq is somewhat of an effective strategy to defeat terrorism. To try to take action and go to Iraq is already a big step to show them who they are dealing with and what consequences they can face. The US also wants to show the world in what they are trying to do and to show Iraq and especially Al Qaeda that they are right there.


  2. stephenkimsey says:

    I think we are doing a good job in iraq and should keep doing our job in Iraq.My article is aobut camp cooper I jail for Iraq insurgents and such. What they are doing there is trying to unbrainwash the kids about Jihad. Most of them dont even know anything of the koran but when asked questions they always start with killing. If we were not in Iraq what do you think things would be like over there? There would be millions of brains washed TEENAGERS running around killing people and they would have no idea why. This article will show you some of the good we are doing to help out the middle east.http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20200546/site/newsweek/page/0/

  3. isaline says:

    Most people think that was Al Qaeda who did the 11 of september, i do believe the same!! However, the imediate response of United States government was to go find and kill the people who did it; I believe that even if they do find Bin Laden, or who ever is part in Al Qaeda, will not change anything, because there will be someone else to substitute; AlQaeda is such a big organisation, and they are so mnay people in the world who want to attack and hurt the United States, that finding them , or going on their terretories will not help the situation. It might not be right, but i think they should just leave and let each country on their own. Because things will just go on from bad to worse, the 9/11 was just a symbol attack , as the twin towers, the pentagone and the next would of been the white house, so it was just a worning in my opininon! i think they will do much worse next time, and wont be with comercial airplane. I don’t think killing people os the solution for anything but is what people are choosing to do.

  4. taeheunglim says:

    In my memory 9/11 was such a sad moment. The Al Qaeda hit the World Trade Center with two air plain. They killed a lot of people. I think the reason they did that horrible thing is they must have bad feeling about Americans. Also Americans must done something wrong to Saudi Arabia. Americans must think about what did they done to Saudi Arabia before they attack or do somethings to them. Also American must improve their security system. And American sould live Iraq by now because it’s already been to long and public do not want send anymore armies. Also people do not want to lose any brothers and sisters. However, American must fine Osama Binladen to stop terrorism.

  5. blmartin says:

    The trajedy that happened six years ago will leave a scar on America. It will go down in the history books as one of the biggest terrorist attacks of all time. Hundereds of people were killed and many injured. I think that the United States of America is doing a good job trying to limit the chances of this happeneing again. The US are doing a good job in Iraq but they have to understand that they can not do this forever. Many of their soldiers are also being killed by random bombings and could have an affect on the nation. I think that they should put a stop to Al Quieda. It is a tough challenge but if there is a will there is a way.

  6. joaocamargo says:

    September 11 was a disaster for USA, Al Qaeda sent 2 planes that crashed into the world trade center. It happened 6 years ago.
    Now there are a lot of bombing in iraq, many american soldier have died.

  7. mastronardi says:

    This was a tragic day in the history of the united states. I recall where i was that day, there was a rumor all over school going that there was a major incident in new york amongst the teachers. When i got home my mom told me that bad news that two planes crashed into the twin towers. I was in grade 5 at the time so i had no clue what i was going on until i seen what exactly happened on tv.

  8. marcrichard says:


    9/11 was a very tragic day in the history of America. I don’t know anyone who was directly affected by the event. I remember when I was in 6th grade and the teacher talked about the event, but I didn’t understand anything until I got home and watched the news for hours straight in shock.

  9. tylercurrence says:


    I chose this article because it really brings feelings and circumstances of September 11 to life. It is especially powerful because this article was written shortly after the attacks against the US. Another reason I chose this article is the fact that it goes into great detail about each attack against the US and the outcome. Going back to our discussion in class today, I had said that I thought the US troops should stay in Iraq. I want to revise my opinion and agree with Leo. I think that the US should keep a few troops in Iraq to monitor what is going on there, but not risk the number of lives that they have there now.

  10. zsteinberger says:


    Al queda attacked us on September 11th. We could have stopped this tragedy from occuring but our national security was completely unorganized and totally unprepared for anything like this to occur. We just sat back and thought that we didn’t have to do anything and we would skate by. So I think that even though this day may be the saddest day in our history, it is also the day that we woke up and started taking the world seriously because we could have saw this attack coming and stopped it.

  11. jjthornhill says:


    So I was reading the article “why they hate us” and one of the major reasons was religion. They said that Osama bin Laden was part of an extremist group that thougt there religion was against the Western Hemisheres religion. These extremist think that by do this, they are doing it because god told them to…..I am a christian, and I personally dont think God told them to kill 5000 people.

