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Website for NG’s Genographic Project – which is attempting to create a “map” of how genes (and the people who carry them) have spread around the world.  For $77 you can submit your DNA (q-tip swab inside your mouth) and weeks later get a package in the mail explaining where exactly in the world your human ancestors have been and who they are.

Alternate views on Columbus “discovering” America.
IMPORTANT:  can you recognize the bias? 

In the comments, please share a link to a website that has useful information about what we discussed in today’s class.  Include why you think it’s useful.  Thanks.

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  1. christinamiller123 says:
    I read through this website with the idea that Christopher Columbus should be given some credit with finding America and helping it become open to the world, however after reading this my ideas are completely different. I don’t know if everything in this website is true but it sure is shocking and thats why I thought it would be good for everybody to read.

  2. tylercurrence says:
    I found this website and I thought it provided some interesting archeological information regarding the first people in North America. I however, personally disagree with the dating of the artifacts and people in this article. Despite this, I still thought you would find this interesting.

  3. ambry242 says:


  4. ambry242 says:

    i have choosen these two site because they give you accurate information. i like the first one because it gives you a small summary about and it get right to the piont about where they went, how they survived. the next site gives u actual proof of the native americans. i like this site because they acutally can back their information up.

  5. ethan104 says:
    this is more information about the genographic project. it says that “adam” is the first human and all other humans decended from him. i thought that was interesting because i always thought the first human was lucy.

  6. josh07 says:

    I picked this website becuase it talks about the first people in America, such as where they oginally from, how they got there and such for. I think it gives some accurate information.

  7. stephenkimsey says:
    I used this site to put a different idea into peoples head about who really discovered america. I am not saying I believe this but it is interesting

  8. luis9050 says:
    I have chossen this site because it shows information that sometimes you don´t find on the text books on school. The web site talks about the pressure that Christopher C. had during the first trip, the crew was really upset with him. It also shows part of the journal wrote by Bartolome de las Casas in the 1530s, he had acess to the original journal of that voyage.

  9. murph10 says:
    I put this website becasue it has a lot of accurate information about many different things that we talk about during class.

  10. nickmace says:

    that site gives good information about where the native americans were believed to have come from and how they got there. It also talks about their culture and beliefs.

  11. jmorse09 says:

    It seems to me that Christopher Columbus doesn’t quite get the recognision that he should and people should recognize the fact that he made America pulic to the world to know it was there. He did a good thing.

  12. melh716 says:

    i picked this site because it has so much information on every topic that we discuss in class and it has a lot of good articles about current events.

  13. claytormey says:

    I chose this website againts Columbus’ discovery because it actually comes from the Native Americans, and think its better to here it from their people that some random historian dude.

  14. zsteinberger says:
    I chose this because it gives a better view of the real Christopher Colulmbus and what he did.

  15. patrickwaugh says:

    I have choosen this site because it gives accurate information about the first americans. It gives the information about the native americans and where they came from.

  16. joanap says:
    I think that site gives good information about where the native americans were believed to have come from and how they got there. It also talks about their culture and beliefs. It also has alot of good articles about current events And also talk abouts Christopher Columbus.

  17. dirkr says:
    I think that this site is perfect because you get a little insight into the way the Native Americans were and that is very important.

  18. mikeholmes says:

    I read through this site and thought it was very interesting. This article talks about how, by studying an ancient people in Malaysia, they have gotten more evidence of how people migrated from africa.

  19. blmartin says:

    I think that this is a very good site because it gives us the Native Americans point of view and how things were alot differnt in tere times. They went through alot more than we did. The modern day that we live in today is alot different to how things were in their era.

  20. marcrichard says:

    This is a very good link because it discusses essentially Columbus’ entire career in detail.

  21. mastronardi says:
    I felt that theses sites are really helpful, you can go trace your ancestors

  22. mareksiwy says:
    I choose this site because I think that there are many informations about subject matter which we studied in American history class.

  23. sadie011 says:

    This site is very useful about DNA on how it has to do with genetics and finding out what it means. It tell you what DNA is and gives you resourceful information on any questions you might have.

  24. jjthornhill says:

    Now, may I seemingly digress for a moment. Around 1250 A. D., Pope Innocent the Fourth sent a lively Italian fellow named Carpini on a mission to the Tartars. The Tartars were a wild, nomadic people who were just then invading Eastern Europe. Carpini was a hell of a guy; an adventurer in the tradition of the later Marco Polo. Carpini, incidentally, was 63 years of age when he set out on his expedition to the east. Not bad, eh?

    Carpini got there in one piece and had a damned good time hanging around with the head Tartar, who told him all about the history and traditions of the Tartars. En route home, Carpini wrote a history and description of the Tartars. Why is this footnote to history important to our discussion? We shall see.

