“All The World Is Human”

Even among the early explorers/conquistadors, there were a few voices of dissent that believed Native Americans deserved admiration and respect.  Read the story of Spanish explorer Cabeza De Vaca here:

How does de Vaca’s experience differ from that of Pizarro, who conquered the Inca Empire, and Cortes, who conquered the Aztecs?
Pizarro – http://www.pbs.org/conquistadors/pizarro/pizarro_g00.html
Cortes – http://www.pbs.org/conquistadors/cortes/cortes_g01.html#

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2 Responses to “All The World Is Human”

  1. christinamiller123 says:

    Well the answer is pretty simple actually. De Vaca lived with the Inidians for eight years! All he wanted to do was live with them and learn from them. When he left he wrote a book on how great the INdians were and how much repects he had for them. Pizzaro just went to the Inidians to make a pact with them and to trade with them, but Pizzaro showed them no respect for their diffrent beliefs. When the CHeif of the Inca’s through down a Bible, Pizzaro and his men attacked them. Cortes was the worst of them all. Cortes’ experience with the INdians was primarily a bloody one. He had no repect for them whatsoever and all he wanted to do was capure them and take their land. De Vaca is a different man because he showed repect to the Indians. The People that really discovered America!

  2. tylercurrence says:

    The difference is that Pizarro had the intention of gaining wealth from the Indians and robbing them of their goods whereas De Vaca wanted to live with the Indians and learn their culture. Cortez was the most violent and greedy of the 3 explorers. He killed ruthlessly and eventually conquered the Aztec Empire.

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