  12. mareksiwy says:

    9.11.2001 was horrible day.I can remember that day.I was in my home country, and everybody was shocked.It was bad day for whole world.In my opinion I agree with Bush politic,I think that whole world should try to kill all terorists because what they are doing in the world is really not right.

  13. sadie011 says:

    I think that we should get out of the war. We arn’t accomplishing anything being there, and we are just killing millions of our own troops. Also we are in debt and we spend nearly millions of dollars every few days. Staying in Iraq we are only losing lives and money.

  14. ethan104 says:

    everyone knows that it was osama bin laden and al qeada who was responsible for the attacks on 9/11. a lot of people think that its just because that we live free and they hate our morals, but this article says that the real reason for the attacks is religion. it says religion is one of the only things that these people would sacrifice thier lives for.

  15. filippopoma says:

    I think that 9-11 was a mistack and that after this so many mistacks have happend both from the american side and the other side, both should start to think about the future and they should come up with a plan to stop the war.

  16. philiplea says:

    I think that sending the troups in Iraq is a big mistake. Think about it, there sending people that sacrifice their own life when they’re not even legal to have a drink of alcohol. What did they accomplish by sending them there?

  17. eaoki says:


    This website tells you about Al Qaeda and there is a video that shows Bin Laden is alive. It tells you all the details and predictions to Bin Laden’s life.
    I don’t know if the U.S goverment could have done anything to prevent this event because no one can really predict such a thing. Al Qaeda was probably the one that did such a thing, but all I can say is that the people effected in it were so unlucky, and there did not deserve anything like that. Th government can make sure that there is nothing bad going on behind us, but of course, I don’t know how they are going to do that.

  18. mfabry says:


    We all know that it was the Al-Qaeda were the ones responsible for the horrible attacks on Sept. 11th. I don’t agree with what the goverment is doing, we are just killing our American soldiers for no reason, we have been over there for six years now and have accomplished nothing at all. We are waisting a lot of money on it too. It is over religion mainly, the islamic extremists don’t want people of any other religion in there countries, and they want to make a point, which they did in this disgusting attack on America.

  19. lexare24 says:


    So it seems like a lot of people psted this article “Why They Hate Us” as their link. I thought that this was a really interesting article because it talked about the fact that the terrorist attacks came from something much deeper than just jealousy or hatred for the United States. They made the point that it is a religious war and that the views that groups such as the Al Queda have stem from the culture that they and many other Muslims are a part of. This brings up one of the most important points of all and that is the fact that it is more than just Al Qaeda who feels this way about the U.S. I think if we really want to protect ourselves, going in and trying to stop one group such as the Al Qaeda, is not going to solve the problem because there will still be people out there with the same thought process.

  20. andrewg23 says:

    Well coming from Australia we hate Americans aswell as Al Qieda but not to that extent. We don’t like Bush like al quieda but they didn’t have to do what they did. Bushs’ reaction was to immediate towards al quieda and the teleban. Those organisations are to big to narrow down it needed to be taken slower.

  21. nickmace says:

    I know that September 11th was very tragic and hit America very hard and I know that we need to continue to defend against terrorism against the United States. But I still do not understand why we are still fighting this war with Iraq. Every day we send more and more troops in. So I want to know the answer to this, why are young men losing their lives to fight against terrorists who will never stop hating America and don’t care if they die along with it? Suicide bombers will keep coming, and fighting in this war will only make them hate us more. We should still defend against terrorism but the war is going no where in my opinion.
    This article talks about a suicide bomber:

  22. claytormey says:


    I chose this article because it gives us an idea of what is going on now. It does not answer any of the questions listed above in the post but a question of my own being, ‘Are we still at risk of attack’. The answer to that question is yes. This website shows that Osama Bin Laden is still alive and is still a threat. I think its very scary to think that he is still out there and alive and could be planning something. We Americans should not lay back in ease. We should remeber what this guy is capable of, and what he did to our nation.

  23. trubino says:


    Mohamed Atta flew the AMerican Airline Flight 11 into the North Tower. Our response has hurt us by many troops getting killed but it also has helped us by standing up for what had happened and taking action by trying to clear out the terrorist and help build up a better government in the middle east. WE either stay over seas or take out a few troops because we still needs American forces over there to help and overlook the actions that are going on over there.

  24. trubino says:


    Mohamed Atta flew the American Airline Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Mohamed Atta killed thousands of people. I think that our response towards 9/11 hurt us only because there has been many troops that have died but I think it also has helped us because we took action that has eliminated some terrorist and help build up a government that soon can help there self with there problems in the middle east.