    Somebody in a monastery thereupon took a copy of Carpini’s history of the Tartars, copied it on fine vellum and then bound it into the manuscript of Vincent of Beauvois ”Spectrum Historial,” which manuscript contained, as noted, the Vinland Map. The binding job is magnificent. The entire manuscript survives. It is at the Yale University Library, having passed through various hands over the centuries.

    this little piece was from

    it is a long article, so I found a few paragraphs that sum up who came before Columbus

  25. abdulsihag says:

    This is a good site to see who you could be related to by your own DNA.

  26. eaoki says:

    I looked at this website and it seemed to tell you what we talked about in class that day, like where humans evolved from. It also tells you the time the humans were there in a couple places, like America and Australia.

  27. rebeccagraff says:

    I found this webbsite on the ínternet, and I think it is a intersting site about Columbus when he discovered America.

  28. andrewg23 says:

    i chose this website because it gives so much information on Christopher Columbus and all his discoveries and legends about him

  29. fateh1 says:
    I choose this website because the whole news world relies on it and there informition is correct and to the point.

  30. isaline says:
    This site does confirm that humans came from Africa, but it shows that there are more ancectors that came from Asia that did from Africa, with prooves of it as well!

  31. kanhai330 says:
    This link help to get an overview on Columbus and his background. It gives a lot of information and go around the jubject.

  32. tomtomtomtomtom says:

    i picked this site because kanhai picked it. And it actually has a lot of other links to related topics. And it has a lot of backround on Christopher and waht he did in his life.

  33. csmlakar09 says:

    -I chose this website because of the fact that it had thorough information on the topics that which we discussed in class and additional links to sites with complimentary facts on each topic.

  34. marcus242 says:

    This to websites helped alot to understand where the first Americans could possibly have come from so I thought it was useful.

  35. frizzibschorer says:

    I choose that site because there is a detailed description of the voyages of columbus. I found that really interesting and would recommend that to everyone who is intersted in how columbus “discovered” america.

  36. taeheunglim says:

    This website is one of the best website about history, 9/11, and what we had been discussed in class.

  37. maxxx13 says:

    The link that i posted talks about how skulls were found in africa that date back to the begining of man. It states that we, mankind, started in Africa. Fossils of human skulls were found in Africa!

  38. charliecaris says:

    I don’t know if this is accurate or true, but at the very least it was interesting.

    This site is essentially about the little known fact that Muslims established contact with the Native Americans about 600 years before Columbus. Who woulda thunk it?

  39. danielga08 says:

    i found this site on How the early humans traveled to the americas. i think you will like it becasue its facinating how they fingure all this stuff out.

  40. peturfreyr says:

    Here is alot of interesting stuff..

  41. lexare24 says:

    this is a pretty cool link about “the dikka girl”. these fossils were found in ethiopia and are said to be about 3.3 million years old. the human-like girl is said to be of the same species as “lucy” who was found in the 70s. it’s really interesting because these fossils that they found are not exactly humans, they are kind of a cross between humans and monkeys (or chimpanzees)…..maybe they are the missing link……!

  42. samkoonce says:
    I picked this website because it talks about the other aspects of Columbus’s journey to America other than the fact it was a long one. It talks about dying and not getting along with each other and were often angry with him, making for a brutal journey. It also has almost a primary source which is a journal written by Bartolome de las Casas, Christopher’s biographer who had access to Columbus’s journal on his first voyage.

  43. christinae says:

    This website is interesting and it shows the steps of how you get to know your ancestors better.

  44. felipegouvea says:

    i chose the first website because in there you can know everything about dna and the second one you can know a lot of important things in columbus’ life and a lot of his journeys

  45. michaelx says:
    This is a cool website becaue we just spoke about this in class. Some of this material was on our test also. It includes a neat video that you can learn from.

  46. jnguonly says:

    this page really challenges that the first people were not from africa like most people believe, but from asia. its a good artical because it mixes things up a little and allows you to look at the evidence at come up with your own conclusion.

  47. dicoganinduto says:

    I picked that website because it talk about Christopher colombus.

  48. jackdaru33 says:

    We talked about where Christopher Columbus’ traveled and what he accomplished. I was seaching through the web and I found this interesting site that had Columbus’ personal journal entries. I read through it and thought it was very interesting how he describes how far he travels and what he sees during this trip. This is a great site and give the reader a chance to feel as if he was on the voyage.

  49. stephieritchey says:

    This web page has very useful information about what we have studied so far. I think that it is important because it not only talks about the United States and Columbus, but also about the Native Americans and other parts of the American Continent.

  50. josesierra says:

    I picked that web site because it gives you a lot of theories and information about the discovery of america. It is very interesting and supportive for this theme.

  51. eduardochavez123 says:

    I chose this website becasue it had a lot of good information. It also was from a reliable source. I also chose this website link becasue it gave an opinion that was different and had a lot of good solid facts to back up the opinion. It also made me question many things like who was here before columbus came.

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