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World Trade Center

20 people survived the collapse of the Twin Towers.   Click here for an article that gives a brief description of how they survived.

Wil Jimeno and John McLouglin are the most well known due to their story being told in the Oliver Stone movie, World Trade Center.  They were the 18th and 19th survivors pulled from the rubble.  Genelle Guzman was the 20th.  She was rescued the next day, twenty-one hours after the collapse of the North Tower.

The identity of one survivor, who walked out of the rubble, is still unknown.


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The last assignment: Blog Post presentations

You have selected a topic in class.   In the new book, go to the chapter and page number with your topic.  That will give you a general description of your topic.

Using that text and at least one other outside source, your task is to create a blog post (with at least two pictures) that you will present to the class.    Click here to see the topics for each class.   Please be sure to read and understand the grading rubric before you present.

Each item is worth 6 points – including turning in the your rubric before you present.  (Being on time is worth double, 12 points.)   Congratulations on completing your last assignment and your U.S. History requirement.

Click to zoom in on the image.

Click to zoom in on the image.

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the last assignment – Presentation topics

1st period – click here to see your topics

2nd period – click here to see your topics

3rd period – click here to see your topics

4th period – click here to see your topics

6th period – click here to see your topics

7th period – click here to see your topics


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Charlie Wilson’s War

A couple of interesting links to help understand the man, the movie & the profound effect this story had on history and our current situation in the Af-Pak region (Afghanistan-Pakistan).

First, a December 2007 story from Time magazine is here.   Also, this site has an interesting look at the players in the story and some of the implications of the movie.

You get read the plot summary here.

charlie wilsons war players.

PBS documentary picking up at the end of the Soviet/Afghan war:

PBS America at a Crossroad: “Jihad”


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USH kickoff May 8-9: The Last Kickoff

finishlineFinally!  This is your last kickoff of the semester.  There will be more but they’ll be extra credit assignments. 

I would like your feedback on the course.  This feedback will be submitted anonymously.

There is no word count requirement, however if you could please address all the points below, I would appreciate it greatly.

Click here to submit your anonymous feedback.

Address it to charliekennedy1 at gmail dot com.  Please make sure you type that in correctly to ensure that I get your feedback.

Please tell me:

1.  what you liked about the course and what you would change.

2.  how does this class compare to your other classes in…

a.  amount of classwork/assignments
b.  quality of the assignments
c.  what you feel you got out of the class

3.  anything else you feel like sharing that will help me improve this class.

Go to the button on the bottom left – “Send ONLINE anonymous message“.


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USH kickoff May 6-7: Selma to Montgomery

For today’s kickoff, you’ll write a brief story about what it might have been like to be part of the Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights marches of 1965.   Imagine you are part of this march.  Write 100+ words about the experience of these activists.   Add a relevant photo (or one of the photos below) to your blog post.

selma to montgomery march 1965

police action selma

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MHS Boys Cross Country 2014

For all your running resources, please see:

Calendar of events and practices.
(for best viewing. click on “agenda” on the top left of the calendar)

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USH kickoff April 30-May 5: LBJ’s Great Society

President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) and Dr. Martin Luther King (MLK)

President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) and Dr. Martin Luther King (MLK)

Look in Chapter 20, Section 3 (pg. 685-687).    Give a brief description of these important programs of Pres. Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”:

1.  Elementary & Secondary Education Act of 1964 -

2.   Civil Rights Act of 1964 -

3.  Medicare -

4.  Medicaid -

5.  Voting Rights Act of 1965 -

6.  Immigration Act of 1965 -

150+ of your own words.   Add a relevant photo.


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US History E.O.C. Practice Test – Spring 2014

Step 1:

US History practice EOC 2014 – click here to download a copy of the practice test.

After you download, save a copy to your laptop.   (Move your cursor to the bottom right of the screen, you’ll see a small menu of icons appear.  The “save” icon – looks like a square computer disk – is the 2nd from the right on school laptops.)

Step 2:

Part 1 is #1-18 (pages 1-5 on the pdf)  – click here for a copy of answer sheet 1.

Part 2 is #19-34 (pages 6-10 on the pdf)  – click here for a copy of answer sheet 2.

Part 3 is #35-54 (pages 11-15 on the pdf)  – click here for a copy of answer sheet 3.

If you can score 60% of higher on any section, you’re ready for the real test.  You can attempt each part multiple times.   This is not a graded assignment… yet.  Its just practice to get you familiar with what to expect.


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