  25. felipegouvea says:

    This covard attack is certainly the most schoking thing that happened in the world recent history and of course it will never be forgotten such as the people that were on that plane. I don’t know how that terrorits could hate so much USA at the point to do what they did, leaving a deep scar in USA history. This happening, in wich a lot of people died, just made the USA fight more and more against the terrorism and we don’t if it is being a good thing since that many people of the troops that were sent to Iraq have died.

  26. josh07 says:

    I think that sending the troops to Iraq was a very bad decision. It’s just killing thousands of american troops and causing more trouble. But I also think if that they pull out now it’s just to late and al-queda will come into america and attack us here. I think they should put only a couple thousand of people there and make sure nothing big breaks out. Just like what they have in North Korea.

  27. jmorse09 says:

    This article shows that it was a devistating blow to American society and that what was done was accomplished in vein. As Americans we need to support the troops over there and back them up. At the time that they were sent it must of seemed like the right idea but now people are questioning it. Americans and others that are involved need to just stand strong and be there for each other.

  28. marcus242 says:

    6 years later they are still trying to find out exactly what really went on and who was really responsible for the bombings etc. In my opinion sending troops to iraq was a very bad idea becasue more and more Americans are dying almost daily but its almost to lat enow to back down becasue if they do its a high possibility al queda will come and strike again so i feel that they should gradually try get the troops out.

  29. braddoliner says:

    I think that we cant really pull out if irag because we made a bigger mess than what was needed. So i think we should stay and finish the job, also i believe that there has been some progress with iraqs economey. About getting attacekd agian i think it will probly happen becuase of what is going on in iraq now.

  30. christinamiller123 says:


    The first website tells you all about Al Queda and why they attacked the U.S on September 11th, or at least the most logical explanation. The second website talks about who attacked us and what went on that day. However, I will give you the low down on the two sites.
    The people that attacked the United States on Sep. 11th were Islamic Extrmists that were affiliated with the Al Qaeda group. The views of these extremists include furthering Islamism, and carrying out a duty. What duty you ask? Islaming extremists aim is defending Islam against Zionism and Christianity. However, they also hate Jews. Muslims (the bad ones) use Jihad to defend themselves. Jihad is “to strive” and it is a duty that all Muslims must complete. It basically meens that Muslims have to work to protect themselves against non-muslim combatants. In teh case of 9/11 those non-combatants were Americans. So…some might say that the terrorists were just serving out a duty in their religion and if that is the case than it shouldn’t have mattered since we have freedom of religion in most parts of the world. However, if you research the “true Islam” and the Muslims from other parts of the world, nowhere does it say that you should seek and destroy anybody that is not muslim or any western nation that doesn’t abide by Muslim Law. Will this fued ever be put to rest? who knows?

  31. csmlakar09 says:

    -this website provides a detailed description of the acts of Al Qaeda and a video clip of Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden’s video, “Rising from the Ashes,” explains his opinion on how the US should handle the conflict with the Middle East in the future. His base idea consists of a national conversion of religion from Christianity, Judism, etc. to Islam. The article describes Al Qaeda’s ways of propaganda and the ways that which US intelligence is tracking jihadi communications

  32. dirkr says:


    This Article is very good because you can read the events from different perspectives. It provides a lot of useful information and comparisons dealing with the attacks. We were brutally attacked by Al-Qaeda. I think it was due to hatred and Political conflicts. I think that the protection and tracking systems we have now can help prevent another attack from happening. We are also constantly improving on technology. I do not think that the government could have picked up on it and prevented it unless they were closely tracking Al-Qaeda members and taking them into custody. Our response has helped national security greatly. I do not think the war in Iraq is an effective strategy to combat terrorism. I think we need to capture most of the Al-Qaeda members. I do not think they can be easily defeated but they can be limited.

  33. maxxx13 says:

    On September 11th 2001 the United States was attacked by a terrorist organization known as Al Qaeda. They attacked the US for many resonse. For starters they did not approve of our life style. They also had business problems with the US, but the main reason is because the US “invaded” the holy land Saudi Arabia to dig for oil. I do not know what to do to something like that. I thought maybe you should bomb them, but violence only be gets more violence. I think maybe call a peace tready with Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda to stop terrorist attacks from taking place. I know that the government could have done a lot more to prevent 9/11. For starters, if Bush had stopped reading to children and picked up the phone and made a confirmation for a military strike. To make sure this never happends again i think that airlines should have weapons stashed aboard. That there should be military plans to take down planes if they go off course and also they could improve airport security by scanning everything and everyone to make sure no knives or bombs or anything can be brought on board

  34. danielga08 says:

    i chose this becuase it explains in deapth what actually happened on sept 11. It tells your what time everything happened and why it happened. The only reason i chose this site is because this is the site i use for all my information.

  35. charliecaris says:


    This is a portion of a bigger article, but talked specifically about the question: “Are we safer five years later?” One good point the article made is that five years ago, we had much less of a sense of the jihadist mindset and had few spies infiltrated into jihad regions. Another indicator of our safety is that we simply have not been attacked again. One important thing that makes us safer at home is that we are now taking the fight to the terrorists, defeating them where they live and train, as opposed to waiting until they have a chance to plan and slip under the radar inside our own country.

  36. peturfreyr says:

    6 years ago, september 11th a big terroris organization attacked the U.S. better known as Al Qaeda. They attacked U.S. be sending two airplanes into World Trade Center. I think that they attackeded the U.S. because of so much jealousy. After this happend U.S. sended 100.000 soliders into Iraq. I think that U.S. should take their army out of Iraq, They definitely can´t keep 100.000 soliders forever in Iraq. The way we could try to make this never happen again is to increase the security at airports.

  37. leorgomez says:

    I choose this article because this is an important debate that should be reminded for a long time. A lot of people are worried about the new attack threaths and the governament and organizations are doing an awsome job in the hold world to prevent them. But for how long is it going to be like this? One day onw of the sides is going to drop… Will it be our defense that will let them repeat a devastating attack? Or the terrorists will take a break from trying to hurt us again. One thing is shure, they have been trying a lot to do it, and the FBI or CIA are having headaches and getting tired of this… That means is not going to take too long for one of the sides to drop.

  38. frizzibschorer says:


    I choose this site because there are many details and exact information to the topic “Why do they hate us?” It was very interesting to read and I would recommmend the site to everybody else.

  39. samkoonce says:

    This websites title is “Why Do They Hate Us?” which is basically all of the questions we ask abut the tragedy that happened 6 years ago. In the article they believe Osama Bin Laden hates us simply because of religion, a holy world between Islam and the Western World. This article is great and answers all our questions and is good for class discussion.

  40. abdulsihag says:


    The link asks us “Why Do They Hate Us” basically tells us that what happened six years ago which was caused by Osama Bin ladin who him and his group, have a religious dispute with with the westerners.

  41. murph10 says:


    I believe that Al Queda attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. Many others believe this and I am no different! There is much evidence found that they are the ones who have donw these horrible acts. Some of these marks of evidence are the attacks on the United States in previous years. There have also been many things said about us wanting the oil in their countires. Another reason could be that after World War II many tensions were held throughout the super powers in the world. This is what I believe happened on Septmber 11th and this is who I believe did it.

  42. michaelx says:

    On September 11 we were attacked by Al Queda. They took two American civilan planes and flew them into the World Trade Centers. They did this because they do not like us. They do not like the way that we run our counrty how we have all these different freedoms. Our response has helped national security. I say this because everytime you go to an airport now we have a lot more security. You see get pulled off to the side more often and have there bags inspected this is because of what happened. I think that the war in Iraq is a very effective way to defeat the terrorists. I think that we need to load up on our troops in Iraq and just destroy them all at one time. We will just hit them hard basiclly. We can deafeat Al Queda by staying in there and taking out there major men. Once we do that they will fall apart because they will have no order because they will have no leader.

  43. melh716 says:


    On 9/11/01 we were attacked by Al Queda. Our response was going into Iraq and starting the war on terrorism. I think our response was a good one at the time. However now that we have seen the number of people who died I don’t think it was a good decision. But now the question is what to do next. Should we take troops out or put more in? I have mixed opinions on this matter. One part of me thinks we should get out so more people don’t die but the other part of me thinks that we should stay there and fight it out becuase it would almost be a waste of money and the peoples lives who died. I don’t think the government could have done anything to prevent this because no one expected it coming. To make sure it never happens again the government should keep an eye on the members of these terrorist groups and put more security in places like airports or trainstations.

  44. patrickwaugh says:

    I belive that Al queda attacked the US on september 11th, but bin Lauden had something to do with this attack. September 11th was a trajic day. I belive that these people attacked the US because they do not like the us for its freedom and money. We can prevent this from happining again by watching these terrists closely. The Us could have prevented this by watching the people that were in a piolot school. It is pretty obvious that these people had something in mind because articles say that they only wanted to fly and not land. I also think that the us should reduce the amount of soljers in the US because it is no sense for all of them dying. Another thing is that the Us is in dept

  45. shaaz says:

    I think Al Qaeda funded by Osama Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11. They probably did it because they were annoyed by all of the actions of the U.S. government and thought it necessary to strike America where it hurt the most. I think the War in Iraq has not done the U.S government any favors, security wise as they are more prone to being attacked by the enemies they have made in Iraq. I think since Al Qaeda is a secretive terrorist organization you can not fight it indirectly. On the other hand it is not right to fight fire with fire and the U.S government should rely on intellegence to eradicate the disease that is terrorism from the epicenter by removing some of the main Al Qaeda leaders.

  46. christinae says:


    This article is about the troops in Iraq and weather or not increase them or pull them out of Iraq. Sometimes I think that the US is not fighting against terrorism, its more of a fight about dignity and pride for ones country. I dont know what is best but I dont think war is good way of solving what was and what has become. There has been war going on for a long time now, which costs alot of money but most important, it hasnt really led to anything of the better.

  47. joanap says:

    September 11 was a really terrible and shocking moment in history. Six years later we are still sitting in this sorrow of finding out what really happened and the true sense of the situation. 9/11 was a series of terrorist attacks preformed by Islamic Extremists. Al Queda was the group who was in charge of crashing the two planes in the Twin Towers. The views of there Islamic extremists is that they want to spread Islam, and carry out a duty. In my opinion our response was incomplete and uncontrolled. We were too late to take action, and look at the consequences. There are lot of people that they that we could have prevented what happened, if we had taken action earlier. In one way I do believe that and another I do not. I do believe that all of this happened to fast, but also that there we warnings before this happened. After several years, new secure measures have been taken. Security has been strengthened in certain places, especially airports. However the next big mission is to try and find Al Qaeda. This group of people is very hard to find, but it make take a long time to find them, but eventually we will.



  48. luis9050 says:


    I really like this article because it talks about since the first airplane that crashed on the World Trade Center until the last report of CNN durign 9/11. I really like it because you find a lot of information about that day specially confusion. As I said before reading the article you can notice that a lot of people did not know what was going on, even the government because they were not prepared for an attack like that.

  49. luis9050 says:


    I really like this article. It does not talk about who attack the US or the questions that were for this class participation but it talks about that day, since the first attacked until the last report of CNN during that day, September 11. Reading some of the things I could notice that even the government was confuse about the airplanes that crashed againd the World Trade Center in NY. They were not sure about if it was an accident or a really attack until later that day.

  50. jnguonly says:


    this is a very interesting article at gives you some info about the man who masterminded the 9/11 attacks. it also gives insight on some of the big mistakes by america and what needs to be fixed.

  51. ambry242 says:

    i was lookin at this article because it has the picture of of the child wit the gun in his hand so this must be what i am looking for. so i start reading it and one of the reason why this has hapened is because of religion. the man who is behined all of this in osama bin laden.

  52. dicoganinduto says:


    This article is interesting because there are so many stories and picture that shows about osama bin laden. I read a couple of article and it said that this is happend because of religion and culture. They are not sure whos the man behined all off this but Osama bin laden is one of the suspect

  53. stephieritchey says:


    9/11 was tragic. Millions of innocent people where killed and many injured. Reading this article made me think of the brave people on board Flight 93 and how they saved to many innocent people, but it also made me think of the innocent people that are being killed in the war today. Hundreds of children, women, and men that probably led a peaceful life are being bombed and killed as well as soldiers that do not want to be there. I thought that this article was sad, but it made me think and remember all the people that have suffered.

  54. cassandrak says:


    After everything that happend after 9/11 I dont think the U.S should continue trying to fight against Al Qaeda. It just keeps killing innocent people and never hits the guilty. They can be anywhere, and the chance of U.S finding them is not very big. The only way of making sure this wont happen again is to increase the security at the airports and who they let on the planes, which they also did. The biggest reason I think the Al Qaeda did this is power. The U.S gets involved in alot of things that they have nothing to do with.

  55. josesierra says:

    ”Osama bin Laden has an answer—religion. For him and his followers, this is a holy war between Islam and the Western world. Most Muslims disagree. Every Islamic country in the world has condemned the attacks of Sept. 11. To many, bin Laden belongs to a long line of extremists who have invoked religion to justify mass murder and spur men to suicide…”

    I think that religion is very important for Osama and that is why religion is the answer for all this war and terrorism. I also think they want power.

  56. eduardochavez123 says:


    On September 11 Al Qaeda sent two planes into the World Trade Center in New York City. This was one of the msot devistating days in United States history. I also beileve that the war in Iraq was not the correct way to defeat terrorism, and that the war made the situation worse, and gave more reason for people to hate the United States of America.

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